Sera Roadnight - Music manager and PR Magic Tree

Sera Roadnight - Music manager and PR Magic Tree

Sera Roadnight is the CEO and Founder of Magic Tree, a boutique management and PR company based in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Canada, Roadnight quickly got involved in the music industry. By combining her strong work ethic with her love for music, the manager is currently working with edm/r&b/pop duo KTJ & Carly who are getting ready to release their debut single this summer.

As a publicist, Roadnight has worked with numerous artists from various genres and now continues to help clients through national and regional media outlets. 

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What’s your story?

I grew up in Canada and I have pretty much always been involved in music in some way, shape, or form. As a teen, I was in a band and dabbled in songwriting, but it wasn’t until I made the move to NYC that I really started  learning about the entertainment world.  I got into management over a decade ago and I have been lucky enough to hold different positions in the industry such as running an independent record label, PR, artist development and A&R.  Today I own and run Magic Tree a boutique management and PR company based in Los Angeles.

What made you want to work in the music industry?

I just really enjoyed helping out artists and still do to this day. 

You are an artist manager. What can you tell us about the artist(s) you are currently managing? 

I'm currently managing and developing 18 year old EDM/R&B/Pop sister duo KTJ & Carly.  We are still in the early stages, but I'm so impressed with the work ethic and vision they have for their music. They are both multi-instrumentalists and are hands on with every aspect of the process from production and writing to visuals and branding. They have been singing and working on music together their entire lives so they have a great bond that allows them to work and collaborate very well together. They know each others sound and the collaboration between the two of them is almost intuitive.  They possess something truly magical that makes me feel an excitement and passion for the industry I have not felt in a very long time. I'm truly grateful that they have chosen me to be in their corner and I'm excited to guide them and collaborate with them on their path to success.  They will be releasing their debut body of work later this summer and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. 

You are also a PR. What are the biggest challenges about this work? And what do you like the most about it?

It's a really competitive industry with so much talent being pitched and so much music being released each week, there are only so many spots for major coverage, playlisting, etc...  Publicists are here to help usher the music into the spotlight.  It's a constant grind pursuing pitches and following up to make sure the music gets listened to.   I think managing expectations, especially with emerging artists can be a little challenging, but it's important to keep it real and be realistic. The song is the most important part, but everything else is in the eye of the beholder and you cannot always control the outcome.

What I love most is placing an artist on the map, getting their name out there and giving them a platform to share their voice and stories.  I love all the relationships I have and continue to build as well as all the amazing clients I work with that have become friends I cherish.

What advices would you give to anyone who’d like to work in the music industry? 

The music industry can be really rewarding and very difficult. Be prepared to hustle, work hard, and ask questions.  Go to industry events, network and build relationships. The pathway for different careers within the industry will be a bit different for each, but regardless you need to learn the business!  It's a wonderful industry  - Enjoy the ride!

In your opinion, what would make the word a better place?

More women in power positions and less male douche- bags thinking they can make decisions on our behalf! 

What biggest lessons have you learned in your life and in your career so far?

I'm constantly learning lessons both in life and my career.  

Career - Don't put your time and energy into someone that's not willing to show up and put in the work every single day.

Life - Don't put your time and energy into someone that's not willing to show up and put in the work every single day  :)

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