T. Thomason

T. Thomason

Canadian artist T. Thomason releases new single “Pleasure”.

With the help of Dave Henriques, the singer/songwriter created a fun anthemic pop record.

“I wrote “Pleasure” on the last day of summer in 2017 on a bike ride to Chocolate Lake in Halifax for a solo dip. It felt like I was finally coming back to myself after being really shut off from taking time to experience joy and relax,” says Thomason.

Earlier this year, Thomason appeared as one of 5 artists on an episode of hit music-reality show The Launch, alongside mentors Scott Borchetta, Marie-Mai, and Sarah McLachlan. His song “HOPE” (produced by Alex Hope) was launched from the episode. The track was chosen as the theme song for Inside Out LGBTQ Film Festival's 2019 sizzle reel.

“Pleasure” is now available worldwide.


Introduce yourself - where are you from? 

Hello!! My name is T. Thomason. I’m a singer/songwriter/pop artist/Croc enthusiast from Nova Scotia, via the UK!


What's your story? 

Oof. Buy a boy a drink first? Haha just kidding, unless it’s kombucha then definitely plz buy me that. As for my story...read on, reader.


Could you tell us a little bit about your childhood? Any favorite memories? 

I grew up in a couple different small towns in Nova Scotia (Wolfville and Antigonish). I think my favourite memories are any kind of family time in nature. I remember a lot of pear trees in the backyard in Wolfville. Family walks along the train tracks. Being allowed to ride my bike around the street alone for the first time. 

When I got a little older and was living in Antigonish, I think some of my favourite memories are of sharing earphones to my walkman with a friend and walking down the main street singing Fall Out Boy at the top of our lungs. Haha. Oh jeeze. 


How would you define yourself today? 

Driven, stubborn, creative. Often dehydrated. 


When did your love for art and music begin? 

I grew up in a pretty artistic family. Both of my parents are actors/writers/directors, my uncle was a professional opera singer and then was my music teacher in elementary school. Art and music were always all around me, and I think it was just a natural fit. I feel lucky that I was brought up in a house where we valued music and art as essential parts of life and self expression. 


When did you decide to pursue music as a career? 

I’m not sure I ever really decided, so to speak. It sort of just happened and then that was it. I released my first record ‘Through the Static’ in 2009. I was 13 and 14 when I was working on it, and I can’t really remember if I was thinking about music a career. I had all these songs written and it was fun to make a collection of them. I mean, I had seen Josie and the Pussycats, and I idolized Avril Lavigne, but I don’t think I had any concept of what it would take to actually develop a career haha.

When the first album came out there was a really lovely response from my local music industry and so I made another one, and I’ve just kept going like that. 

I think in 2012 when I dropped out of university was when I really started to think about the work it would take to pursue a career in music, beyond just writing the songs and playing live. There’s a whole lot that goes on behind the scenes in the career of an indie artist in control of their stuff.


Who was the first person to ever believe in you? 

I’d say my family. I remember my uncle and another teacher cast me in a singing role in the 5th grade school musical. It was about the Trojan Horse and I played Ulysses haha. I can still remember the song. 

My parents helped me a lot with the early records. They helped me write grant applications, get gigs, they signed the paper work for me to play in bars, they drove me everywhere. Like hockey parents, but less yelling at people. Mostly. 


How did your sound and artistry evolve since your first album? 

My first record was a big mix of genres. There was some pop, some rock, some folk, some country. I’ve always been bad at sticking to one genre because so often the songs just need what they need. If it’s a pop beat on one and a banjo on the other, that’s what it is. I think since then, I’ve learned a lot about songwriting, production, collaboration, and where I want to go as an artist. I think that with my current producer, Dave Henriques, we’ve started to carve out a sound which is distinct to me. I think it took 3 albums and an EP to get there, and it’s really exciting.


What did your experience on The Launch teach you as an artist? 

The Launch taught me to stay open. It’s really easy to get stuck in your comfort zone and shut people down or get defensive when they try to push you. I think now I just want to say yes to things and at least give them a try. That’s really all you can do to move forward and learn, I think. 

What can you tell us about your song "HOPE"? What message did you want to convey through this song? 

I felt so lucky to have been able to put my own songwriting spin on “HOPE” because as soon as I heard it, I knew that it could be a great opportunity to tell a story and reach out to people going through similar experiences. 

I wanted “HOPE” to be a letter to my younger self. I wanted kids who might be unsure where they fit in or are struggling to be open about who they are, to listen and hear words of encouragement from someone who has been through those things as well. It takes time to find your people, but you do. 



You’ve just released your new single "Pleasure". What's the story behind this song? 

I wrote “Pleasure” on the last day of summer in 2017 on a bike ride to Chocolate Lake in Halifax for a solo dip. It felt like I was finally coming back to myself after being really shut off from taking time to experience joy and relax. I remember floating on my back in the lake and just laughing because it felt so good and it had been so long since I’d felt that good. It was a really joyful day, and I hope listeners can feel some of that through the song. 


When did you start working on "Pleasure"? Who did you work with? 

I worked with Dave Henriques on “Pleasure”. I think we did a demo of it in November 2017 and worked on it for a little while after. Eventually we left it because it just wasn’t geling or fitting with anything else we were doing. I would always think about it though because it was so much fun to write and I had high hopes for it. Eventually this past March we came back to the demo and found our way back into the song. We changed a lot of stuff and it was really cool to see this version of the song emerge. 


What do you like most about this particular song? 

I like that this song has a sense of humour. It’s joyful and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. 


What made you want to release "Pleasure" as a single? 

When I took “Pleasure” to Dave, I told him I wanted to make a pop banger. As soon as I wrote this, even on the acoustic guitar, I knew I wanted it to be a single. I just wanted to put out something that is pure fun. 


What can you tell us about your upcoming album? 

It is verrrrryyyyy close to being done and I am soooooOOoOoOoOOOoo excited about the team helping me plan to get it out into the world...there will be more on that very soon >:)


As an artist, what do you want to accomplish? 

I’d like to keep doing this for the rest of my life. Write, tour, meeting new collaborators, put songs into the world that make people feel less alone and inspire them to go forward and have their own positive impact on the world. 


What does singing make you feel? 

It depends on the day, but for the most part singing just makes me feel. Period. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and not give yourself time to process things or connect emotionally. Singing gives me the opportunity to do that. It’s therapy, on the good days. 


What message would you give to younger generations? 

Be kind. Be honest. Be patient.


In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

More of the above.


What biggest life lessons have you learned so far? 

Still learning the lessons above, but the days I try are usually better than the days I don’t.

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