Rosemary Joaquin

Rosemary Joaquin

Nashville pop artist Rosemary Joaquin introduced her latest single “Sleep Without It” on May 10th.

Written by Joaquin, Chelsea Balan and Will McBeath, the pop single showcases Joaquin’s unique vocal tone along with memorable melodies and a brilliant production.

“I wrote it because I noticed that the moment the world went quiet and nothing was there to distract me, my mind would race,” says Joaquin.

The DC native released her debut single “Showered” in 2017. Followed by a couple more releases including the successful single “Bad Song” (over 690K streams on Spotify), Rosermary Joaquin has become one of the most promising pop acts.

“Sleep Without It” is now available worldwide.

Photo credit:  Brooke Greenberg

Photo credit: Brooke Greenberg

Introduce yourself - what’s your story?

My name is Rosemary Joaquin and I am from Washington, DC. I come from a big family of 6. We are loud, loving, and happy folks! I was constantly singing as a child and my parents always fostered that love.

Could you describe us your childhood a little bit? Any favorite memories? 

I have four siblings and my favorite memories are with them at my neighborhood pool! We would spend all day there playing games and soaking up the sun!

If you could say something to your younger self, what would you say? 

When I was little I would always sing so loud!  Sometimes there is a beauty in singing lightly, adding dynamics and feeling the emotion of a song. Really think about what you are singing!

How would you describe yourself today? 

I am very outspoken and positive and I will do anything for the ones I love!  I am determined to make my dreams happen and put in the work, but I still like to have a fun time with friends, eat out at restaurants and go to other artists shows!

When did you start singing? 

I was constantly singing as a child and my parents always fostered that love. My family is very loud and music was always a key factor. I always loved that my voice was lower and more velvety than most other girls that sang my age.

Growing up, what were your favorite records to sing along to?

Elton John “Your Song” 

U2 and Mary J. Blige “One”

Sade “Smooth Operator”

(and many more)

When did you decide to move to Nashville? 

I knew I wanted to be in a city that supported and encouraged creativity. I also liked the fact that Nashville had a smaller pop scene then maybe a New York or Los Angeles. Music in Nashville is right at your fingertips, you just have to put yourself out there and embrace the sound around you!

How and when did you start getting involved in the music industry? 

Singing has always been my passion but my first step into the music industry was in 2017.  I put out my first single “Showered”! I went to Elon University and was in the music department there. We had two state of the art music studios and a few of my producer friends helped me create the track. "Showered" reached half a million streams which was soon accompanied by my next single "Bad Song" that reached even more listeners. No better feeling in the world then having complete strangers listening to your music. Hopefully one day I can financially support myself fully through my music career!

"Sleep Without It" is your latest single. What's the story behind this song? 

I wrote it because I noticed that the moment the world went quiet and nothing was there to distract me, my mind would race (at night when the AC in my apartment turns off I can never fall asleep because it is dead silent) !

You worked with Chelsea Balan and Will McBeath on this song. How's it like to work with them? How did you meet them? 

Chelsea is a friend of mine that I met through mutual friends here in Nashville. I kept hearing stories about how fabulously talented she was! We realized we hadn’t written together so that had to change! Chelsea then introduced me to Will and we set up a date to meet. The song took us a long time to finish that day, I was so happy we pushed through and got all our thoughts down. Right after hearing the demo, I fell in love with it. I needed it to  be my next single!

What do you like the most about this song? 

After the catchy chorus there is a post chorus that is very dream like (“I can’t sleep without, can’t sleep without, can’t sleep without it”).  This tack is also my first song that I get to show off the lower ends of my voice.

What's your favorite thing about creating music? 

It is such a cool feeling to sing back one of your own songs. You made the melody line, you wrote the lyrics, it is a true depiction of how you are feeling. 

What does singing make you feel? 

It makes me really calm and at peace.

How's it like to live in Nashville?

I love the food and the southern charm. (Wearing cowboy boots every once in a while is pretty fun too!) There are also so many shows to go to which is a major bonus!

How would you describe the pop scene in Nashville? 

The Nashville music scene in the pop community, although small, is growing quickly. It is such a cool city to collaborate and create as much music as possible…an artist’s heaven!

What's the hardest part about being an artist? And what's the best part? 

You always have to be focused on the end goal and be creative. You also might miss out on a few fun things here or there because you are constantly working on getting your music out there. There is also a lot of self-doubt ( “Am I doing enough”), and time moves quicker. Especially as a woman, you feel like you only have an allotted amount of time to make your music dreams come true.  But if you love it, all these challenges are minor!

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

I have always believed that comparison is the thief of joy. If we all focused on boosting others up instead of trying to get ahead, the world would be a better place. Just because one person gets success and  fulfills their dreams does not mean you won’t be able to do the same. 

What biggest life lessons have you learned so far? 

Do not get discouraged! Set little tasks for yourself that will help you one day reach your end goal! 

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