Following up her single “Mantra”, American singer/songwriter/songwriter Lo is revealing her new single “Mosaic”.

Co-produced by Lo, Paige Blue and Stephen Schmuldt, “Mosaic” offers a message of hope.

“I hope that people can hear it & realize that no matter what they're going through, no matter how broken it leaves them feeling, that it is all working to make them stronger and better and more beautiful. 'Everything that's shattered me, is making me a masterpiece', as I say in the chorus,” explains Lo.

Signed to Prescription Songs, the musician unveiled a music video. With the help of some of her friends, Lo created an inspiring and emotional video showcasing people’s personal stories.

With her one-of-a-kind vocals and empowering songs, Lo delivers a real authenticity with her work.

“Mosaic” is now available worldwide.

Photo credit: Mackenzie Maroney

Photo credit: Mackenzie Maroney

Introduce yourself - where are you from? 

Hi! I'm Lo- a pop artist and producer from Olympia, Washington.

What's your story? 

I grew up in in Olympia, WA, with piano and competitive dance being my life. My world was dominated by dance, music, and school- neither of my parents had the opportunity to finish college, so education was extremely important in my family! My sister & I were both first generation college students, which is something we are super proud of. After spending years dancing all over the west coast and graduating, I ended up at Vanderbilt University on an academic scholarship and as captain of the collegiate spirit team there. It was an amazing experience & I got to travel all around, performing in stadiums for huge crowds, which only served as fuel for the creative itch that was growing within me. Being in Nashville totally opened my eyes to a world of music and songwriting I didn't know existed. I had always written music and loved it, but for the first time, I saw that music as a career was a possibility. Once I started pursuing that path, there was no turning back! There was a voice inside of me that told me that THIS was why I was where I was, and everything in my path until then had led me there. I graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt in political science, and to my parent's surprise, started working for a small publishing company. Working there turned into befriending the songwriters and borrowing their equipment to make awful demos and teaching myself how to produce and write on a commercial level. I started taking meetings and writing full time, facing a lot of rejection and frustration. I eventually met my now publisher, Katie Fagan, as a pop showcase night and am so blessed she moved to Nashville to start a Prescription Songs office here. Now I get to pursue my songwriting, producing, and artistry full time! It's amazing!

When did you start feeling connected to art and music?

I honestly can't remember a single day not feeling connected to art and music! I believe there is a picture of me at two years old being completely enamored by the piano and my uncle who was playing it. The photo series shows me clapping and them climbing my tow headed self onto the bench and hitting all the keys I could. I think I was just born with a love for it!

Do you remember your first musical memories? 

Yes! They were all by this dusty old upright piano we had in our basement. I was absolutely obsessed with it and at the age of 5, sat down and learned to read music with my mom. I especially loved rag time music & clearly remember being so amazed by hearing my mom and uncle play piano. I knew I just had to do it! I also started dancing around then, and have VERY clear memories of dancing to 'Congo' by Gloria Estefan in a magenta, sparkle jumpsuit and just having the time of my life.

Growing up, did you have an album or a song that made a huge difference in your life? 

My dad was a huge Supertramp fan, and I remember him walking in from the garage one day and handing me the Greatest Hits album. He said, 'learn this!', and it inspired me to sit down and learn to play by ear. It totally changed the way I thought of piano and really showed me that there was more than playing classically- I could turn what I knew how to do into actual songs!

At what point did you decide to pursue music as a career? What did your family and friends think of it? 

I think I was a junior in college when I finally had the realization that it was all I really wanted to do. But I had put myself under so much pressure to have an academic career as a lawyer or politician, that I really struggled to tell my friends and family that I had changed my mind. The more I was exposed to music and the world right at my fingertips on Music Row, I just couldn't not try. My friends were all super supportive and amazing! I think I shocked my parents a bit and they were probably really freaked out that their seriously academic daughter had thrown a plot twist at them- but they came around once I started having some success with meetings and since then have been absolutely amazing support systems!

Do you remember the first song you've ever written? What was it about? 

I wish I didn't remember it lol, but yes. It was called 'Backbone'. I was 14 and feeling very jaded over some 8th grade drama and decided to take it out on the ears of everyone around me.

What gave you the confidence to become an artist and release your original music? 

