LX Mason

LX Mason

Following up his debut single “ I Don’t” released last year, Florida native LX Mason is now introducing his second single “Drink Me Goodbye”.

Produced by Sydney-based artist/producer St. Humain, the new single is a pop/r&b record reflecting on a broken friendship.

“I wrote the song about a pretty intense disagreement I had with a really close friend of mine. After that, I just kinda watched from a distance as they like, tried to forget me. Which is a sucky situation to be in. But it happened, and the song was me processing it,” says Mason.

Now relocated in Sydney, Australia, the singer/songwriter is creating his own musical signature by designing sincere songs with soulful melodies.

“Drink Me Goodbye” is now available on major streaming platforms.

Photo credit: Daniel Brown

Photo credit: Daniel Brown

Introduce yourself - where are you from? 

My name’s LX Mason, I’m originally from Florida, but Sydney’s my home at the moment. 


What's your story? 

Where do I start? Born and raised in Florida. Everyone tells me that I’m more sensitive or emotional than “normal”? Whatever that means. I’m married to the love of my life and we moved out to Australia just before I turned 23. Music is woven into my DNA cause I grew up listening to QUALITY. And I really like lollies. 


When did you start feeling connected to music and art in general? 

As long as I could remember. As a kid, I’d run to the TV to watch music videos, I’d memorise lyrics to songs, I got disqualified from my school talent show once cause I danced and sang to Yeah! By Usher. 


What's the first album you ever bought? 

Pretty sure it was Let Go by Avril Lavigne.


At what point did you realize music was more than just a hobby? 

Around the time I got my first drum set. So like 10th grade? Haven’t stopped since.  


When did you start writing songs? 

Ha. So I started writing “songs” in the form of MySpace poems in 9th grade. It was a pretty ridiculing experience. 


At what point did you decide to pursue music as a career? What did your friends and family think of it? 

I had a short stint at the artist thing a couple years back, super low key, but I just wasn’t ready for it. I went in to songwriting for a few years and decided at the end of 2017 it was time again.


You’ve just released your new single "Drink Me Goodbye". What's the story behind this song? 

So, I’m STOKEDDD for this song to be out mygodddddd. But I wrote the song about a pretty intense disagreement I had with a really close friend of mine. After that, I just kinda watched from a distance as they like, tried to forget me. Which is a sucky situation to be in. But it happened, and the song was me processing it. 

When did you start writing this particular song? 

Mid late 2018. I had the melody idea on the way to the bathroom once. ha

St. Humain produced the song. How's it like to work with him? 

M8S. There’s such an ease working with Sainty. I think we’re both weird so it works. 


In your opinion, what makes a good producer? 

Someone who can make sense of the weirdness that’s going on musically in my head, and then make it better. It doesn’t even have to make sense to literally anybody outside of the room. As long as the two of you get it, who cares. And the production has to be tight and crisp. 


What is your goal for this new song?

I want people to get it and have a song they can sing to process their own situation. And also, it’d be incredible to do shows with it, get a million streams by the time the next song comes out, and for it to jet all my other music forward. 


What's your point of view on streaming platforms? 

They’ve changed the game and I’m completely okay with it. I think rather having a bad taste in your mouth about it, you gotta embrace the change and weave it into your current plan. Anyone can take a shot these days and there’s beauty in that. 


What do you think of today's music industry? 

Let’s just say I’m glad that for right now, I’m independent. I’ve heard some stories from friends of mine who are artists and bloody hell, man.

Photo credit: Jason Denison

Photo credit: Jason Denison

What's the hardest thing about being an artist? And what is the best thing? 

Hardest thing – people who have absolutely no clue what it’s like to be an independent artist trying to pressure the hell out of me to put out stuff rapidly. Understand where I’m coming from and appreciate the hustle. 

 Best thing – after going through hell, outwardly and inwardly, being able to put stuff out like this and celebrating with friends (s/o TeamLX)


How would you describe LX Mason, the artist? 

I’d say I’m just having fun with the music I want to make. No matter what it sounds like. And because I’ve been in some dark places, I know what it’s like to need music that relates to you, that understands where your mind is at. I’m introverted, so chances are you wont find me at many parties, and my enneagram type is 4. If that helps. 


What made you want to move to Australia? What was the biggest challenge when you first moved there? 

Opportunity and adventure. I felt really trapped where I was at and I needed to get out and see what was possible. Biggest challenge was figuring out who I was apart from everything I came from.


What do you like the most about Australia? 

That I can walk along the beach and get asked by someone I don’t know if I want some prawns and chips. 


In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

Love, grace, and truth. 


What biggest lessons have you learnt as a human being and as an artist? 

Don’t let how small someone feels determine how big you should feel. Some people have seriously messed up agendas, with a whole list of norms they wanna push on you. 


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