New York City-based artist Shenna released her new single “Conversation” on July 13th. 

Originally from Virginia, the indie-pop singer/songwriter released her first project “Dream in Color” in 2014, followed by her debut album “Made of Gold” released in 2016. 

The artist received some significant airplay in the U.S and in several countries around the world including Poland, Australia, Ghana, and the U.K. Some of her records have been featured on major TV networks such as Netflix, MTV, Oxygen and more.

Shenna is now offering the pop single “Conversation”. 
“I wrote this song because I feel that a lot of times people avoid telling someone they care about the truth, afraid they will hurt them but in reality it’s hurting both sides by not having a real personal conversation to hash out problems,” says Shenna

“Conversation” is now available everywhere. 

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Introduce yourself. Where are you from? 

Hey! My name is Shenna and I am an Indie-Pop artist/songwriter from Virginia currently based in NYC. Thanks for interviewing me!

What’s your story? 

I started singing at a young age but performing at the age of 7! I started writing and recording with my producer Austin Bello from the band Forever The Sickest Kids ever since my first project ‘Dream In Color EP’. Since then my career and sound evolved and it opened up a lot of awesome opportunities in just a 4 year span from traveling to London, Canada, and across the U.S. and having my music on tv networks such as Netflix, Mtv, Oxygen and more!

When did you realize music was more than just a hobby? 

I have always been a firm believer of giving something your all or not doing it at all. I have always been a strong minded person since a young age so I knew from the start. I would say around 6 it was set in stone that music would be my career path for life.

When did you decide to be an artist? What did your family and friends think? 

I can’t truly remember a time without being an artist. I was very different from the rest of my family because they were highly involved in sports especially basketball and I dreaded every second of it. I was even on the basketball team in High School but had a High School musical moment where I skipped practice to audition for the musical. My mother always encouraged my career and the rest of my family took me more seriously once they saw that I moved to New York to pursue my career to the next level.

You released your first project in 2014. How did you evolve as an artist and as a person? 

I feel when I first started I was a careful artist. I didn’t want to offend anyone with my words and played it safe. Now fast forward to today, my music is very vocal and sends a message! My sound has evolved into my adult voice and I feel very confident in the musician and artist I am today.

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You recently released your new single "Conversation”. What’s the story behind it? 

Yes! “Conversation” is all about having a face to face real talk with someone with no distractions to make sure you are on the same page. I feel that now in days we hide behind computers, cell phones, and word of mouth to let people know how we feel instead of hashing out the problems in person. 

Listen to “Conversation” here. 

What’s the goal for this single? 

I truly just wanted to show my audience that I am much more than just a typical pop artist but also could make songs with a strong message and have a little rnb influence too. I want to engage new listeners and create a music video with a strong statement!

What do you think of today’s music industry? 

I feel it is going through a drastic change where numbers are beating true talent. It always shocks me when I go out to local shows and hear the best artist but due to them not having a budget behind them or a big team they may be hidden from the right people to hear them. In today’s industry, it is all about consistency, engagement, and following the trends but still being true to who you are. All of those things are a challenge but can be achieved.

What do you think of the streaming platforms nowadays? 

I love Spotify! I love that I can discover a new artist with high quality music and material just by listening to a specific playlist!

What do you want to accomplish as an artist? 

I want to have a legendary song that will be played for years to come. I want to give back to others and also show young females especially that anything is possible with faith and hard work. Word of the day “iconic”.

What does it mean to be an artist? 

An artist is an all around creative. Someone who expresses themselves through creating and doesn’t set any boundaries to their expression.

Why do you make music? What keeps you going? 

I make music because it is my expression. It is how I vent and my description of how I view the world and its obstacles and triumphs. I keep myself going by the motivation of my mother, friends back home, and most by those that may have doubt. I love proving people wrong, I think it is the Leo in me.

What are the things you are the most passionate about? 

I am of course passionate about music but also mental health. The world is a scary place and we have to protect ourselves not only physically but mentally. Depression is real so it is important to take days for yourself to clear your mind and recharge. Putting your phone down and spending quality time with the people you love or taking a personal day for yourself is very important.

You are from Woodbridge, Virginia. What can you tell us about the music scene in Virginia? 

Unfortunately the music scene as far as venues and recording studios go out there are non-existent. However, some of the greatest artists I have ever met are from Woodbridge, VA. I am going to create a platform or venue one day in my hometown to give the aspiring artists out there what they truly deserve.

What defines you? 

My individuality defines me and staying true to who I am.

What message do you want to deliver through your art? 

I want to deliver the message to embrace your individuality and that being different is cool. 

What are you currently working on? 

I am working on a music video for “Conversation”, some new dance tunes and a tour!

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

The world would be a better place if jealousy was removed from the world. We spend so much time focusing on others daily routines on social media and it can make someone feel bad about what they are doing and cause jealousy. People usually only show what they want others to see so you never know if that person also feels jealous towards someone else and the cycle keeps repeating.

What’s your purpose? 

Purpose is what you are meant to do in life. Life is too short as we all know so follow you dreams, your purpose, and make a difference.

Connect with Shenna: 

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