Fly By Midnight

Fly By Midnight

Fly By Midnight is an American band based in New York.

Formed by singer/songwriter Justin Bryte & producer/songwriter Slavo, the retro-pop band unveiled their new album “Rerunning” on November 16th. Produced by Slavo, the album includes their latest smash single “You Belong”.

“The story for “You Belong” came from a real place of needing someone that you didn't realize was as important in your life. The first lyric that came was the title and it all kind of poured out after,” says Bryte.

As their fan base keeps growing everyday, the American band has received great acclaim for major outlets such as Billboard, Buzzfeed, NYLON, Huffington Post, and Ones To Watch.

“Rerunning” is now available on major streaming platforms.

Photo credit: Matthew Ligotti

Photo credit: Matthew Ligotti

Introduce the band. What's your story? 

Justin: Just two dudes making music in the corner of Staten Island, New York. We met about 3/4 years back & vibed ever since.

What made you want to name the band Fly By Midnight? 

Slavo: It was probably the most challenging part of starting the project.. We had the music and the vision way before the name. It ended up just being a nod to how late we work mixed with our interest in retro/vintage inspired sounds.

How would you define Fly By Midnight, sound wise? 

Justin: We call it retro-pop, but as our sound matures and progresses we're adding so many different elements. Right now it feels indie/electro/retro/alt pop *laughs*.

You recently released your new album "Rerunning". Could you describe us the songwriting/production process? Who did you work with? 

Slavo: Since the beginning of FBM, Justin & I write mostly in house and I take on the producer role. With the album, 3 of the 9 tracks were co-written with other writers from NY/LA and one we actually took an outside production for. It was a really rewarding experience being eclectic in our collaboration choices. 

What was the hardest part about making this album? And what was the best part? 

Justin: Hardest .. knowing went to stop creating *laughs*. Pressing on the brake and saying "we've said all we want to say for this body of work.. save another mindset for 2019". Best part, hands down was hearing it at the end in its entirety. Each song was written somewhere different .. with a certain emotion attached to it that we almost relive every time we hear it.

Why did you name your album "Rerunning"?

Slavo: The album felt like episodes of romantic encounters we've been through the past couple of years. To write about the songs we almost had to replay the stories in our mind like a show that's rerunning. The idea came together while we were grabbing coffee one day. It felt right. 

Click on the artwork to listen to “Rerunning”.

Click on the artwork to listen to “Rerunning”.

Could you tell us a little bit about the artwork? Who came up with the idea? 

Justin: We're huge fans of art based sites like Pinterest & Tumblr. Once we locked in the title "Rerunning" we knew we wanted it to have a television-esque feel to it. From there we handed it off to a close friend of ours Ernesto who took it to the next level. 

What lessons did you learn after finishing this album? 

Slavo: Embrace trying new sounds & approaches to creating.

Justin: For sure & not being afraid to push our vocal. There's moments on the album we really "sing" and we've never had that before.

"You Belong" is your new single. What's the story behind it? 

Justin: It's our "want you back" song. The story came from a real place of needing someone that you didn't realize was as important in your life. The first lyric that came was the title and it all kind of poured out after. Quick write for us.

Who helped you design the music video for "You Belong"?

Slavo: We were on the road for two days with our best friend Alec. Just us 3 and a camera. It was the most relaxed shoot we've ever had just spitballing ideas back and forth.

Directed by Fly By Midnight & Alec Favale

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Justin: This album in particular is romance. Real life encounters. Mixed emotions. Highs and lows.

What did you learn as a band since your first album? 

Slavo: As our fan base has grown we've cast aside nerves of certain songs not resonating. We've been lucky that songs we really connect to also connect to our listeners. 

How does NYC help you shape your creativity? What do you think of the music scene out there? 

Justin: It's the hometown of this project and it's had a huge role in the stories we tell. Despite the city being large the music scene feels much more intimate than LA. We kind love it for that.

Any favorite memory from 2018?

Slavo: Our album show for sure. No better way to close out the year then playing the songs off the record to the people who are making it happen for us.

Justin: It was just an energetic show. More than ever before. When we found out we sold out about half way through the set it was just.. beautiful. A real monumental moment for us and everyone who supports us.

What are your plans for 2019? 

Justin: New music as always. Different stories to tell.

Slavo: We're really looking forward to touring more as well.

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

Justin: I think every day this generation is fighting to make this world a better place. I'd start with teaching the youth to accept & embrace differences more.

Slavo: Couldn't say it any better myself.

What's your purpose? 

Slavo: To be able to do what we're doing for the rest of our lives. 

Justin: To continue to be inspired and inspire others to pursue creative ventures.

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