The Brothers Footman

The Brothers Footman

American band The Brothers Footman unveiled their new single “Lil Mo’ Time” on April 20th. 

Formed by Dikembe, Gerald, Micah, and Joshua Footman, the band introduces their “summa music” through their energetic, catchy and soulful single “Lil Mo’ Time”. 

“Lil Mo’ Time is about not having enough time with our friends, family and loved ones. Life is a rat race and we just need more time! Inspired by life and the challeges it presents. I need some more time because forever is not long enough”, says Joshua Footman.

Signed to Victory Music Buzz, the Indianapolis band is currently on tour and will be releasing new music really soon. 

“Lil Mo’ Time” is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

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Introduce the band. 

We are The Brothers Footman. Dikembe, Gerald, Mike, and Bubby (The four of us are brothers). Zach (lead guitar) and Don (drums) round out the sound (Don is our cousin and we adopted Zach). 

What’s your story? 

We love making music, we love working together and we are driven to get out music out there on a large platform. 

What did you grow up listening to? 

We grew up listening to a lot of Jazz and Gospel. Our parents didn’t allow much else. But when the family would get together (which was often), our aunts and uncles would play and sing. There was always and continues to be a jazzy country feel to the music.

What/who introduced you to the musical path? 

Our parents introduced us to music. Together they were usually in charge of the music in most of the churches we attended. We started to venture out (sneak to listen) to other genres of music.

At what point did you start making music together?  

We started making music together in the fall of 2016. We wanted to see if people even liked the direction we were heading. So after the response that we received, we put the band together about 5 months ago.

How would you define your band? 

We always try to erase the lines that others use to define us. We do “Summa music”…summa this and summa that. 

Tell us about your debut single “Lil Mo’ Time”. What’s the inspiration behind this record? Who did you work with? 

Lil Mo Time” is about just that. There is never enough time to spend in love. It is such a forgotten power. Our label, Victory Music Buzz introduced us to Wes Edmonds, a producer from Memphis. He helped us through mixing and mastering process.

Could you tell us about the music video? How did it come about? 

We really just wanted to do something simple. We set it up as a performance shot and then played all the parts. We have fun together and wanted that to come across in the production of the video.

Watch the “Lil Mo’ Time” video here. 

As a band, how do you complete each other - artistically and musically? 

We are family. There has always been a balance between us.

You are from Indianapolis. How would you describe the music scene out there?  

The music scene in Indy is growing. Becoming much more of a musical community working together to promote good music. Indy is our home and they have been incredibly supportive of our music.

How does Indianapolis impact your creativity? 

Growing up in Indy, everything was so close. There was so much mixing of cultured, lifestyles and music. We wrote and perform a song called "Indiana”, always a crowd favorite on our home turf. 

What message do you want to deliver through your music? 

We are so much more alike and closer in our life experiences than we want to realize.

As a band, what do you want to accomplish? 

We want to continue to write and produce and perform good music. Getting out there and meeting our audience is our goal and delivering music consistently that they want to hear. 

Any upcoming project? 

We started our summer tour this past weekend at an incredible event in Indy called Rev Indy.  

What’s your purpose? 

To keep putting out great music…. The rest of this answer, well it is going to unfold.

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