Lydia Halloway

Lydia Halloway

Singer/songwriter Lydia Halloway revealed her debut single “Dancing To You” on March 1st.

The single is a pop/electro record written by Halloway and produced by Swedish producer iamsimon.

“Have you ever listened to music and it’s just so magical emotionally that it feels like it takes you over?  “Dancing To You” is about wanting to have that feeling, but with a person,” explains Halloway.

Halloway is introducing herself as a very promising songwriter and artist by offering authentic vocals and memorable melodies.

The single is off her upcoming debut EP Never Meant to Hurt You to be released later this Spring.

“Dancing To You” is now available worldwide.

Photo credit: Alana Tyler Slutsky

Photo credit: Alana Tyler Slutsky

Introduce yourself - where are you from?

I grew up in Manhattan with a British dad and an American mom. We lived in a few different countries when I was a kid, but New York is definitely home base.

What's your story?

Right as I set out to start seriously working on my first ever EP, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had to have an eight-hour operation on my throat to save my life. The cost was that I may never be able to sing again.

There were a lot of complications to my recovery, and I was in and out of the hospital dealing with a lot of pain. That’s when I started teaching myself how to produce. My voice didn’t recover for almost a year, but as soon as it did, I was ready to record the first version of “Dancing To You,” which I recorded in a garage studio a few streets down from my grandparents house, where I’d been recovering from a new treatment.

How would you describe yourself?

My grandpa once described me as “having a fire in me.” I wasn’t sure at the time, but after everything I’ve been through I see myself that way, too.

Growing up, what were you passionate about?

I trained to be a classical ballet dancer, which was the first way I really engaged with music. I loved the orchestra and the costumes and being on a big stage.

Do you remember a specific moment in your life where music made a huge difference?

So many. It was always there. My first CD was an A*Teens cover album of ABBA and I listened to it on repeat for about a week.

When did you start singing professionally?

As a kid! I was actually invited to sing for the Pope when I was in seventh grade.

What gave you the confidence to become an artist and release your original music?

I’ve been writing songs and sharing them with my friends and at small shows forever. People were always supportive, but with this new music, I saw real magic in how people were reacting. Something different and special was happening, so I knew it was time.

Click on the artwork to stream “Dancing To You”.

Click on the artwork to stream “Dancing To You”.

"Dancing To You" is your debut single. How does it feel like to release your first music?

It feels like I’m finally on the path I’m meant to be on.

What's the story behind "Dancing To You"?

Have you ever listened to music and it’s just so magical emotionally that it feels like it takes you over?  “Dancing To You” is about wanting to have that feeling, but with a person. You just want to achieve this ultimate intimacy with them - you want to be as close as the music is. So the lyric “I want to be the song you’re dancing to” translates to“, I want to be as close and intimate with you as humanly possible.”

It’s funny thinking about this now, because I was totally over the person in question within a few weeks.

When did you start working on this song? Who did you work with?

I wrote it myself, and for the production I worked with a fantastic Swedish musician named iamsimon.

What is the thing you like the most about this song?

I’ve always naturally written sadder, more obviously emotional songs than “Dancing To You.” I really pushed myself to right something light and energetic and I’m super proud of how far I came on that with this track.

What made you want to release "Dancing To You" as your debut single?

It was the first song from the EP that was finished!

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

The songs will be coming out one by one throughout the spring. I’ll be playing sneak previews at some upcoming shows and on Boston Free Radio on May 7.

What are the different topics you are talking about on this EP?

One of the major themes is over thinking, and the different stories we create in our heads as we approach relationships -- and overcoming those stories as we learn to be fair to ourselves.

The upcoming single, “Gold,” deals with a lot of guilt I placed on myself after really hurting someone at the end of the relationship, and fighting with myself to escape their version of how things went down.

What made you want to name your EP "Never Meant To Hurt You"?

It’s a lyric from “Gold.” In the context of that song, it speaks to this great sadness and guilt I felt after breaking up with someone who really loved me.

But I also love the sense of power it has out of context -- think “Oops I did it again!” It’s this kind of cheeky, Villanelle persona.

What do you want people to feel when listening to your music?

Like they just had the best night out ever with their favorite people on earth. Dancing, hugs, telling secrets and inside jokes. I’m sort of reclaiming all of that with this music.

What message do you want to give to anyone suffering from any kind of illness? What did your personal experience teach you?

Serious illness at such a young age is a crazy experience, and I haven’t really crystallized that yet, maybe I never will. But what’s been on my mind a lot lately is that you never know where you’ll be in a year. If you told me last April that today I would have over 15,000 monthly listeners, I literally would not have believed you.

How do you want to be remembered for?

Just for fighting as hard as I could.

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

Universal healthcare and high quality education for everyone.

What biggest lessons have you learnt as a human being and as an artist?

It took me a while to sum up the courage to give music everything I had. But I knew deep down, for a long time it was what I had to do. I think a lot of the time, we know exactly what we need to change in our lives, so right now I’m big on a ‘just do it’ mentality. Being honest with yourself can take you so much farther than you ever dared believe.

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