Natalie Shay releases new single "Yesterday"

Natalie Shay releases new single "Yesterday"

Hi Natalie ! How are you? What have you been up to since the release of "This Feeling"? 

Since “This Feeling”, the majority of things that have ever happened in my life happened. Obviously the usual like writing & recording new music and playing shows. I’ve worked with a ton of new people I was a judge on the UK jury for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest and I’m about 3 weeks away now from my first ever headline show!!

You've just released your brand new single "Yesterday". What's the story behind this song? Who did you work with? 

For this song I mainly worked with Pete Dowsett who also produced/mixed/engineered this feeling. But I also worked with Jonathan Vears who produced my previous single ‘Perfume’. On the more quirky productional flavours in this new track. This song is about a boy I got completely besotted with even though I knew the entire time the affection wasn’t completely reciprocated and that he was a bit of a flake. I wrote this song at the time that I realised I can actually do so much better than that, so that’s what I did. #girlpower 

What made you want to release this particular song as your new single? 

Sometimes when you write a song you just kinda think ‘oooh this is a catchy one’. And that’s what I thought when I wrote this track. I was due to go into the studio the next day to record another track, I wrote this one at home the night before and thought omg this one is so much better so snap decision, decided to record this one instead.

Could you describe us the songwriting/production/recording process? When did you start working on it? 

So the actual song was written in my bedroom. But we actually started recording the track a couple weeks before ‘This Feeling’ came out. I’ve known for ages that this track was due to come out just picking the right season and order of releases was what kept it back for so long. Pete recorded all the real instruments on this track. But the time I took it to Jonathan it was a perfectly engineered full song with all the live instruments. Jonathan added the cool synths and quirky vocal noises!!

What biggest lessons did you learn from 2018?

Probably that the saying when one door closes another door opens is actually a legit thing. I’ve had a few set backs this year but almost every single time something even better has followed.  

What are your plans for 2019? 


What message do you want to deliver to the readers of this blog? 

This is going to sound deep. The music industry is insanely difficult and it’s often hard not to constantly compare yourself to others and measuring your success based on other people. Always focus on yourself and your own path. No one has the same path. I’m sure this applies to other industries too :) 

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