Rizzy Entario

Rizzy Entario

English artist Rizzy Entario released his latest single “Bad B” on June 29th. 

Hailing from East London, the hip hop artist unveiled his debut single “Wavey” earlier this year. Influenced by artists like Mostack, Not3s and J Hus , the English artist is now introducing the new hit single “Bad B” which will be followed by an EP, to be released later this year.

Premiered on GRM Daily, the “Bad B” music video has already reached over 28 000 views on Youtube. 

“Bad B” is now available worldwide. 

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Introduce yourself. 

My names Rizzy Entario and I am a musical artist. 

What’s your story? 

I was born in Newham and spent some of my childhood in Newham then at the age of 7 I moved to Woodford, then at the age of 13 I moved to Chelmsford Essex. 

Tell us a little bit about your childhood. Do you remember your first musical memory?

As a child I always loved music my dad tells me even at the age of 2 years old I used to bop my head to music all the time in the car, also around 5-6 years old I had made a song and recorded it in the studio, obviously it was a joke lol.

When did you decide to be an artist? Was it an easy choice to make?

My peers got me into music because growing up I always had the passion for it but never took it into account until people started telling me I was really good and could possibly go far, also I have seen other UK artists that were in the same position as me now growing to be massive artists and making a living from doing music, I would say it was an easy choice.

How would you define Rizzy Entario, the artist? 

Rizzy Entario is an artist that loves to make music you can dance to. I also don’t take lyrics too strictly although you can hear that I am very skilled in terms of being able to write lyrics and rap, music is all about the vibe for me. 

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You recently released your new single “Bad B”. What’s the story behind this record? 

The story behind ‘Bad B’ is basically I’m feeling a girl and I feel as if she is good enough to meet my family. I want to take her out on dates and get to know her, spoil her and give her everything she wants and show her finer this in life.

Watch the “Bad B” video here.

What message do you want to deliver through your music? 

There is no particular message I deliver through my music. I write songs depending on how I’m feeling there and then.

How would you describe East London? How does this city influence your music? 

East London is a nice but hard place to live in because a lot of people around here are struggling and sometimes you see things that as a kid you shouldn’t see, it influences my music by making me want to work harder and not to be in a struggle like the people I see every day.

How would you define hip hop? 

Hip hop is a way for people to express themselves also hip hop is not so serious it allows artist to be free and experiment with different styles.

What’s your point of view on today’s music industry? 

Today’s music industry is very privileged because back in the day it was way harder to blow but the scene has grown to a point where everybody has a chance to be successful which is a very beautiful thing.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

My inspiration in my music is from a couple other UK artists such as Mostack and Mist, the reason for this is because they both came up from nothing and now have been able to live up to there goals and dreams, which is very inspiring to me.

Why do you make music? What keeps you going? 

I make music because I genuinely enjoy doing it, also it allows me to express myself and showcase my talent to a wide variety of people. Also, I’m someone who didn’t really do well in school and teachers thought nothing of me, which drives me to prove to them that I’m more than what they said I would/could ever be.

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

In my personal opinion, what would make the world a better place is if people stop being so negative, jealous, selfish etc because there is more of those things in the world than there is kindness. If there was more giving and kind people, the world would be more able to unite into one.

Any upcoming project?

There is an upcoming project, I’m working on an EP. Hopefully all goes well and the fans enjoy the bangers. I’m currently still trying to figure out a name for the project.

What’s your purpose? 

My purpose in life is to make sure that my family, friends (close ones) are all comfortable especially my parents. Because they made my childhood very easy for me, so I feel it’s only right for me to return the favour.

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