Nova Moura

Nova Moura

Following the song “Nauseous” released in January, Cincinnati-based artist Nova Moura is now offering the new single “Half Dead, but Still”.

Written by Nova Moura and produced by Fla.Mingo, the r&b singer/songwriter offers a very sincere and vulnerable songwriting that explores Nova Moura’s feelings of loneliness and isolation.

"This song is about loneliness and isolation. It displays a weak and pathetic defensive wall against this loneliness. So I suppose the song is about me trying to act tough against my own loneliness; trying to act like it doesn't bother me and that I'm fine without anyone. I think the beauty of the track is that you can hear the confidence and the sadness at the same time,'“ expresses the artist.

“Half Dead, but Still” is now available on major streaming platforms.

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Hi, how are you? What have you been up since our first interview?

I’m very good! I think our first interview was 4 or 5 months ago? Since than I’ve just been working on a ton and ton of music. That’s actually pretty much it. I’ve locked myself in the studio everyday. 

You’ve just released your new single “Half Dead, but Still”. Could you describe us the songwriting/recording process for this particular song?

Yeah, “Half Dead, But Still” was actually a super crazy writing process because I wrote and recorded it in like twenty minutes. The lyrics and melody just came out and it was done. That’s kinda how I knew if was something special. The lyrics were coming from some uncontrolled, uncensored place, deep within me. After that, me and Fla.Mingo spent a couple months re-making the production behind the song and perfecting it.

When did you start working on it? What made you want to release this particular song as a single? 

We actually started working on 4 or 5 months ago, about the time we had our first interview. We’ve had it ready to go for quite awhile now, and we knew we wanted to release it shortly after “Nauseous”. Ideally, we knew this would be a good song to release as a single because we know it would garner attention and listeners, and that’s really our main focus right now.

How’s it like to work with Fla.Mingo?

Working with Fla.Mingo has been fucking beautiful. It has been life-changing for me. He’s a brilliant, brilliant artist and musician and he’s always coming up with really deep, beautiful sounds. It’s also just super dope working side by side with an artist that you’re naturally a fan of.

The song is about loneliness and isolation. How do you overcome these feelings? 

I’m not sure I do overcome isolation or loneliness. It’s a weird thing for me I guess because I really prefer to be alone and isolated. I feel like it gives me super powers or something. So for me, being alone is really when I feel my best. But I don’t know, that whole topic is confusing for me. 

What can you tell us about the artwork? Who helps you create your art? 

The artwork was done by my homie Khaleell Smith. 

He’s done a lot of my last covers. It’s dope to work with him because I kinda just send him the song and leave the visual direction and idea up to him. He always comes up with something nice. 

In regards to any other art I do, I work closely with my homie Taylor James who is another brilliant creative mind and one I really enjoy and appreciate working with. He’s one of the few people I feel like I can really trust their creative taste. So far we’ve worked on a handful of different shoots and videos together, but we have a lot more coming. 

What are your goals for 2019?

My goals for 2019 are big ones!! I usually choose not to talk about goals and plans too publicly before they happen, but the idea is that you’ll see them after they happen. 

What message do you want to deliver to the readers of this blog?

My message to the blog would be, if any of your readers create, remember to create what’s inside you. No one cares about a product that isn’t you, because if it isn’t you, it’s been done before. The coolest product you can make, is one that is unapologetically, entirely you. 

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