Thread. is not your typical music blog. Virginie is so passionate about music and care deeply about people and find so many ways to help them and make a difference in the world. I always enjoy reading her interviews and open letters and can’t wait to see what new projects she’s gonna be doing next!
— Charlotte Gomes (Project Light Agency PR)
Thread. is by far one of the coolest hidden treasures I’ve had the pleasure of learning about! V is incredibly sweet & truly cares about the people she interviews. She makes the process so easy and exciting! I get to read interviews from musicians I otherwise would have never known existed & I get to send her work to my fellow photographer friends for interviews too. The fact that she’s pursuing different sections of art for her work is so refreshing & I can’t wait to see where she goes, new sections she creates on her page, & who she debuts next!
— Carly Secrest
Virginie is one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met. Her love for art and music is inspiring and the ways in which she’s not only personally supported me throughout my journey as an artist, but the ways I see her always finding new ways to support up and coming artists is truly admirable. We need more people like her in the world!
— Disco Shrine
I’ve been featured on a handful of big blogs and publications, but honestly, no publication is more impressive than Virginie’s ‘Thread’. Her vision is direct and exact, and her interviews are deeply intimate and beautifully provoking. It has been an honor to be a part of such a special and important creation.
— Nova Moura
Virginie first interviewed me back in 2016 when I had only just started out. The interview on her blog was in fact my first ever interview. I felt as though Virginie was a friend from the first message I received. She made me feel worthy and recognised despite being such a young, unknown musician. The interview is still one of my favourites to date as her questions were so engaging and personal. I can’t wait to see where Thread goes in the future.
— Jodie Mellor
I love what Virginie is doing with Thread. She wants to get to the heart of the matter with artists. She asks insightful questions and gives people an opportunity to speak their truth. She cares about finding and supporting quality music. Artists are so lucky to have someone like her on the press side of things!
— Elise Hayes