Art: Gaetan Linard

Art: Gaetan Linard

Some of you may have seen this drawing before. It’s finally (and officially) on my website. 

And here’s why: 

If you read my interviews or if you have been interviewed by me, then you probably noticed that I often ask this same question: 

“In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?”

The answers are quite similar. 

We’re all human beings and we all feel the same things: sad, angry, happy, lonely, hurt, overwhelmed, depressed... We all want to love unconditionally and want to be feel loved in return. We all want to feel understood, heard and accepted. We all want to be ourselves. We’re all just trying to make it out there.

My goal for this project is to show how we’re all really connected. If we work together, we can make a difference in this world. To this community, thank you for being you. Please keep spreading love around ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 

- Virginie

Honestly, I think there’s a lack of respect in the world across the board. If people could just learn to respect people regardless of if you agree with them or not (because if the tables were turned you would want the same respect), we’d have a much better, and much more peaceful society I think.
— Brit Daniels
If everyone just focused on gratitude, positivity, loving each other, giving back to others, and judging less. Also, dialing back the amount of time we all spend on social media, realizing that none of it is real and that life is not about vanity and “perfection.”
— Rachel Reinert
If everyone was able to experience everyone else’s story in some way. I think the only way to do that effectively is through art. I don’t believe it’s enough to get people to “understand the other side” through articles, debates and especially not essays on the comments section of Facebook or whatever. Anyone can ignore talk. But our reactions to music, film, dance, pictures - that’s automatic, you can’t help but listen and look and sometimes that’s the start of a meaningful conversation.
The planet is in mega trouble, as is our society. I think that powerful people need to make an effort, even if that means they have to live less comfortably… in order to have a future at all. And how many more times do people have to choose guns over people and children?! I think we’ve lost that privilege people. Give it up.
— Natalie Lynn
I believe if we loved each other and lived life with full vulnerability, then real change would happen. We would be living to our fullest potential.
— Jared Minnix
Hugs. I think people need to be hugged more. Hugs are powerful. They can mean the difference between feeling connected or isolated. Between hope and despair. It can bring you closer to your loved ones or alleviate somebody’s pain and anguish. So hug someone for longer than 20 second. Don’t be stingy ; )
— Damsel Adams
The world would be a better place if everyone was just nicer to each other. I hate seeing people bring each other down, especially on social media. It’s really sad and mean. I try to spread positivity, kindness, and happiness to everyone around me. Everybody should be doing the same. No one has time for bullshit.
— Lo Lo
I’ll start with honesty. No games. No agendas. Blunt honesty may be ugly but it’s where we can all start from strong. For us all to be real and transparent will release so much heavy energy and invite trust, and hopefully a sense of care for each other. The world is in great need of true, honest, human connection I think.

Oh and world peace.
— Vanessa Forero
Treating everybody with respect and no pre-judgement, telling people you love them and care about them more, looking after our earth and doing everything we can to preserve it.
— Jofi
I honestly feel that the world needs more kindness and understanding, we’re all just trying to make it in this world and how much easier would it be if we all encouraged each other and pointed out the positive things people are doing for the world, instead of what people are doing wrong! I saw a quote the other day and I think it’s so true “even the smallest act of kindness for another person is like a drop of water, it will make ripples throughout the entire pond”.
— Emily Taylor Adams
Andrew told me recently that Elon Musk should be president of the entire world, but besides that, in my opinion, the more humans need to realize that if everyone lived by the golden rule, peace would be much more present among us all. If everyone treated others as they would want to be treated, it would result in love prospering, diminishing our impulsively selfish attitudes.
Communicating with an open mind and compassion!
— Gia Woods
In my opinion, I truly believe that living in a generation with a heart to passionately love, and serve others well, and to consider others before ourselves, would make the world a better place. It’s a much easier thing to say than to live out, but it’s worth the journey of learning what it means to live this way. Our world is full of broken and hurting people, but I think there is something powerful in allowing our own lives to be transformed and filled with love that the outpouring of our hearts would bring healing to others.
If people would spend more time being present and put down their phones.
— Deanna Devore
If we lived for others instead of having a “every man for himself” or “last man standing” attitude. I think we all have ways we can contribute to society. Most people believe that contributing to society means we have to go out and work a 9-5 job. But I really believe that we all have something to contribute to society that can improve the lives of others. It would help us to be a more loving and supportive society and that then ripples outwards. And we need to focus on loving and supporting ourselves more as that then helps us to love and support others.

