American singer/songwriter IRIS revealed her debut single “Crazy” on March 29th.

Former member of the band Linus Young, the singer/songwriter pursued her career as a solo artist and created her own musical path. With this first release, the New-Jersey native is introducing an atmospheric and captivating sound.

As heard on Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet hit TV show, “Crazy” was written by IRIS, Josh Hendrick and produced by Malay (with some additional production by Taylor Johnson), the debut single is about how love doesn’t make sense.

“ I want people to feel and remind themselves that love is powerful and beautiful, but it may not make sense to everyone else around you,” says IRIS.

“Crazy” is now available on major streaming platforms.

Photo credit: Steven Taylor

Photo credit: Steven Taylor

Introduce yourself - where are you from? 

Hi! I'm Iris, and I'm from New Jersey. I am currently in Los Angeles. 

What's your story? 

Just a Jersey girl in LA making music :)

When did you start feeling connected to art and music, and at what point did you decide to pursue music as a career? 

Music has always been a big part of my life. My dad was always playing music in the house and we’d take drives and listen to his favorite bands from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Van Halen. I joined the choirs in my school, did talent shows and decided at a young age that singing/music is what I wanted to do with my life. It always brought me joy and a sense of completion. I love connecting with people as well, and I truly believe that music brings every kind of person together, no matter what beliefs you have, and I think that is beautiful.

Do you have a specific time in your life where music made a huge difference? 

There are many times when I was sad or going through a rough time - whether it was losing someone I loved, or having my heart broken - that music and singing pulled me through. I was broke a good portion of being on my own, so I would do singing contests and sing backgrounds here and there for some extra cash. It definitely helped me eat! 

You were the front woman for Linus Young. What did this experience teach you as an artist? 

I got to experience life on the road, which I had never done before. Learning how to get myself ready in any place (sometimes there were no dressing rooms, so it would be the bathroom of the venue). I got the chance to connect with people from all over and really reach them in new ways that I never knew being on the road and playing shows could do. I learned to be consistent in my performances, that every venue sounds different, and that you have to be prepared for any situation, because you never know what you're going to get :)

You recently released your debut single "Crazy". What does it feel like?

It's amazing! I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I was so anxious to release new music, so having it out in the world and keeping things moving gets me super excited!

What's the story behind this song? 

“Crazy” is a song about how love doesn’t make sense. The thoughts that consume you and the things that you do seem out of character, but that’s what love can make you do. I want people to feel and remind themselves that love is powerful and beautiful, but it may not make sense to everyone else around you.

You worked with Malay, Taylor Johnson and Josh Hendrick on this song. How was it like to work with them? 

Malay is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. He really understands how to help artists find their own unique sound. He is very easy going, and he really pushes you to be the best that you can be. Taylor is one of the most talented guitar players and producers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has such good instincts and really elevated the song, "Crazy", so much. 

What did you feel when writing this song? 

My co-writer Josh Hendrick had most of this song done when I heard it. So he is the main writer here. But I can say when he played it for me for the first time, I felt goosebumps. I knew that this song really related to myself, and where I wanted to go as an artist. It really laid down the foundation of what I'm doing in my future records. 

What made you want to release "Crazy" as your debut single? 

"Crazy" was the first song that really clicked with me after trying to write and record for a while after my band broke up. I really feel like this song is a great representation of me as a solo artist and for what's to come.

What message do you want to convey through your art? 

I want people to know that it’s okay to hurt, it's okay to be vulnerable. I believe that with every heartbreak or pain that you endure, it makes you stronger. When I write and sing my songs, it's my therapy. I hope that when people listen to my music, it will take them to a place to feel.

What does singing make you feel? 

I feel free and the most like myself. I also get butterflies and a rush when I'm in front of people, and that's a feeling that never gets old.

As an artist, what are the biggest challenges? 

I think finding the right people to work with was the biggest challenge of all. The people who help make the music are artists to me too, so having the same energy and connection is super important and hard to find. 

What causes are you currently fighting for? Why? 

I want equality for all! I think it's super important to educate people in why this is so important and how our world would work so much harmoniously if we all took a chance to learn from each other in spite of our differences. I also am a big advocate for finding a cure for Parkinson's disease. My grandmother was one of the most special people in my life, and seeing her suffer was so saddening and a huge reminder that this disease affects millions every day and that there's no cure. I also want to fight to keep music programs in the public school system. If it wasn't for music being in school, I don't know if I ever would have made it through. Those classes, teachers and fellow students kept me inspired and motivated. I think people don't realize that music has such a rich history and is behind a lot of political and cultural movements. I think it goes hand in hand with other things that we learn in school. 

How do you want to be remembered? 

I always want to be remembered as someone who is kind, giving but of course talented haha. I always believe that treating people fairly is important, and that you should do things for others without the expectation of something in return. I try my best to live my life that way and to always be gracious. I want my music to stand the test of time similar to how The Beatles and the great musicians of that sort do.

What are the things you are proudest of?

I'm proud of who I am and the things that I've done to get me to the place I'm at. I struggled for many many years but I never gave up. I think that's something to be super proud of. I'm not a quitter, that's for sure :)

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

If people stopped being so self-involved and just opened up their hearts and minds. We can all learn from each other. I think being closed-minded sometimes is something that we're all guilty of but if we took time to see another's point of view we'd all be better for it. 

What are the biggest lessons that you have learned as a human being and as an artist so far?

Nothing good comes easy and not everything is good. You have to be patient, kind and weed through the bad stuff to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Struggling is okay and it will make you a better person. Treat everyone fairly and kindly because the people you encounter on the way up are the same people you'll see on the way down.

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