Scottish singer/songwriter/producer Kleopatra revealed her debut single “Cameo” on May 18th. 

The Glasgow-based artist introduces a great authenticity and sincerity with the release of her first project. Inspired by the music industry, “Cameo” paints a brilliant dark-electro-pop record, which already got streamed over 21 000 times on Spotify.

“My inspiration comes from my own life and my passion towards speaking the truth and talking about things that are hard to discuss,” says Kleopatra. 

As the Scottish artist is getting ready to release her second single, you can now stream “Cameo” on all major streaming platforms. 

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Introduce yourself.

I am KLEOPATRA – also known as Kleo – a dark-pop singer/songwriter and producer from Glasgow!

What’s your story?

I began writing songs at age 12 and performing live and recording in studios from fourteen. I started out as a girl with a guitar-type musician, but transitioned to dark/alt electronic music in my late teens. 

When did you start feeling connected to music?

I knew from the age of three that I wanted to be a singer and I just never lost the faith from there. My passion for music has continued throughout my life and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be in the music industry as a musician. 

What gave you the confidence to become an artist?

I always just had the drive to do so, which really helped. But I also had a lot of support from my family – particularly my mum. I was brought up to think that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

How would you describe Kleopatra, the artist?

Kleopatra is bold and fearless – unafraid to address issues in her music that other artists would be.  

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"Cameo” is your debut single. What’s the story behind this record? 

“Cameo" is a song inspired by the music industry - how it can chew you up and spit you out. It is about the people of the industry: the artists and the big machines in charge, the rivals and the comrades; and how the difficulty in discerning between the two can leave you damaged. 

Listen to “Cameo” here. 

You are from Glasgow. What can you tell us about this city? 

Glasgow is an electric and raw city with a HUGE music scene and wealth of creative types – and some of the best people in the world!

How would you describe the music industry in Scotland?

Generally the music industry in Scotland is very good – a lot of people here want to help other people get along and get ahead. We’re all quite a tight community and most artists know each other in some way. 

What do you think of today’s music industry? If you had to change one thing, what would it be? 

I would change the cliquey-ness of the industry. I wish there were more genuine people out there that wanted everyone to succeed and not just their own. 

What’s the hardest thing about being an artist?

The hardest part about being an artist is how much of yourself you have to give away to your craft. Between the music and the people in your life, there isn’t much of you left over for YOU. 

What does music mean to you?

Music is the blood in my veins; and the electricity in my circuitry.  

What keeps you going?

The small things – like: people sending me videos of them listening to my music; or getting messages telling me how much they love the track! It means so much to have people believe in you.  

How would you define yourself?

A girl on a mission to spread the truth about the world through pop-music. 

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

Free health care for all. Free water for all. Free education for all (especially arts related education). 

What do you want to accomplish in this world? 

I want to accomplish my dreams. 

Any upcoming project?

I am releasing another track in about 6 weeks and then following that another track in a couple of months time. 

What’s your purpose? 

I truly believe my purpose is to create. 

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Kris Angelis

Kris Angelis