I read something not long ago that went something like this: If you didn’t get paid for the job that you’re doing…would you still want to do it? I think that’s an important question we can all ask ourselves.
— Sonal Jogia
People being kind. For some, it seems kindness and empathy are seen as a weakness but at the end of the day we’re all humans trying to live our lives. Even something as simple as a smile can lighten someone’s day. A late friend of mine, Mr. Billie Block, used to sign of his show by say “If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.” I think that’s incredibly simple yet prolific advice to live by. Be empathetic, have a heart, but also be kind to yourself.
— Charlie Rogers
Toning down our individual politics and focusing on faith, love and laughter! Remembering why we’re all here - and that everybody hurts, everybody cares, everybody loves, and everybody has a place in this world.
— Stephen Martines
Kindness out of love, acceptance out of love, forgiveness out of love. In my head, we are all a single note in a piece of a masterful song, and each of us has a part to play, but together we create a beautifully complex tune. There’s no competition or separation because we are all in a song together to co-create this beautiful tune. Every different note and quirks adds beauty to the song. If we can see that maybe we will treat each other and ourselves with more kindness.
If those in power encouraged more of a sense of responsibility towards others and the planet, instead of encouraging everyone to fend for themselves where earning money is the ultimate goal. This will in turn trickle down to the people if it starts from the top. In addition, the arts are what separates humans from animals. It brings us beyond our instincts and gives us hope and purpose. We should encourage more art in general instead of stifling it. Artists shouldn’t have to struggle so hard to create. What would we all do if no artists created again?
— The Blue Dahlia
If people can be more open I think this place would drastically change. I believe that it’s our nature to love and be loved. To help where help is needed. To make mistakes and learn. To keep creating. I feel that we’re all given unique talents for a very specific purpose and thats to help and learn from one another. On the subject of world peace and the timeless conflict between Good and bad, I think that battle will never cease. Its been going on since the beginning of time and will continue forever but I feel in my heart that there is more good than evil in this world and that’s enough to restore my faith in this place. Be kind and laugh as much as you can. I feel like we try to do too much sometimes.
— Matt Legrand
I could spend quite some time on this question, but to sum it up, I’ll say willingness to listen to others.
— Kate Gillespie
As simple as it is-love, tolerance and acceptance of one another.
— Anita Aysola
I think a world without mental illness would be amazing. I think we spend too much time on our phones. I think we spend too much time worrying about what everyone else thinks.
— Sierra Annie
A helluva lot more kindness and patience.
— Blushh
I guess I would have to say that I hope that in this world of social media and political climate, that people make and intentional choice to connect one on one, face to face, and heart to heart with others, especially those that aren’t like them or ones that don’t think like they do. No one side is completely right and has all the answers. We are not liberals or conservatives, we are not straight or gay, we are not christians or muslims… We are humans. When humanity comes first, we can move forward on the issues.
— Rob Carona
Open mindedness, compassion, empathy-basically programs in place to help literally EVERYONE travel. That and making everyone work in a service industry job for at least one year. Retail, restaurant work, hospitality. I’m not kidding. I literally think it would make the world a better place.
I think we all need to take a pause and stop doing things out of hurt or anger. We all need to start doing things out of love, because pointing fingers, judging, mocking, and spewing hate does nothing good.
— Whitney McClain
I think the world would be a better place if people would consider others more. Even if it’s just in the seemingly small but actually huge ways of caring for our environment like not littering! If we cared more about the people around us and our communities as a whole instead of the every man or woman for him or herself mentality, I think that would make the world a better place. The problem happens when some people do that and others don’t or even take advantage and it can create bitterness. Also in the same vain, letting people do what makes them happy as long as it’s not hurting anyone without trying to stop them or infringe on their joy. Because the world needs people who are enlivened.
— Aaron Rizzo
One thing I would like to see is more authenticity. More focus on what really matters and not what society tells us should matter. But, like, fewer school shootings is more important.
— Zosia
Kindness is everything. Did you know that when you are kind to someone else, it’s scientifically proven that you will feel better? That’s amazing! But most importantly, you have to be kind to yourself. That can be quite hard!
— Jules Rendell
If everyone would shut up and listen to each other for a second. Like, really listen.
— Ali Henderson
Love and honesty.
— Jerrica Alyssa
To keep it simple, I think it would make a huge difference if people could stop fearing “the other” and instead find respect and agape-love for strangers. You hear the phrase, “We are all in this together,” but when that actually sinks into your gut, your awareness skyrockets—you start seeing strangers as potential friends instead of enemies.
— James (Host Bodies)
