Nova Moura

Nova Moura

Nova Moura is an r&b singer/songwriter from Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The artist introduced his sound with the project “Descension, Ramona” - separated in two volumes, Nova Moura unveiled his ability to create stories through vulnerable and honest records. Followed by a few single releases like “Good Plan, Sweetheart”, the Cincinnati-based artist is bringing a fresh sound to the r&b world. 

He is now offering a new single entitled “Gone Girl”. Produced by Florida producer XXYYXX, the singer/songwriter expresses his thoughts and feelings after a separation. 

“It’s one of those explorations of abandonment and what that causes; the thoughts, feelings, and tendencies. The song talks about the freshness of those wounds and the life that those wounds helped to create. It’s also a sort of conversation, I guess, with that person who abandoned me. I wanted to express that the failed relationship wasn’t solely my fault in the hopes that maybe someday she would hear it,” says Nova Moura.

The new single will appear on Nova Moura’s forthcoming EP. “Gone Girl” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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Introduce yourself. Where are you from?

My name is Nova Moura, from Cincinnati, Ohio.

What’s your story? 

I’m not sure what my story is, I suppose. In regards to  music, I started writing music a couple years ago. I released a couple mini EP’s, a few singles and things kinda went from there.

When did you start feeling connected to music? 

I’ve always felt connected to music. I think in the way that it moves and impacts you, it’s one of the most powerful forms of art that there is. 

Do you remember the first record that had a real impact in your life? Which one was it and why? 

I honestly don’t remember the first record that really impacted me. I used to listen to a lot of 90’s music though as a kid. I would just lay in front of my radio on the floor and listen to it for hours. 

When did you decide to become an artist? What did your family and friends think about it? 

I decided to become an artist after watching a bunch of Kanye West interviews. I always knew I was really creative, but Kanye kind of made me believe that I could do it if I wanted to. My family and friends were all super supportive, especially after they heard my first music. I think they kinda realized, "Oh, he actually can do something with this”.

How would you define Nova Moura, the artist? 


You recently released your new single “Gone Girl”. When did you write this song? How would you describe the sound of it? 

“Gone Girl” is actually the very first song that I ever wrote. And oddly enough, those are the original vocals. It’s sort of like a “slow-banger”. It’s mellow but still has some kick to it with the XXYYXX production. 

What made you want to release “Gone Girl” as a single?

I think “Gone Girl” is a good stand-alone song, but I don’t think it’s quite complete enough to find its way onto a full length project. So I figured I can just release it as a single in the meantime.

You worked with XXYYXX on this record. How was it like to work with him?How did you guys meet?

It was awesome to work with XX! We actually never met in person. His manager came across the original version of the song and showed it to XX who became interested in re-working it. He sent me the track within a week or so, and I loved it instantly. 

Listen to “Gone Girl” here. 

In your opinion, what makes a good producer?

It’s difficult to say, because everyone has their own tastes in production. So my tastes in what makes a good producer could be entirely different than someone else’s, but I think universally, a good producer pushes the boundaries of sound. 

What message do you want to convey through your art? 

Honesty, Humanity. 

What does music make you feel? 

Music makes me feel myself. It makes me understand myself better. 

What is the first thing you are looking for when listening to music?

Something different.

As an artist, what is (are) the most challenging thing(s)?

The most challenging thing is staying sane and making the best product you can possibly make. 

What keeps you going?

The destination.

What would you say to anyone who’d like to pursue music as a career? 

Be yourself. No one gives a fuck about your music if you aren’t bringing anything new to the table, and the only way to do that is to be yourself. 

What can you tell us about your forthcoming EP? Who are you currently working with? 

The forthcoming EP is mix of new singles and old singles, compiled into a sort of “in the meantime” type of release. I’m working on a new project now that should be really big. As for who I am working with, myself and my team. Musically, just me. 

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

The world would be a better place if people started to learn things that aren’t taught in school. If people felt more and thought less. 

What’s your purpose?

My purpose is to help people. That is all. 

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