Liv Nicholson

Liv Nicholson

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Liv Nicholson reveals new single “Sugarcoat”.

Co-written with Autumn Buysse, “Sugarcoat” was inspired by some of Nicholson’s experiences communicating with people from different parts of the world. “As humans who are products of our environments, I think we tend to communicate differently depending on where we’re from and how we’re raised,” says Nicholson.

Currently studying at Belmont University, Nicholson is brilliantly applying her abilities to her musical career. With this new single, the singer/songwriter continues to develop her creativity by offering a colorful pop sound with powerful vocals.

Liv Nicholson will be revealing her debut EP very soon.

“Sugarcoat” is now available worldwide.

Photo credit: Brooke Greenberg Photography

Photo credit: Brooke Greenberg Photography

Introduce yourself - what's your story? 

My name is Liv Nicholson. I’m an indie pop artist and writer living in Nashville, TN. I’m originally from a small town, Florida, NY about an hour away from New York City. I moved to Nashville 3 years ago when I started school at Belmont University. I’m a full-time student, independent writer/artist, and a server at a restaurant, so life is always pretty crazy for me. I’m really excited to be graduating school in December and grateful that I get to live in this amazing city. 

Could you describe us your childhood a little bit?

Absolutely! I had an amazing childhood. I’ve always been extremely close to my parents and the rest of my family. I think that’s because I’ve always felt their love and support in everything I did. I tried almost every sport, was in all the musicals I could be, joined too many clubs, and played so many open mic nights. They were always there for me with all the things I did. I also grew up in a really small town. For the most part, I graduated from public high school with the same 70 kids I started kindergarten with. Everyone knew everyone and everything. It was definitely challenging at times but looking back it gave me a really strong sense of community and relationships, which has helped me in college, and in this big, but small town that is Nashville. 

Any favorite childhood memories? 

I have a lot of incredible memories with my family, but I’d say one of the biggest highlights of my childhood was being involved in musical theatre. I went to an after-school theatre school in my hometown. I met some of my best friends there and learned a lot about myself during all the time spent with them and our directors. 

How would you describe yourself today? 

I’d describe myself as happy, healthy, and BUSY. My schedule is packed down to the hour every day, and that’s how I like it. I’ve recently become self-aware about my love for organization, lists, and planning, so I’m even more passionate about it now that I’m aware it’s something that I do. 

Do you remember your early musical memories? 

I definitely remember early musical memories! I remember singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for my family on the beach when I was 5 years old. Some of my favorite musical memories are also from elementary school when I did the talent shows with my sister singing “Kids of America,” and “Don’t Stop Believing.” That was when I fell in love with performing and knew I never wanted to stop. 

When did you start singing? 

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, but I really began to take singing seriously in middle school when I started doing the school musicals and playing more open mic nights. 

When did you decide to fully pursue music as a career? 

I decided to fully pursue music as a career when I realized I didn’t want to go to college for musical theatre. For the longest time I had planned on going to school for musical theatre, but throughout the beginning of the college audition process, I realized my heart wasn’t in it. I started noticing how passionate I’d get about the songs I was writing and one day it just completely hit me that this is what I actually wanted to do. I think it was the beginning of junior year of high school and I never questioned my decision since. 

What made you want to move to Nashville? 

When I decided to move to Nashville it was because I chose to go to college at Belmont. I didn’t really think of it so much as “moving to Nashville,” but more “going away for school.” Once I got here, I instantly fell in love with the city and all the people. I knew I was probably never going to move back home, and that’s when I really realized I actually “moved to Nashville.” 

You're studying at Belmont University in Nashville. What does your time there teach you as an artist?

Yes, I’m a songwriting major at Belmont! I’ve learned so much about all the different parts of the music industry, but the biggest thing I’ve learned is that, as an artist, I’m going to be my most successful with the help of friends and people I meet along the way. The biggest misconception a lot of people have is that they can “make it on their own.” My professors at Belmont knocked that idea out of our heads the first day of Freshman year. It’s so important to make real and meaningful connections with the people we’re surrounded by, because none of us can actually make it on our own. We need to help each other get there. 