I may be biased, but I’ll say it anyway. Art. Not just art though, all the stems that come from art: acceptance, generosity, love, and understanding. If people would take the time to breathe and stop for just a few minutes I truly feel like things would be much better for everyone. We all need a creative outlet to help us push out the stress and anger.
— Carly Secrest
I think our work-life balance should be a little more even. Working six days a week and having one day to wash your clothes and catch up with groceries before it all starts over again is the reality for most. There’s no wonder people don’t have time to build strong friendships, do good deeds and share some of their hard earned wealth. I guess to do this the wealth would need to be shared around more equally so that’s never going to happen. If that can’t be achieved then maybe just pancakes for breakfast :)
— John Adams
If people cared like 5% less about what others thought. And if everyone made an effort to be a little greener.
— Kat Saul
Compassion. The deconstruction of gender roles, race roles, and completely re-writing what it means to be a First World culture. Banning for-profit prisons and corporate lobbying would go a long way in the United States.
— Spazz Cardigan
I believe that the world would be a better place if we all took the time to learn to actively listen to each other and had an interesting in wanting to understand one another’s point of view. So much of communication today lacks the process of actively hearing what the person is saying and then attempting to understand where they are coming from.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel safe, loved, seen, and supported. Now the degrees and actual implementation of this varies based on where you are in the world simply because of peoples experiences, history, and upbringing. But we all want the same things, and feel threatened when we feel like someone is trying to take those things away from us. And it’s ignorance that breeds that fear. A lack of understanding outside of our own little worlds. Rather than trying to meet that person where they are, and being open to REALLY understanding the big picture, we stay trapped in our circles of understanding and “safety”.
— Phé
Jesus. If we all followed His principles, then I feel like the world would be a much better place. You can believe in Him or not, but everything He taught was something we can all take lessons from.
So many different things would make the world a better place, but one of the most important things, in my opinion, is for everyone to try to understand one another. That’s one reason why I’m so in love with music. It really helps you see and better understand things from the perspective of others. So many terrible things could be avoided if we all just took a minute to stop and get to know people and where they are in their journey. Being kind is one of the greatest things we can do for each other, and I think we all need to take more time each day to be kind to one another.
— Caroline Romano
This is a trite cliché answer, but kindness. More kindness. If we all put more attention outside of ourselves then I think the world would change overnight. And I include myself in that, I can be totally self involved at times. We all can. Love, kindness, courage, accountability, integrity, truth. That’d be a start.
— Katey Brooks
If people could love as much as they hate. The quote I always go back to is by Martin Luther King, Jr: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” It’s a seemingly simple concept but so powerful.
— Alice D
I think every day this generation is fighting to make this world a better place. I’d start with teaching the youth to accept & embrace differences more.
— Fly By Midnight
Asking more questions and not feeling the need to find an absolute answer that isn’t fluid. We should all be more open and less rigid.
— Dani Darling
If everyone took more time for themselves and each other. I love life in 2019 but its a fucking crazy place where its so easy to lose sight of what’s around you and what matters. Social media is an amazing tool but it has a lot to answer for, it can be a total drain on real life, it can make people feel wrongly over or undervalued which is really sad.
— Ben Heslop
Kindness and seeking to understand others makes the world a better place.
— Roger Jaeger
I think awareness and accountability. We are in a really weird place right now. I think more than ever, people want to close off and just pay attention to their own lives and circumstances. I understand that — sometimes I feel that way too. However, I think we really gotta be thinking about our planet and taking care of each other.
— Elise Hayes
If each one of us took responsibility for everything that’s going on on the outside in our world and looked inwards to find the cause and heal it within ourselves instead of jumping out of our skin to try and fix others. If when triggered people could reach out and talk about it with compassion and respect for all parties involved instead of building walls and wielding weapons. If each one of us learned how to truly love, respect and honour ourselves, to know that we are enough, then we could proceed to connect to others on that level and I can tell you now the results of that would be miraculous. For starters meditation should be offered to kids at school as a mandatory class. We as a society need to understand and heal our own traumas, and stop pointing fingers and looking for answers somewhere out there. It’s all within.
— Deniz Reno
More open-mindedness. More questioning of things we’re told. I think the more as people we truly think for ourselves the easier it is for us to distinguish right from wrong and don’t get deluded so easily. I think to change the masses we first have to look within ourselves for what we need to change and go from there.
— Miller Blue
If everyone took the time to listen to one another. I think it’s important to wait until you truly understand something before you say something you can’t take back.
— Callaghan Belle
