tri patterns

tri patterns

tri patterns is an indie pop band from Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Formed by Dawson FreemanNathan Davis and Logan Morrison, the band introduced their indie-pop sound with the song “Shadows”, followed by their debut EP entitled “Feels Like Color”, released on March 2nd 2018. 

Produced by Brandon Owens and Nathan Johnson, “Feels Like Color” paints a 5 track EP showcasing the band’s great musicality and artistry. 

“These songs span over about a 3 year range and mean a lot to us. These were some of the first songs we wrote together, and the way we wrote them varied greatly overtime,” says the band. 

“Feels Like Color” is now available everywhere. 

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What’s the band’s story? 

Dawson and Nathan met in high school in their sophomore year and started writing music after becoming friends. After playing a few small shows on their own and writing for 3 years without releasing anything, they met Logan at church and started practicing for a show with live drums. Everything clicked, he officially joined, and recorded music 8 months later.

What gave you the confidence to form a band? 

Realizing that we were able to make the type of music that we love listening to.

How would you define tri patterns, the band?

Snap crackle pop music.

“Feels Like Color” is your debut EP. Why did you name your EP “Feels Like Color”? Could you describe us the songwriting/recording/production process of this record? Who did you collaborate with?

It started when we were getting mixes of the songs back from our producers and as we listened to them, each one sort of gave us a unique visual and we wanted to find a way to put that visual thought that we got into a simple explanation. We then came across an article online talking about how someone might explain to a blind person what colors are and a way that they approached it was by having them feel different things (ex. Brown: the feeling of mud). We then had this idea that if you can explain a color by a feeling then why not the other way around? Maybe a certain part of life or experience (feeling) is represented by a color. And ultimately we want these songs to give people life.

Usually one of us will write most of the lyrics to a song and we’ll all collaborate on the musical side of things, but that’s not necessarily a rule of thumb. We want to change it up and collaborate with each other as much as possible, which we especially dove into on “Let’s Go” as that is the only track on the EP that wasn’t written before Logan was a part of the process. Recording wise, we wanted everything to be done well and creatively in order to communicate the message of each song best. Our producers Brandon Owens and Nathan Johnson did an incredible job with helping us accomplish that.

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What’s the story behind each song?

(Click on every song title to listen to each song)


This one is about finding something in someone that is unique and stands out from everyone else, and wanting to be in relationship with that person but not knowing how.


A made up story about a girl discovering the beauty she was made with despite what her family, people around her, or society in general may tell her. Basically a story about our high school experience.

“Simpler Times”

A song about going through a difficult experience with someone very dear to you, and trying to tell them much more they are worth than what they believe about themselves.

“Let’s Go”

“Let’s Go” aims communicates exactly what the title says. It’s about being thankful for where you are and where you’ve been, but using that as a launching pad to explore new passions and places and life, and encourage others to do the same.

“What to Be”

The lyrics of “What to Be” are the first ones we ever wrote, and a sort of mission statement for the band. It’s about this calling and dream of music.

What did you learn about yourselves after finishing this EP?

The hard work that’s required to pursue a dream and calling, but also how rewarding it is.

How does it feel to release a project for the first time? 

Like we’re getting something off our chests that we’ve been working on for a long time. It’s also a very vulnerable experience.

What is the first song you ever wrote together? 

“What to Be.”

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Our experiences in life in any given moment or season.

How often do you write songs? 

There’s no consistent schedule, but we are always working on and coming up with new ideas.

How would you describe your sound? 

Guitar driven pop music with both dreamy and gritty elements.

What appeals you the most about music?

It is a nearly universal language that can communicate emotion and a message that is understandable and transcendent of lyrics alone. Being able to use that for good is so exciting to us.

Who’s helping you build your career?

Every fan that supports us, our parents, friends, and BFFs Nathan and Brandon.

You are from Indianapolis. How’s the music scene out there? 

Either very emo or folk, but there’s a great community of people starting to develop and expand. We love being a part of that change. (Nothing against emo or folk music).

Watch the stripped version of “Shadows” here. 

What’s the coolest thing about being in a band? 

Being able to be a part of this era of art and not only express a certain message, but participate with people and invite people into it. We get to create an experience for people.

What do you want to accomplish as a band?

Taking over the world.

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

More real love without conditions.

What’s your purpose? 

To bring people life.

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