Jared Minnix

Jared Minnix

Following his debut EP “Virginia Rose”, Nashville-based artist Jared Minnix is introducing his brand new single “Might As Well”. Blending pop and electro, the new single showcases Minnix stunning songwriting. Written by Jared Minnix, Lydia Vaughan, Will Bundy and produced by Lucas Arens, the indie pop record explores the feelings of missing someone.

“This song was written about me missing my wife. Being on the road a lot, or in sessions weekly makes it hard for our schedules to line up sometimes. I’ve never felt that there is actually enough time in the day to spend with her. I never get tired of being around her, and always want to be. It’s almost an exaggerated love song, but a true one!” says Minnix.

“Might As Well” is now available worldwide.

Photo credit: Ashley Mulaik

Photo credit: Ashley Mulaik

Introduce yourself - where are you from? 

Hey! My name is Jared Minnix. I was born in Roanoke, VA. I am an Indie Pop Artist based out of Nashville, TN.

What's your story? 

Oh the impossible answer. I don’t think my story is finished. I feel that I may have a few chapters down, but it’s going to be a great story with a lot of plot twists and suspense. I’m still trying to figure it out myself. 

Could you tell us a little bit about your childhood? 

Growing up in rural Virginia, there wasn’t much to do. I spent most of my time as a kid doing anything adventurous. From skateboarding and snowboard, to building forts in the woods, I feel I had a pretty normal country up bringing. I have an older brother and a younger sister, and very supportive parents. 

Growing up, who did you look up to? 

I honestly don’t feel like I had s specific role model in my life. My parents are great and have always been very loving and supportive. They were great examples of what it looked liked to be disciplined and hard working while still being intentional and loving.

What were you passionate about? 

Before 12 years old honestly not much. I really liked to skateboard and still do today. But I don’t think any true passion came until I started playing guitar.

At what point in your life did you realize music had a big impact in your life? 

I started playing guitar at 12 years old and instantly fell in love. My mom would tell me stories of her hearing music upstairs, and she would come up and find me in bed playing guitar in the dark instead of sleeping haha. It was like the first thing I ever really fell in love with. I was obsessed with it.

Do you remember the first single or album you've ever bought? 

The year was 2005 and it was my 12th birthday. I had just received the greatest gift you could receive on your birthday. A Sony portable CD player. But not just any CD player, this was the good kind where you could shake the thing and it wouldn’t skip songs. Thrilled with joy of my hi tech device, my parents told me I could go to the music store and buy any CD I wanted. At the time I loved Matchbox 20. Something about Rob Thomas’ heartbreak songs resonated with my lack of 12 year old relationships. I walked proudly into F.Y.E (those music stores, idk if they have them anymore?) and picked out a Matchbox 20 CD. I popped that thing inside my CD player and started walking around the mall jamming “Unwell” and “3am”. It wasn’t until the third song in that I realized this isn’t the soothing voice of Mr. Thomas. I flipped over to the cover and was horrified to see that I had purchased a tribute to Matchbox 20 Greatest Hits. Insulted by the imposter singing me “I’m not crazy I’m just a little unwell”, I accepted my fate and continued to listen to it for the remainder of my birthday.

Do you remember your first musical memories? 

My parents have a photo of me at around 5 years old holding a mandolin strumming along with my grandfather on guitar. I very vaguely remember pretending to play alongside to his bluegrass music.

What gave you the confidence to release your original music? 

It took a heartbreak. A really horrible breakup to get me to have the courage to share what I went through. I had the belief that if I physically wrote and recorded how I felt and talked about the pain, and then released it ; I will in return release those feelings and no longer hold on to them.

Virginia Rose is your first EP. What did you learn about yourself after releasing this project? 

I learned so much when I decided to pursue artistry. Always being just a guitarist, I never really had to focus on much outside of just playing guitar. Releasing this project really opened my eyes to the amount of work it takes for an unsigned artist to survive. I was learning marketing techniques, how to distribute music, trying to comprehend publishing and master splits, while balancing everything else going on in life.