If everyone lived an authentic life, living more true to who they are. It’s much easier to accept and love others when you have self love.
It’s a really deep question but I think if people looked for what connected us and what we had in common with each other, rather than what divides us, I think that would make the world a better place. Whatever you look for in the world is what you’re gonna find.
Everyone appreciating the magnitude of Climate Change and how important it is to do your part. Also be kind to people!
— Blake Rose
It sounds simple, but people treating each other better would be a good place to start.
— Paige Blue
People being a little nicer to each other. More positivity, particularly on the internet. People being on their phones less, and more into each other’s real lives. Acceptance. Understanding.
— Stevie Redstone
If we sat down and talked to, and listened to each other as we do with the people who we love the most.
— Francois Klark
Small acts of kindness can go a long way in making the world a better place. I would also love to see major improvements in key issues affecting the world today. Everything from poverty, hunger and homelessness.
— Dominique De Beau
A lot of things. But, if I could say one thing that should go into effect ASAP, it would be for people to have more than two days every week to refresh their souls – from their jobs and school… give people more time to spend with their loved ones, or more time to pursue their dreams. The world can really wear you down. Our country’s ways can wear on you physically and mentally. It’s truly a dog-eat-dog world out here for real. I think if we had that time to energize, people would be less on edge and treat each other and the world better.
— Dahi Divine
Each and every person making a commitment to seeing a better world in our lifetime… living in a state of awareness at all times.
Empathy. If the world could empathize more, opposition would just be a matter of opinion as opposed to a fight we’d have to win. We could accept other opinions with empathy and have a clear enough mind to make better decisions.
— Night Lights
More real love without conditions.
— tri patterns
Currently, respect for each other’s differences, and less plastic.
— Celia Palli
I think the world would be a better place if more people were doing something they truly cared about doing.
— Sophie Sanders
I think more love and peace and tolerance would go a long way in making the world a better place.
— Andrew Butcher
The world would be a better place if people started to learn things that aren’t taught in school. If people felt more and thought less.
— Nova Moura
More understanding, more individuality, better parenting.
— Stratz
The world would be a better place if jealousy was removed from the world. We spend so much time focusing on others daily routines on social media and it can make someone feel bad about what they are doing and cause jealousy. People usually only show what they want others to see so you never know if that person also feels jealous towards someone else and the cycle keeps repeating.
— Shenna
I would say positivity. Smiling and being generous to others and spreading joy others can do a lot. You never know what someone is going through. Being put in a positive environment can do wonders for people. More than you know. 
— Sydney Cope
If people stopped being so self-involved and just opened up their hearts and minds. We can all learn from each other. I think being closed-minded sometimes is something that we’re all guilty of but if we took time to see another’s point of view we’d all be better for it. 
If everyone would start embracing their ‘imperfections’ instead of comparing themselves to others.
I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone focused more on love instead of hate. When you have a negative thought pop up in your mind, take a moment to think whether the outcome of your response will better the world or the situation before acting on it. If we all just focused a little less on the negative, we could allow more positivity to grow. Just because you have a voice, doesn’t mean you always need to use it. I always fall back to Thumper’s infamous line, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”
Universal healthcare and high quality education for everyone.
— Lydia Halloway
— Emily Rowed
Getting rid of all prejudices and stigmas, expressing ourselves freely, without being judged, and to listen to each other for the sake of strengthening our bonds, rather than just saying something in return.
— Marijana Udovcic
I heard about a study where people just stare into a stranger’s eyes for four minutes and how the effects can be so powerful. I don’t know if we can all take time to do that with everyone we meet, but I think maybe if we just all stopped and took more deep breaths to remember that we are all people and we should be gentle and kind with each other. Everybody is just like me.
— Johnny Stimson
Everyone doing what they want to while respecting each other!
Meditating. Listening more. Sharing our deepest darkest secrets, letting ourselves free. Forgiving people. Bringing humanity back into politics— putting empathy and human understanding into our philosophy on policy. Realizing that people who have different opinions than you are just products of their upbringing. Conversational governance among people. Understanding the nuances of difficult issues and being able to question your assumptions. Not talking your biases into situations. Realizing everyone feels just as self-conscious as you when you walk in a room. Being able to talk about how lonely we feel. Realizing how universal our emotions are. Prioritizing empathy always. We need green energy, like, yesterday. Need. That is a mission of mine I will never forget.
— Maude Latour
1.) I think we should eat a primarily plant-based diet. Eating meat/animal products is so taxing on the environment, and we could sustainably feed so many more people if we stopped consuming so much meat.

