Percival Elliott releases new single "I'm Yours"

Percival Elliott releases new single "I'm Yours"

Can you talk about your new single “I’m Yours”? What’s the story behind it? Where did you get the inspiration? Who wrote/produced the record?

Sam: “I’m Yours” is the story of the obsession, desperation and how you can devote yourself to somebody so much that you actually lose your mind. I sent Olly a piano riff early one morning after a night out (Sometimes the best songs start with a hangover). Olly then ran with the concept. The track was self produced, mixed and mastered by the band at The Foundry studios.

Olly: Yea that was a pleasant early morning mail from my comrade Sam. I’m sure he was singing about the love affair he had with the gin the night before. he sent me such a great hook, it sorta lead the way to a good pop song.

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How was it like to shoot the music video? Who came up with the video concept? 

Sam: Strangely we had written the video concept prior to writing the song. We loved the idea of the audience observing the undoing of two people; not knowing how or why they are in the situation you find them. We worked very closely with the director Alex Fountain who really got what we were trying to achieve with the song and video and really can’t thank the team behind the video enough.

Olly: Our first Narrative video… It’s almost a short film. The day just worked, amazing crew and as for Alex Fountain, he really is some talent. I would suggest you remember his name as I can see big things happening with this young man.

Watch the “I’m Yours” video here. 

Any upcoming project?

Sam: We have one more single to release and then the album.

Olly: We got something pretty special up our sleeve for the last single. Very much looking forward to putting out this album.

Any upcoming gigs?

Sam: We are playing Victorious Festival on Saturday 24th, Southsea Beach Café 6th September, Fratton Road Festival 18th September.

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

Sam: If people took the time to open their hearts to each-other. 

Olly: Yea what Sam said said.. Let’s lose the greed and find some love. Us humans have never needed it more than now. We must open our eyes and save our souls.

“I’m Yours” is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

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