MUNDU releases new single "On My Ones"

MUNDU releases new single "On My Ones"

You are back with a brand new single after a year of musical silence. How are you feeling? 

I pretty much feel everything at the moment. Excited, grateful (very grateful), slightly nervous, ready. This new single really represents a checkpoint in my musical journey for me that I'm really proud of reaching, and I'm already excited to explore what's next.

"On My Ones" is the new single. What's the story behind it? 

The single was made at a time when I was learning to love and appreciate myself without anyone else's help, and that is pretty much captured perfectly for me in the song. “On My Ones” is an unapologetic appreciation of self, flaws and all. Even though I speak about it in the context of a breakup, I really think that it can apply to anyone at any stage of their lives.

Could you describe us the songwriting/production process for this song? When did you start working on it? 

The creation process was pretty spontaneous and I find that that's where I make my favourite songs. I had the chord progression in my head for some time last year and everything flowed from there. After laying down the chords, I worked on the drums and then the additional sounds. Once I had a foundation for the song, the concept literally just flowed from me and (after a few tweaks along the way) now we're here. A spontaneous ball of magic!

What made you want to release this particular song as a single? 

Honestly, I love playing my new music to my close friends and manager as soon as I get the chance and the second I played this song, the general consensus was that it was dope as hell! I, then, decided to test it out at my debut headline show and - I kid you not - the second I sang the chorus the first time 'round, the crowd caught on and sang along instantly. Literally, like 20secs into a song that they had never heard before. I've never seen anything like it. That's when I knew that this song was something that could really resonate with humans in a beautiful way.

Could you share your own journey towards self love? 

Man, in all honesty, I think that my personal journey in self-love is a lifelong one. There will always things about myself that I grow to discover and appreciate in different ways. Up until now, I feel like I've been learning more and more about what my purpose is on Earth as both a human and a musician, and I've truly become confident in my ability to continue down my path. For me, it's about understanding the things that make me dope and that things that I want to adjust in my life, and still being able to love myself in every way regardless. Putting my wellbeing first and doing things to ensure that I'm free in every sense of the word. That's self-love to me.

What message do you want to deliver through "On My Ones"? 

The second you begin to love yourself and discover what self-love means to you personally (outside of anyone else's opinion), is the second you tap into a freedom that is beyond amazing. It all starts with you loving yourself, by yourself.

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