2.) I also think people should try to understand the “One-ness” of life. Humans, animals, plants, and everything is so connected, and so much more similar than we are different. It’s sad that we have borders to make countries that determines which humans will starve and which won’t. It’s sad that we kill spiders in our home, spiders that were minding their own business, because we have claimed the corner of our living room ceiling as “our space”. It’s sad that we tear down rainforest to build cattle ranches to feed our increasing consumption of meat. We are all just living and breathing creatures, but somewhere in history we have decided to throw on labels which now determine what will live and what won’t. I think we should take a step back and try live more in harmony with each other.
— Mary Moore
I think what would make the world a better place is compassion. To really try to truly understand what it would be like in the other person’s shoes. That goes for anyone from random strangers to coworkers to fighting with your loved ones. And to understand the art of forgiveness vs. letting go.
— Ane
We as people are all here for a reason. We are all human. No one is better than anyone else. Show up, work hard, love, and stay humble.
— The White Electric
A little more faith. Genuine human consideration and taking action for others— not just talking about it.
— Elle Azar
I think a greater appreciation for diversity is what would, and is, making the world a better place. And certainly in music. There are so many more people not only feeling greater freedom to express their individuality and differences, but actually thriving in that expression and being celebrated for it. 
— Justin Campbell (Fake Fake)
If people didn’t care as much. We worry and worry and worry and nearly all of us lose gratitude. There is so much to be happy for, I just wish more people realised that.
— Julius Cowdrey
Education and empathy. Less opinions and more listening. Love and investing money in to the right places. Awareness and courage. Many things. 
— Rhia
More women in power positions and less male douche- bags thinking they can make decisions on our behalf!
— Sera Roadnight
Empathy. Empathy for people, animals, and the planet. If we make a real effort to understand and share the struggles and threats faced by others, we can have productive conversations and take meaningful actions.
— Wallace Morgan
Empathy, education, more time in nature, and for everyone to have better sleeps and drink lots of clean water.
— Amelie Patterson
We are all so much more alike then we are different. If people could stop focusing on the little gaps and realize we all more or less want and feel the same things then we would be a lot closer to a beautiful world.
Cut out single use plastics. It would make a huge difference and it isn’t that hard to do!
— Robert Grace
I think if you have the privilege to travel, do it. Traveling opens your eyes to different cultures and people. Travel gives you a new perspective on your life. Travel feeds your soul and your belly! The world would be better place if we took the time to understand one other with compassion rather than judgment. 
— Cuja
- Identifying with the human race above the country in which you were born
- The Western world having a healthier relationship with death/change
- Destroying your fear of not being accepted by others
- Destroying your fear of not being “right”
- Less screen time
— Derek Simpson
The world would be a better place if everyone would stop placing profits and self-interest ahead of literally everything else. 
SO MANY THINGS. Politics, environmentalism, human rights, religion. The list goes on. If we as a collective could show respect for our environment and each other and all the living beings instead of allowing greed to consume us then I think the world would be a much better place. Racism is still alive... it’s 2019... come on! Slave trade and sex trade is still happening, women and children are still being hurt and not much has changed to protect us, victim shaming, poaching, pollution there’s a lot wrong and I think some our leaders should take a seat. At the end of the day, this is the only planet we have and still, we are destroying it. Just respect each other and our planet.
— Bijou Bijou
Common decency.
— Elia Petridis
At the moment my main concern is with climate change and the growing far right movements internationally. I think it’s time we all start taking responsibility for the damage we’re causing the planet, and the millions of beautiful creatures we share it with. I would love to see more openness, equality and love going around.
— Be The Bear
If humans could just connect to other humans and realize we are all the same - the world would definitely be a better place - part of the reason I love music so so much is because you can connect to it and then in turn, connect with others. Music is very very powerful and it’s one of those things that I think already has (and will continue to) make the world a better place.
