Matt Legrand

Matt Legrand

Matt Legrand is an American singer/songwriter from Chicago who recently released his new single “12:00AM”.

After getting his first experiences in various rock bands during high school, the pop singer/songwriter is now introducing his solo project with the catchy pop record “12:00AM” produced by Grammy Award Winning producer Elvis “Blac Elvis” Williams (Fergie, Usher, Lil Freak, Beyoncé). 

“I know it won’t cure a serious illness or stop world hunger but if it can brighten up someone’s day then I’ve done what I was called to do. I’d love for “12:00AM” to be successful so I can keep releasing new music. Love it or hate it, this is me and I love do to it,” expresses Legrand. 

“12:00AM” is now available. 

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Introduce yourself. 

Hey everyone! My name is Matt LeGrand and I’m a recording artist from Chicago, IL. 

What’s your story?

I was born in Chicago and then moved to France when I was only a couple of months old. I lived there for 6 years before my parents decided to divorce and I moved back to the United States with my mother and brother. French was my first language so I sometimes feel like that’s where I was born. My family is a little bit all over the planet so I’m lucky to say that I have a little piece of my heart all over the world. I started to get interested in music at the age of 11 when my mother took me to my first concert! I’ve been studying ever since. 

When did you start writing/recording songs? 

I started writing when I was about 18 years old. I was a part of a couple different rock bands throughout high school. Playing lots of music influenced by Green Day and Blink-182. I remember the first time I ever got to be in a recording studio. The band I was playing with at the time signed up to do a battle of the bands and we got 2nd place overall. Our prize was 3 hours of recording time in some guys basement! It’s crazy to think where I am today. 

When did you know you wanted to become an artist? What did your family and friends think about this decision? 

I knew during high school that this is what I wanted to pursue. Subconsciously though, I’ve known for a long time. I was known for picking up new hobbies and getting really good at them until I’d quit and pick up a new one. Though music was always a constant. It was something I always came back to. It was the most consistent thing for me and I really couldn’t picture myself doing anything else. There was definitely some confusion at first with my family but they are behind every step now!

What gave you the confidence to make the music you are making today?

The faith and the persistent hard work. The willingness to stay open and try new things. The self forgiveness for making a mistake. Believing in something greater and much more powerful than myself brings me peace. With that peace comes a cool and collected confidence!

You’ve worked with Elvis “Blac Elvis” Williams on your single “12:00AM”. How was it like to work with him? How did you guys meet? 

Elvis was lots of fun to study. His discography speaks for itself and I’m grateful to have his name be attached with mine. It was a natural and organic feeling being in the studio with him. “12:00AM” was written and recorded in only 3 hours. I wish I had spent some more time but I know we have many more things to work on. Record Executive Bryant Reid, formerly with Laface Records and Atlantic Records brought Elvis to the project. That’s how we met.

How was the writing/recording process like for this particular record? 

Like I said in the last question, the song took only 3 hours to complete which is quick. It just flowed. Ideas were coming out like lightning strikes that seemed to bounce all over the room. It truly was a fun day!

Listen to “12:00AM” here. 

What inspires you? 

For me inspiration is all over the place. When I’m in tune with my surroundings I can draw from anything. Seeing an act of kindness or seeing a person that lives in the streets, it’s all around me and it’s part of my mission to tell the story. To create a story thats relatable so I’m able to connect with my audience. Connection is what inspires me the most. It gives me a sense of purpose.

You are based in Chicago. How do you like living out there? What do you like the most about this city? 

Chicago is my home. It’s got the most of my heart out of any other place in the world. Chicago is a place that I can unplug and just relax. My health is and always will be my first priority and being in the chaotic yet beautiful business that I’m in, it’s important for me to know that I have this city. It’s my comfort zone. A Chicago summer is what I like most about this city. The brutal winters make the summers so much more worth it!

What can you tell us about the music scene in Chicago? 

