Following up their single “Far From Home”, twin brothers Amistat revealed their new single “Love & Light” on July 26th.

The self-produced single was inspired by the recent environmental changes and the ocean’s rising pollution.

“Love and Light is about the relationship between humans and every other living creature and how we must treat one another with more respect and compassion again”, expresses the band.

Born in Germany and raised in Italy, Josef and Jan Prasil spent the last 8 years in Australia. After the release of their first project “Somewhere Sometime” in 2014, the duo toured across Europe and Australia and gained thousands of streams on Spotify. Drawing their inspiration from their life on the road, Amistat is a promising band offering melancholic and heartfelt records.

The duo will be going on a European tour this winter. Click here to purchase your tickets.

“Love & Light” is now available worldwide.


Introduce yourselves - where are you from?

I am Josef. Half of Amistat :) I was born in Germany, raised in Italy with parents originating from Czech Republic and spent the last 8 years in Australia.

When did you start making music together? 

My twin brother Jan started taking guitar lessons at the age of 8 and I eventually started singing along. It was more of a hobby the being with. When we moved to Australia in 2011 we started Amistat and began to write our own songs. 

When did you realize you had to form a band? 

When we first moved to Australia and wanted to perform originals rather than covering. 

Do you remember your first show ever? What did you learn since then? 

I do remember. We were both 13 years old and performed at a friends store that sells furniture. 1 minute into the first song I forgot all the lyrics and just pretended it was part of the song. No one noticed, that’s what I still do sometimes, if you stuff up just role with with ! 

How would you define Amistat, the band? 

Amistat represents and stands for depth, values and self believe. It represents Jan and I as individuals and who we have become during the process, our believes and hopes and what we are aspiring towards. 

How did the name Amistat come about? 

We were scouting for a band name and first heard the word “Amista“ in a song by a band called The Fray. We looked it up and it means friendship in Catalan. It was perfect! 

How did your sound evolve since your "Somewhere Sometime" project? 

“Somewhere Sometime" was one of our first projects and therefore super innocent and raw. We didn’t really overthink the whole writing and recording process, we just did what felt right. As the years went by we dove deeper and deeper into the music and especially the “music industry“ and how it all works. You tend to lose some of that purity and innocence and gradually work your way back to that space you were in when you first started writing. Over the years we travelled a lot and made a lot of new experiences that all had their influences on our songwriting. 

It's gotten deeper, darker at times and currently we seem to be moving towards “ lighter “ again. It’s ever changing and evolving just as life.

Love & Light" is your new single. Could you describe the songwriting/production process? 

Jan initially started writing the song about the environment and nature. Over the course of one year a few other topics made their way into the song. We finished the song end of last year whilst in our hometown in Germany. It was later recorded in Berlin. 

When did you start working on this particular song? 

I’d say start of last year, so beginning of 2018. 

What did you feel when writing this song? 

Jan felt tedious and fed up by people constantly focusing on the negative side of life and wanted to point out that there is an equal, just as strong opposite positive side in life. Treating  one another with more respect again, especially the environment and its inhabitants.   

What can you tell us about the artwork for "Love & Light"? What was the inspiration behind it? 

We were scouting for an artwork online and came across this image by chance. We love the fact that it’s two people sharing love and devotion in the nature. We thought it would be the perfect picture to compliment the song and it’s meaning. 

What message do you want to convey through this single? 

To treat one another with love, compassion and respect no matter what is going on in your life. One should always aspire to act from a space of love and understanding, towards every living being and our environment. 

As a band, what do you want to accomplish? 

We love traveling and inspiring people. The more people we get to see and perform in-front the more we get our message out. To inspire ourselves on a daily basis and pass that on to whom ever we meet, that is our mission.  

What do you like the most about creating music? 

There is no rules. No handbook. No ultimate truth. No write, no wrong. It is channeling into the universe and creating from the heart, from the inside out. It is for us purest from of communication. It is a universal language that everyone feels. 

Click on the flyer to purchase your tickets

Click on the flyer to purchase your tickets

What message would you give to younger generations? 

For us it’s all about knowing why you are on this planet doing what you are doing and sharing that gift. The earlier you work out why the sooner you can start devoting your life to sharing it and making a difference. Finding your why is essential to living a fulfilled life we believe. 

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

If everyone was to do what they truly love. Daily. Instead of hating on their job, their partner, friends, family and their surroundings change all those things by changing their perspective towards those things. Rather than chasing monetarily obtainable things and success in the eye of the public focusing on what it is that makes you happy and gives you a sense of fulfillment in life. Being more grateful for what you have, what you can control and most of all living in the now.

What biggest life lessons have you learned so far?


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