That nagging voice in my head that told me this is what I was supposed to do, and that wouldn't shut up until I did! I just had a gut feeling that this was what I needed to be and do that eventually became stronger than any self doubt I had.

Art: Anna Swiatowy

Art: Anna Swiatowy

You’ve just released your new single "Mosaic". What's the story behind this song? 

I wrote this song when a lot of family/life things were happening that I wasn't sure how to handle.  I desperately needed a new perspective to get me out of the funk I was in, and one day in my studio- I out loud said 'I need a new way of seeing things! This sucks!'. Literally seconds after saying that, the chorus and lyric for 'Mosaic' popped into my head. I recorded it on my voice memo.. and the initial idea of the song was born!

Could you describe us the songwriting/production process for this song? 

After I had that main idea for the song, I took it to my friend Stephen Schmuldt and together we finished writing the rest of the song! We also called in the amazing Jefrey East to help us put on the finishing touches. Paige, Stephen, & I co-produced the final version of ‘Mosaic’ together. Stephen's original demo had some absolutely magical parts in it, that Paige & I took and added to! It was a super collaborative project.

You've been working a lot with Paige Blue. How's it like to work with her? 

Paige is absolutely amazing. We write & produce a ton together, and she knows how to bring the best out in people. She is brilliant, hard-working, and always willing to try new things and listen to ideas, even if they seem crazy. For example, there is a super high whistle tone in the bridge of ‘Mosaic’- I didn't even know I could hit those notes, but Paige encouraged me to go for it and made me feel super confident that I could do it! I love working with her because we amplify each other's strengths and always end up with products we just love. She has been a part of my circle since we both started this journey, and I feel truly blessed to have such a strong partnership and friendship with such an amazing talent! 

In your opinion, what makes a good collaborator? 

Positive vibes & a willingness to be a part of a team. It's super important to remain open to the ideas your collaborators have, to be humble, and to create a fun environment. I always create the best when I feel super comfortable to get out of my comfort zone and try anything! That's where the magic happens. Negativity or fear kills any creative flow, so I try to surround myself with likeminded people who are willing to just show up and create freely!

The music video for "Mosaic" is powerful. Who came up with the video concept? What was the inspiration for the video? 

Thank you so much! I actually came up with the video concept myself. The inspiration for the video kind of fell from the sky to be honest! I've always loved super real videos that feature handwriting and had always held that vision for this song in particular. Everyone featured in the video is a personal friend of mine, all who have woven in and out of my life in different ways. I admire them all and when I decided I wanted the video to tell stories of real people I know and what they've been through, I realized that I was already surrounded by so many beautiful and strong individuals. I'm incredible grateful to all of them for being willing to share and express their stories.

What message do you want to convey through this song? 

I want to convey hope. I hope that people can hear it & realize that no matter what they're going through, no matter how broken it leaves them feeling, that it is all working to make them stronger and better and more beautiful. 'Everything that's shattered me, is making me a masterpiece', as I say in the chorus.

What appeals you the most about art in general? 

It's limitless and can take on any shape, form, or direction! It's the closest thing to magic I've found.

You've had different experiences as a dancer. What did these experiences teach you? 

Oh gosh, so much of who I am is because of dance! I learned confidence is key and you can't be afraid to mess up or look ridiculous. In fact, the sooner you come to terms with that, the better everything will be! I've learned how to navigate a stage and different audiences and am super grateful for the lack of stage fright it's given me. I've learned that I am capable of so much more than I thought and that sometimes, you have to fake it 'til you make it! I learned extreme discipline and that staying committed to your goals, no matter how slow the progress may seem, can result in some big magic.

What's the hardest part about being an artist? And what's the best part? 

The hardest part is always wondering if anyone will like what you make, the constant fear of rejection, and thoughts like 'what am I doing, am I crazy for pursuing this?!'.

The best part is knowing yes, you are crazy for pursuing this, and doing it anyways! And then seeing how people react to what you make, and getting to share that with them.

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

More dance parties in the middle of the day. Because dance parties lead to endorphins, endorphins lead to better moods, better moods lead to kinder people, and kinder people lead to a better world!

What biggest lessons have you learnt as a human being and as an artist? 

Life is way too short to care what other people think. Be your authentic self and create what makes your heart happy. The rest will fall into place!

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