You're about to release your new single "Might As Well". What's the story behind this song? 

This song was written about me missing my wife. Being on the road a lot, or in sessions weekly makes it hard for our schedules to line up sometimes. I’ve never felt that there is actually enough time in the day to spend with her. I never get tired of being around her, and always want to be. I believe when I was writing this song my wife, Megan, was out of town for one of her friend’s weddings. She was going to be gone for the weekend, and by day two it seemed like forever since I had seen her. I start out the song with pretty much those exact words in the first verse.

"Girl it’s only been two days 

Since I’ve seen that face

Seems like forever

Since we’ve been together 

But it’s only been two days”.

It’s almost an exaggerated love song, but a true one! Just after a few days of her being gone, I was already missing her and wanting her to come back. The Pre Chorus in the song further explains that whether if she is at in the other room, at work, or physically away from me somewhere it feels like she “Might As Well“ be in Cabo, Chicago, LA, Paris anywhere far from here. My favorite lyric in the song is the first two lines in the Chorus. 

“You might as well be halfway across the world right now

Because I’m missing half my world right now".

I feel like it describes exactly how I’m feeling. That no matter how far, it's too far to be from her. 

Later in the song I talk about all the things we do together when she is here. Longing for her to hurry back and come home so we can “sleep in on weekends, after dinner drinking, and favorite movies at my place”.

She finally did come home and I was able to share this song with her when she got back! I always try and write about very specific personal things in my life.

Could you tell us about the songwriting/production process for this song? Who did you work? 

This song was written with my favorite songwriters and producers here in town.

Title: Might As Well

Artist: Jared Minnix

Written By: Jared Minnix, Lydia Vaughan, Will Bundy

Produced By: Lucas Arens (Downtown Music Group), Will Bundy (Cornman Music)

What do you want to accomplish with this song? 

I hope that this song is a turning point in my career. It’s a slight change in direction from my previous project. I hope it makes people feel happy. It’s a song about young love. It’s a beautiful thing that I hope everyone feels someday. 

What do you like the most about being an artist? 

Being on both sides now as a guitarist and artist, I’ve learned to really love being an artist. Although there is WAY more work, it’s much more rewarding. I think overall being able to share my story with people while having creative control is what makes it worth it. 

How would you define Jared Minnix, the artist? 

I’d like to think that Jared Minnix the artist is just Jared Minnix. I feel that when I am on stage I am myself. The things I sing about are just about my life. Stories of ups and downs, of love, and fear; I try to be as authentic and vulnerable both on and off stage. 

Would you consider music as a form of therapy? 

Absolutely. I believe that music can bypass the physical realm and reach into spiritual things can’t be seen or even specifically defined. I always was amazed about how music moves people. Even physically. If you go to a concert and just watch the crowd swaying back and forth it’s as if sound is physical wave or wind that moving those who are listening. I feel that anything that moves you and makes you genuinely feel something, is therapeutic. 

As an artist, what are the biggest challenges? 

For me personally it’s keeping the right mindset. You have to look at artistry as a longterm investment. You aren’t going to profit or breakeven for a while. And that’s okay, but discouragement is real and can be crushing at times. But I remind myself of how blessed I am to be able to even have this gift, much less share it with others. 

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

I believe if we loved each other and lived life with full vulnerability, then real change would happen. We would be living to our fullest potential. 

What biggest lessons have you learnt as a human being and as an artist?

The biggest lesson I have learned as an artist is that no one is going to work harder on your career than yourself. No one will want it more than you. So if you aren’t giving it your all, you can’t expect your team or others to. The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a human is forgiveness. That if we don’t forgive, we are hurting ourselves more than the grudge or bitterness we hold. Showing grace and being selfless is what I strive to be each day.  

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