Dani Darling

Dani Darling

Dani Darling, aka Soul Galaxy Girl, is a singer/songwriter from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Inspired by the likes of Jamila WoodsAaliyah and Billie Holiday, the artist unveiled her new single entitled “2:22” on November 4th. Produced by Australian producer OBE, the single makes commentary on the effect of modern technology on dating and socializing in 2018.   

Directed by Cylent Media (CyKai), the singer/songwriter has just revealed the visuals for “2:22”.
"How much of modern connection is imagined and how much of it is real? In the video, I wonder whether I've found a fellow dreamer, or just a dream. When you get lost in the music and my world of mood and moonlight, the answer, for the listener, begins to matter less and less," explains Darling. 

“2:22” is off her forthcoming debut EP “Nocturne”, available very soon.

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Introduce yourself. What's your story?  

I'm a whimsical girl with a lot of questions about life and love. I'm a bonafide music nerd, poet and jazzhead. 

Could you describe us your childhood? What were the things you were passionate about? 

As an identical triplet I grew up singing with my sisters and so I was always passionate about performing. It was a charmed life for sure, we were in our own little world writing songs, making up plays, learning to read music, etc. I was very into theater, and always reading a book. I think those three passions formed who I am today.  

Growing up, who did you look up to? 

My big sister Madeline. She loved Sade so I loved Sade. She lived for Whitney Houston so I did too lol. As I got older I discovered Ella Fitzgerald and was obsessed with her vocal style for a very long time. Aaliyah was also a big influence, she was just this iconic black star and it was effortless. 

When did you know you had to become an artist? 

From a very early age. Getting so much attention and feeling so comfortable in the spotlight I kinda always knew I was an artist. Being a solo artist is what came as a surprise, really. On my own I started figuring out how to apply everything I had learned playing instruments and learning music theory to writing my own songs. In a way I had to unlearn the rules to create more freely.

Could you tell us about your first experiences in the music industry? What did you learn from these early experiences? 

My sisters and I made it to the live rounds of X Factor Season One. We were devastated when Simon voted no and our journey was over in mere seconds, in front of all those people, and the lights and cameras. I think that experience, seeing how many hopefuls put so much into a dream that relied so much on a few people who get to validate you or reject you. It got me to thinking that I wanted to do it the right way, so no one could tell me no. I decided I would rather do it step by step, than hope for the miracle of overnight super stardom. 

What gave you the confidence to release your original music? 

I just believed in the song, and felt like the timing was right. I've been working on music for a long time, it was just a matter of when I felt ready to release it. Now that I have a band and we've been performing so much, I felt like my confidence as an artist was finally where it needed to be. 

How would you define Dani Darling, the artist? 

A jazzy, emo songwriter with poetic lyrics and catchy hooks.

You recently revealed your new song "2:22". What's the story behind this song? 

It’s like when you first really like someone and you want to validate a feeling that they could be the one for you. You look for signs that its destiny. When I wrote this song I kept seeing 2:22 on the clocks everywhere and I felt like I was in the right place with the right person in that moment. It just kinda grew from there.

When did you start working on "2:22"? Who did you work with? 

My friend from Austin "OBE" from Australia and I collaborate ever since we met some years ago and just clicked. He sent me this record and I sat down and wrote it in like, an hour. I was in a very creative space, working on music with The Black Opera so it just flowed. I recorded it here in Michigan at Breathe Easy Music Studios.

Could you tell us about the music video? Who came up with the concept? 

Yes! The video was inspired by the film "Her" by Spike Jonze. Its my favorite movie. Not only because of the mood and cinematography, but the way he falls in love with an operating system kind of got me thinking about how relationships are today. There's this show on MTV called "Catfish" where you see people falling in love with an idea and a lot of times it hardly matters if the person on the other end is real. So I collaborated with my friends Cy and Kai to bring the idea of digital love to life. They're a really fantastic duo and do amazing work so I'm super proud of the finished product.

Who's helping you create your visuals? 

Cylent Media (CyKai) 

What does creativity mean to you? 

 A fresh perspective or re-imagining of what already is, because nothing is new. For example, I read this book called "The Girl Who Drank the Moon" and it was sooo good, I really absorbed the concept of this little girl swallowing moonlight and becoming enchanted. It inspired a series of songs and poems about the moon, and the nighttime, etc. That's usually how it works for me. I take in ideas and let them transform organically into something else. 

What inspires you? 

Books do, a lot. Old films like Vertigo and Breakfast at Tiffanys. And I love classic movie musicals like Guys and Dolls, and Carmen Jones.

What do you like the most about being an artist? 

Inspiring others. I love when I look out into the audience and find a face that's feeling a lot as they hear my voice. Or even when there is no audience and I'm playing with my band at rehearsal and we all get into a zone. Those moments are truly sublime. Those moments are what its about.

You are from Ann Arbor, Michigan. What's your favorite thing about Michigan? 

Boats lol. This past summer I spent so much time out on the various lakes in Michigan, and it was so much fun, and so peaceful, and if I could do it everyday I would. The trees and the water are just the best, I love it.

How's the music scene in Michigan? 

Obviously Detroit has a sweet music scene with a lot of talent. I am starting to play there more often and I love it. Coming from Ann Arbor its been a little bit different, there isn't as much room for new artists in Ann Arbor's music scene it is very exclusive to older artists and not as diverse. In Ypsilanti (right next to Ann Arbor) we're seeing the emergence of a music counter culture of some really cool bands, personalities and artists with new ideas. There are venues there that are just a lot more open and its changing the scene.

What defines you? 

My constant search for meaning in the Universe, my love of music, and my constant preoccupation with love. 

Any upcoming project? 

My band and I are going into the studio to work on the songs I wrote that we've been touring with all year, its pretty exciting. It will be a jazzy lo-fi vibe with a soulful pulse.  

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

Asking more questions and not feeling the need to find an absolute answer that isn't fluid. We should all be more open and less rigid.  

What's your purpose? 

Honestly I think my purpose is to spread a message of love and acceptance, and hopefully heal some hearts in the process.

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