Pet Fangs

Pet Fangs

American band Pet Fangs revealed their new single “Bitch, Baby.” on May 25th. 

Formed by Joe Stark (vocals, guitar), Jory Cordy  (Bass), Ben Alleman (Keys), Dave Stark (Drums), the New Orleans band offers an authentic garage pop sound through innovative records inspired by the likes of Prince and T Rex.

“Bitch, Baby.” was written in celebration of women and as a love letter to singer Joe Stark’s wife, who was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after the song was written. 

The American band is currently working on their debut album, to be released this fall. 

“Bitch, Baby.” is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

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Introduce yourselves.

Hi Music Lift! Joe Stark here.. I sing and play guitar Pet Fangs. Thanks for having us. My bandmates are:
Jory Cordy (Bass)
Ben Alleman (Keys)
Dave Stark (Drums)

What’s the story’s band?

We are all from New Orleans and been in different bands with one another at a few points over the last 8 years. We decided to get together and form Pet Fangs about 2 years ago.

When did you start making music together? 

David and I are brothers so we’ve been playing together since we were little kids. Pet Fangs started out by writing and recording at our studio and have been busy with that process since then.

At what point did you know you had to form a band? 

Probably in that studio situation. We went in to collaborate as a “see what happens” process and we got really inspired. Everything felt new and exciting and we decided to keep it going. We named the band after our pet snake that we call Fangs.

What’s the first song you’ve ever recorded together? 

This song called “Candy Baby” which will be out on our full length album.

Do you remember your first show as a band? When was it?

Yes. Despite the cerveza intake, I can remember most of them. It was in Mobile Alabama at this venue called The Steeple. I remember being nervous AF but we felt like we won the rock and roll Wimbledon when we finished.

What lessons did you learn since then?

I think we have learned how to open up the songs more since then. And just gotten a lot more confident in the delivery.

How would you define Pet Fangs?

We call our music “garage pop” and my favorite description that I’ve ever heard was when a friend said “it sounds like the inside of a unicorn’s ass”… I think that was a compliment!

You recently released your new single “Bitch, Baby.” What’s the story
behind this record? Who did you work with? 

The song came together over two days at our studio. The music was inspired by some of our more pop influences. We do everything ourselves, with production / writing / engineering assistance from the incomparable sonic guru, Justin Tocket. Him, myself, and Dave finished the song at Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana.

What message did you want to deliver though this record?

That we want you to dance with us while I explain that I’m my wife's "Ride or Die Bitch, Baby.“

Listen to “Bitch, Baby” here. 

How did your sound evolve over the years?

It’s constantly evolving. We always are pushing ourselves to explore new musical territory and we never put any rules on ourselves during that creative process.

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Where does your inspiration come from?

Life. Sex. Music. Film. Books. Etc.

What advices would you give to young bands? 

Hang in there if you really feel like what you are doing is great. Be tough on yourself in regards to the art and the performance. Or maybe just, "good fucking luck, it’s gonna be rough”.

What makes a good band? 

Diplomacy… We are still trying to figure that one out!

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

If all the racist, sexist and violent people in the world would stop being that way.

What are you currently working on? Any upcoming project? 

We are working on putting out a full length album this fall and playing some amazing shows.

What’s your purpose? 

To spread sexy, hippy, lovey - dubby sonic vibrations across the
entire universe.

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