LYRX is a country singer/songwriter from Arkansas.

Growing up in a musical family, the singer/songwriter started her musical journey in a Southern rock band at the age of 17 and traveled the dive bars of the Southeast. After touring for two years, the singer/songwriter settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with younger brother Shay Mooney (from country-pop duo Dan + Shay), where she spent her nights singing and performing.

Now living in Nashville, LYRX has already made a name for herself as a songwriter and worked with various songwriters such as Jeffrey Steele, Zac Maloy, Danny Orton, Benji Davis and co-wrote the hit single “90’s Country” by American Country artist Walker Hayes.

The Nashville-based artist is now offering her debut single “Take The Money”, released on January 11th. Written by Ben and KK Johnson and LYRX, “Take The Money” is a fun and energetic country anthem.

“Ben, KK and I took more time getting the track where we wanted it, then I got into the studio with Kent Wells and made it even more country fried. Mark Needham mixed it and I think it turned out pretty great. We kept the demo vocals! I loved the authenticity of the original vocals,” explains LYRX.

“Take The Money” is now available everywhere.

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Please introduce yourself - what's your story? 

I’m just a small town girl from Arkansas that loves to write songs that creates a little window into who I really am.

Tell us a little bit about your childhood. What were you passionate about? 

I grew up on a farm with my sister, Erica, and brother, Shay. My parents have always been musical, so our house was always filled with music. Looking back, I never realized how lucky we were! We didn’t have much, but we had each other and that was enough. It still is! I’ve always been passionate about music. I guess it’s in my blood.

Do you remember your first musical memories? Any favorite memory? 

My parents were in a southern gospel group, so my first memories are traveling to different churches and watching them sing. I think some of my favorite memories were singing with my brother and sister. We used to compete in the county fairs, and my mom would dress us up all coordinated and everything! Man, those were some winning outfits looking back - haha! One time, my sister and I were on our way to compete in a fair, and Erica got so nervous that she threw up all over the soundtrack cassette tape! My mom had to play piano instead. Good times.

At what point did you realize music had a big impact in your life? 

I don’t think there’s ever been a moment music hasn’t been a huge impact; I was born loving music.

What were your first experiences in the music industry? What did you learn from these early experiences?

I joined a southern rock band at 17, and we were SO BROKE! We would tour around in our cars and pray that we didn’t run out of gas before we got paid the $50 the club promised us. I learned that I loved music way beyond money or fame. I just loved being on stage and having the crowd singing along to songs I wrote.

What is the first song you've ever written? 

I had a dream that was super emotional, and I went straight to the piano and wrote a song called “That Night." It was the first song I actually completed.

How would you define LYRX, the artist? 

I’m an open book; I love to create an experience for the crowd with fun songs. I just want people to escape from the world with my music.

"Take The Money" is your new single. How would you describe this song? Who did you work with? 

This song is fun! It was fun to write and it’s so fun to play. I wrote this one with Ben and KK Johnson, two very talented writers and producers. I’m really proud of how it turned out.

Could you describe us the songwriting/production process for this particular song? 

We actually wrote this song pretty quick! About two hours. Ben, KK and I took more time getting the track where we wanted it, then I got into the studio with Kent Wells and made it even more country fried. Mark Needham mixed it and I think it turned out pretty great. We kept the demo vocals! I loved the authenticity of the original vocals. 

You wrote "90's Country" by Walker Hayes. How did you approach this song? What's the story behind it? 

This was actually my first write with Walker. I was at one of my brother's shows, and Walker was opening up for him. Shay introduced us and said we would vibe - and we did! Walker came in with the idea, and I loved it. We combed over tons of 90s country songs, and then later Walker asked if it was cool if Shane Mcanally could jump in on it. I said ABSOLUTELY; and here we are. 

How would you define country music? 

For me, country music is a soundtrack to my life. It’s how I grew up. It talks about the small town. It talks about a place that you can escape. Even if you’re not from the country, you can relate. It’s a way of life.

In your opinion, what are the key ingredients you need to write a country song? 

I don’t think there are rules anymore. I think country music has become much more than just a genre. It’s more about what you know. So I just write about what I know. 

What appeals you the most about songwriting?

I started writing because I didn’t know how to get my feelings out by just talking. I love writing, because it allows me to express how I feel in a creative way.

What advices would you give to young songwriters? 

You have to love it! If you want to be a songwriter you have to WORK. You can’t just expect to write one song and get a cut. You have to write hundreds of songs before you find “the one” sometimes. So, loving what you do is key.

If you had to sum up your year 2018 in a few words, what would you say? 

Enlightening. 2018 is the year I really decided to just do me, no matter who likes - or doesn’t like - what I do. 

What are your plans for 2019? 

Tour! I’m a road dog. I love touring and meeting new fans. I plan on writing and recording more. Stay tuned ;)

What are the things you are the most proud of? 

My family and my dog Teddy. Love and family are the things that really matter for me. 

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

Jesus. If we all followed His principles, then I feel like the world would be a much better place. You can believe in Him or not, but everything He taught was something we can all take lessons from. 

What's your purpose? 

I believe it’s showing the world love in my own way. Creating an experience with my music and shows. I want people to leave my shows feeling good and ready to take on the world.

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