Misty Mtn

Misty Mtn

The “dark mountain pop” duo Misty Mtn (pronounced Misty Mountain) unveil their debut EP Missed Your Call.

Fusing elements of electro-pop and folk-pop, Missed Your Call touches on the topic of moving on - whether that be from a place, from a person, from an addiction.

The lead single “Drive” is an atmospheric pop record offering memorable melodies.

“It was one of the last songs we finished for the EP, and we finished it and rewrote it at a very specific time in our lives and in our journey. This song is the definition of growth for us,” says the duo.

Mixed by Justin Gerrish and Evren Göknar, Missed Your Call introduces Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall as a remarkable pop duo offering well crafted records with an authentic musical signature. The promising debut EP includes the previous singles “Guess Who’s Back”, “We’ll Call It Even” and “Silver”.

Missed Your Call is now available worldwide.

Photo credit: Karen Santos

Photo credit: Karen Santos

Introduce yourselves - What's the band's story? 

Hey! We’re Morissa and Lucas and we make up the pop duo, Misty Mtn.

Lucas: I’m originally from Los Angeles.

Morissa: And I’m originally from Missoula, Montana.

We actually met at a restaurant job, and we just instantly connected over music and our passion for the outdoors. Misty Mtn just kind of flourished from there.

When did you realize you had to form a band? 

Morissa: I love this question, because I knew the second I heard his music. It took Lucas a little longer.

Lucas: That’s not true!

No but really we worked so well together and wrote so quickly it was a very easy transition into realizing it needed to be more than just writing for fun.


How did your sound and artistry evolve since your first release? 

I think just like any creative project, it just evolved as we dove deeper into both the meaning of our music and as we dove into our partnership. Learning about the person you’re working with, whether it’s for one song or for an entire project is so incredibly important.


You’ve just released your debut EP Missed Your Call. What's the story behind this EP? When did you start working on it? 

I guess you could say we started working towards it in, October? I mean, the story is we had a lot of songs already written that we didn’t really know if they worked for us anymore so this was the perfect excuse to push ourselves creatively. Sometimes artists are so hard on themselves and if something isn’t perfect they just throw it away. We really wanted to push ourselves past that and take the good ideas, and make them better.


What was the biggest challenge when making the EP?  

Not getting in our heads, and honestly, sticking to deadlines. It’s really hard when you get so close to something to not just work it into the ground… if we didn’t have deadlines, we’d probably still be working on it.


Any favorite memories from the making of the EP? 

Doing it together. It really is a team effort, and we’re so proud of what it’s become, and it becomes just that much more special knowing where we started and how far we’ve come as a team.

Click on the artwork to stream “Missed Your Call”

Click on the artwork to stream “Missed Your Call”

What made you want to name your project Missed Your Call

It’s a lyric from the song, “Guess Who’s Back”, and it’s kind of the lyric that everyone ends up singing after they’ve heard it once. But then when we really thought about it, it has such a deeper meaning and 100% relates to the themes of our EP. “Missed Your Call” can mean forcing yourself to miss someone's call because they’re not good for you anymore, or ignoring what everyone is telling you to do, or moving on from what you once wanted... it has so many different meanings and that’s what we love about it.


What are the different topics you are talking about on this project? 

The topics, are whatever our audience wants them to be. Heartbreak, moving on, letting go, feeling sexy, feeling angry, feeling lost. The topics are about being human.


Could you describe for us the songwriting/production for the song "Drive"? 

This song has been a really long journey for us. We actually wrote it in a rush because we needed a longer set to open for Rainbow Kitten Surprise (LOL, hit us up if you ever want to hear that story). It was really cool for writing it in a rush, and writing it in the beginning of Misty Mtn. But as we evolved, it just didn’t fit anymore. With "Drive" we kept feeling like we were trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, BUT instead of giving up on it, we locked ourselves in our studio and said “what makes it great?” As we began to pinpoint the good parts, we realized it was the chorus that people were really drawn to during the live show, so we started there. It was such a fun, and honestly difficult, experience building on something that had already existed for so long. But it was worth the challenge.

What do you like the most about this particular song? 

It’s coming from us. It was one of the last songs we finished for the EP, and we finished it and rewrote it at a very specific time in our lives and in our journey. This song is the definition of growth for us.

 What is your goal for this EP? 

That people love it as much as we do, and attach their own stories to it. If people can attach to it, they can attach to us, and then we can keep making music for people who genuinely want it.


How would you define Misty Mtn, the band? 

Misty Mtn, the founders of dark-mountain pop. The people you want to go hiking with during the day, and go dancing with at night. (laughs) We’re so lame I don’t know. We’d also just love to watch Netflix at night.



What biggest lessons have you learnt as human beings and as a band?

Work with the people who inspire you to create your best work. It’s not about who has the best resume, it’s about who makes you the best artist. 

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