Wildeor is an alt-folk-rock band from Los Angeles. 

Formed by Megan Brickwood (keyboard and vocals), Mark Bassett (cello) and Caleb Conner (drums), the American band revealed their debut self-titled EP on February 26th. Produced by Bill Lefler, the 5 track EP includes their debut single, “The Devil Makes Three”. 

“The Devil Makes Three” is a great ambassador for us because it combines a lot of things that make us unique in one song, and it’s a lot of fun to listen to. This song is inspired in part by my life growing up in Northern California — there are a lot of references to the wildness of the land that are represent the sense of abandon and freedom in the song. Ultimately it’s about letting go, being a little reckless, and embracing the risks you take as part of an adventure you’re meant to have”, says Brickwood. 

“The Devil Makes Three” is now available everywhere. 

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Introduce the band.

We are an alt-folk-rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. Megan Brickwood on keyboard and vocals, Mark Bassett on cello and Caleb Conner on drums.

What’s the band’s story? How did you guys meet?

I met Mark one day when I was sitting outside the music building at UCLA talking to a friend. Mark knew the person I was talking to and stopped to say hi. I mentioned that I was looking to put a band together and he said, “Well if you ever need a cellist…!” As for Caleb, I reached out to a friend in the UCLA music department who put me in touch with a percussion teacher who put me in touch with some of her students, one of whom was Caleb. We all started playing music together and the rest is history. We’ve been great friends ever since.

When did you start making music together? 

We started doing music together in 2016.

What is the first song you’ve ever written together? 

I actually write the music alone, but the first song we worked on and produced together is Northern County Line.

How would you define Wildeor? 

Our name comes from an Old English word, wilddeor, that means “wild beast.” I think of it as the wild spirit of creativity, that restless thing that stirs in a person’s soul and drives her or him to create something. 

You recently released your self-titled EP. How was it like to record this debut EP? How would you describe the sound of this record? What’s the inspiration behind this EP? 

The EP is a bit of an eclectic mix of songs. Some of them lean more folk and some more rock or alternative, but they all have an intensity and dark mood about them. The recording process was intensive but so rewarding. We were able to really dig in and be creative. In the end we came up with a sound that is mostly organic, with rich string sections and dynamic rhythms, that created a blend of folk, rock and alternative genres that we’re really excited about. 

Who did you work with on this EP? 

Our producer was Bill Lefler. He did an awesome job. The instrumentation featured on the EP was provided mostly by each of us and Bill.

Listen to “The Devil Makes Three” here. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Both from nature and the world around me, and my experiences. I always begin writing from a place of personal truth, and the song evolves from there. 

What would be your definition of music? 

An expression of something that must be said, but words alone are not enough. The melody, rhythm, instruments, give it a different kind of life and elevates the emotion.

What makes a good band? 

I’d say there are quite a lot of things that go into that. Beyond musicianship and mastery of craft, knowing who you are as a band and what you are about. And genuinely liking and supporting your band mates.

How is it like to be a band in a city like Los Angeles? What are the biggest challenges? And what are the best things about it? 

LA is an incredible city. Some of the biggest challenges being here arise from the fact that it’s so flooded with artists. It can make the opportunities that arise quite competitive. But there are still a ton of opportunities, and living in a city of artists means there are a lot of other creative people you can connect with and learn from, as long as you don’t get bogged down by the competitive aspect. 

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Who’s helping you build your career? 

We’ve got a DIY thing going on right now. We’re 100 percent indie. 

What message do you want to deliver through your music?

That truly depends on the song. I hope that a song like “The Devil Makes Three” inspires a sense of freedom and adventure in the listener. I hope that a song like “Slow-Moving Water” provides an emotional release to someone who may be in a dark place. Every song has its own message, but I hope that all of them reach someone on a deeper level. 

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

So many things. But particularly, for people to make more of an effort to understand one another. To be respectful and appreciative of our differences, while seeking and recognizing the commonalities we all share.

Any upcoming project? 

We are currently working on a new single and hope to release that in the next few months.

What’s your purpose?

To live authentically and bravely. To create art that connects with people and try to do some good in the world. 

Connect with Wildeor: 

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Raye Zaragoza

Raye Zaragoza