It’s fantastic! Chicago can be hit by a tsunami and you’ll still be able to find live music somewhere in the city. It’s always vibrant and happening even during the frigid winters. My favorite venue is a blues bar called Kingston Mines. My brother is a very talented guitarist and he started playing there when he was only 14. I’d watch him all the time and sit in envy. It’s a great time to visit or move to Chicago!

What are the things you are passionate about?

Well first and foremost my music is something that has a strong hold on my heart. It’s what gives me a purpose and I do believe that it’s what I am meant to do. I’m passionate about growing my company MXM Entertainment and the philanthropy work that it’s embarking on. One of our missions is to provide a safe and non judgmental environment that promotes creative expression. Bringing the best out of people while changing challenges into strengths. By getting more involved in our local communities and partners all over the world, we can have a better understanding to what is needed in our human spirit. We also just helped the fight against AIDS by giving our hand to the (RED) Foundation. We are excited about forming a relationship with Feed My Starving Children, which is an organization aimed towards ending world hunger! We also stand with those effected by mental illness/addiction, the LGBTQ community, equality for all, and much more. I’m passionate about learning what happens when the mind, body, and spirit all work as one and the way we balance faith and logic. I’m starting to figure out that a good balance of both works beautifully!

What keeps you going? 

Knowing that there is so much to be done. I don’t look at my career as a “career” but more of a mission. There is so much music to be created. There is so much love yet to be given. The fans! Those who support my vision is a gift that I don’t take for granted. I’ve gotten to the position that I’m in right now because I’ve been loved unconditionally and that is what I tend to reflect back.

What do you like the most about music? 

Freedom. I highly value my freedom. To creatively express myself in anyway that I’d like to is like giving a dog a dog treat. Each emotion tells a story and each feeling is a valid one, as long as it is true. The door is open to anyone and there will always be a fan of something. I am fascinated by melody and the fact that there are only 12 musical notes that exist. Why aren’t there more? I’m amazed at how music brings us close and helps us understand each other even if our cultures don’t exactly operate the same way. Music will continue to break our hearts and mend them back together. It will continue to shape who we are and through that we might find a new understanding of how we fit into the society that we live in.

What defines you? 

I am not defined by what I say nor what I do but rather how I do it. How do I choose to live my life? Up tight and resentful or humorous and peaceful. I say that only because I don’t always say the right thing nor do I even do the right thing. We all make mistakes and sometimes we all live in our heads rather than in our hearts. I feel that it’s all about the way we choose to deal with it. How do we react? Do we sit, pout, and lash out with anger? Or do we own up to our faults and choose to live with some vulnerability. Do we choose to focus our time and energy on negativity or positivity? These are questions that I ask myself to help find a definition for myself. This is a simple yet powerful question and the best way I can answer it is by saying this. The bravest of hearts choose to love when all of it seems to vanish, to find hope when engulfed by darkness, to forgive when crossed, and to dream beyond measures. I try my best to be a brave heart and I continue to redefine myself everyday. Ask me the same question tomorrow and I might have a different answer!

What are you currently working on? 

Tons of things! The team and I are getting ready to break this all open. I am promoting my current single right now called “12:00AM.” The next 6 months are going to be very important. We are putting together an EP Album which is going to include a great variety of new and experienced producers. You can also expect an exciting feature! Music videos, merchandise, partnerships, and of course performances!

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

The world is already a beautiful place. It doesn’t need anything else. It’s a self sufficient planet and its fine on its own! We’re the ones that came and harmed it. LOL. On a more serious note, if people can be more open I think this place would drastically change. I believe that it’s our nature to love and be loved. To help where help is needed. To make mistakes and learn. To keep creating. I feel that we’re all given unique talents for a very specific purpose and thats to help and learn from one another. On the subject of world peace and the timeless conflict between Good and bad, I think that battle will never cease. Its been going on since the beginning of time and will continue forever but I feel in my heart that there is more good than evil in this world and that’s enough to restore my faith in this place. Be kind and laugh as much as you can. I feel like we try to do too much sometimes.

What’s your purpose? 

To spread Light, Love, Peace and Joy in anyway I can. 

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