— Saticöy
If everyone meditated, savored moments, walked around in nature, loved themselves… We don’t need to be constantly trapped in our capitalist machine, we need to excuse ourselves from it in order to find the greater points of humanity. 
— Freda James
I think the world is a pretty great place, and I think with everyday we’re on the way to making it a little better than it was yesterday. There’s a lot that can be done yet, but I think understanding each other is the biggest step; realizing that not everyone had the same walk of life as you and that’s the beauty of our species. 
— Ellrod
Empathy, support and generosity. We need to be more considerate and share with others without expecting anything in return. We also need to live in a more cosmopolitan society, embracing diversity, as that’s what makes the world unique. 
And treat mother nature kindly! 
— Noé Solange
I have always believed that comparison is the thief of joy. If we all focused on boosting others up instead of trying to get ahead, the world would be a better place. Just because one person gets success and  fulfills their dreams does not mean you won’t be able to do the same. 
— Rosemary Joaquin
Kindness, empathy and compassion. Maybe not the most original answer, but we believe it!
— Eighty Ninety
I would love to see people be more loving and giving towards others, especially when there is not necessarily anything to gain directly in return. I also think we need to focus on what unites us, rather than what divides us, and celebrate our differences for the enriching qualities that they are.
— Ciara Vizzard
If we all stopped listening only to respond and stopped needing the validation from being right, the world would be a lot better. If we just listened to one another, we’d be able to understand and learn new perspectives. Also, we could use more music that helps people out of their darkness, as opposed to music that just allows them to drown in it and dwell on it.
— Me an Di
The world would be a better place if there was any effort made by the majority of people to be a little bit more understanding today than yesterday.
— Night Market
Acceptance. We all gotta be a little nicer to each other. No matter how different we are, we are all human and we must do better at acknowledging that.
— Maria Hassel
Better education, a new governance system with real leaders, with a vision for the future. Art, spirituality and self love. We are facing a deep and major spirituality crisis, above all in the Western countries. I am not talking about religion. I am talking about spirituality. Trying to understand why the human being is on earth and everything could help this planet, a lot. We have to reset the humanity’s paradigm.
— Thérèse Sayarath
Accepting ourselves and in turn accepting others. If you can’t accept yourself, how can you accept others. The basis of all hate in the world comes from insecurity and not accepting others, once we change that, the world changes.
— Dylan Brady
A world without racism and hate to the point where someone wants to kill you because of your race, like what happened in El Paso recently. 
— Roman Rouge
Delete Instagram.
— Ben Kessler
Compassion. I interviewed a hiker once during a music video shoot and that was her answer. Same question and same answer. Compassion.
— Jonathon Robins
If we all were more open-minded and kind which are two qualities that I really believe allow the opportunity for greater human connection.
— Maura Whitman
I think a little more compassion and understanding! I truly believe most of us try to be kind/good people, but we’re really quick to declare someone unworthy of kindness if they’ve done something/ believe something that we don’t agree with. I think if we tried to see things from more than one side, took the time to understand someone who’s different from us, or maybe just agreed to disagree, the world would be a tiny bit kinder :)
— Karen Hardy
If people would just mind their own business and not be haters. Everyone would be able to succeed. 
— Lorine Chia
I think we have a world where people talk too much, and don’t listen enough. If we all listened to each others stories, and tried to understand the world from one another’s perspective, we would have a much better world.
— J4
I think we can all work on listening instead of being so quick to give advice. Some people just want to feel heard.
— Dylan Dunlap
More love, less hate.
— Dominique
Equality and if we all looked out for one another. 
I would love to see Instagram eliminate the space that shows how many likes your photo has. I heard a rumor that it may be happening at some point. I just think that we have enough to compare ourselves to in realtime, and eliminating that component would be a small but very healthy step forward for social media.
— Amy Peters