You released your first single "Two Way Street" in June. How was it like to release your first single ever? 

More than anything else, releasing “Two Way Street,” was FUN. I had never put so much energy and time into releasing my music until “Two Way Street,” and so that made it all the more rewarding once it was out there. It was also really, really overwhelming. So much goes into a release behind the scenes and it’s especially difficult when you’re doing it all independently. I felt overwhelmed with excitement, love from friends, family and people I had never even met, exhaustion, and nerves. It was all the emotions, but even when it was scary, I was having a blast. 

"Sugarcoat" is your upcoming single - what's the story behind this song? 

My upcoming single “Sugarcoat,” is inspired by some of my experiences communicating with people from different parts of the world. As humans who are products of our environments, I think we tend to communicate differently depending on where we’re from and how we’re raised. I wanted to write a fun song based on that idea with a lot of lyrics involving particular places. I drew some inspiration from experiences I’ve had since moving from NY to Nashville. I also got to use the word “sugarcoat,” as a title, which was a word I had in my notes for a while waiting to find the right fit! 

Who helped you create this particular song? 

I wrote this song with my friend Autumn Buysse who is an incredible songwriter here in Nashville! We met on a songwriting study abroad trip we took last summer to Scotland and Ireland. She has since become one of my favorite people to write with, especially from an artist’s standpoint. She always forces the truth and complete authenticity out of me. Sometimes that’s hard in the moment, but in the end I’m always so grateful for it, because songwriting should be raw, and truthful, and scary. 

What made you want to release "Sugarcoat" as a single? 

I wanted to release “Sugarcoat” as a single because I had such a great time writing it and I think it’s something a lot of people will have fun listening to. I’m also really glad it’s coming out before summer ends, because this song makes me think of warm weather and bright colors. 

As an artist, what do you want to accomplish? 

As an artist, I want to release music that makes people feel strongly. Whether that’s extreme happiness, hitting them with deep thoughts, or just making them feel a little less alone in whatever they’ve got going on.  I think the most important thing as a writer/artist is to create music that is so honest it’s shockingly relatable when people hear it. I want to be the artist that people listen to when they need to feel understood.  

Are you currently working on your debut EP? What can you tell us about it?

I am working on my debut EP! I’m so excited about it and can’t wait for everyone to hear the final product. The EP is going to be 5 songs total and will have a few different elements to it. For the most part, I’ve been pulling from pop music influences, but there may be a steal guitar somewhere in there as well. 

How does Nashville impact your creativity? 

Nashville is the most creative city I’ve ever been to and I feel so fortunate to live here and be surrounded by such beautiful art and creators every day. If I ever feel like I’m going through a block, I can find a show to go to in a matter of minutes, and then my creative juices are instantly back. Everyone here is so inspiring, when I watch it’s hard not to feel like I’m ready to go home, get to work, and make myself worthy of being here. 

What's the hardest part about being an artist and what's the best part? 

I’d say the hardest part about being an artist is putting myself out there in a vulnerable way. For the most part I feel comfortable sharing with the world, but sometimes it’s easier said than done and it gets a little scary. I’d say that’s also the best part of being an artist, because when I push through that fear of vulnerability, my music gets a little better and each day I feel a little more confident in what I have to say. 

How do you want to be remembered for? 

I want to be remembered for being a good person and for being happy. And if I do my job right, I want to make the people who listen to my music happy too. 

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

I think the world will start being a better place when we all open our hearts and start listening to each other more than we have been. There’s a lot of noise out there, but not many people are actually talking. 

What biggest life lessons have you learned so far? 

I’d say with graduation from college just around the corner, the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that time goes way faster than any of us want or can plan for. It’s easier said than done, but I’m trying my hardest to live presently in the moments, because they go by so quickly and then it’s on to the next, whatever that may be. 

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