English artist Malv released his debut single “Too Much Sauce” (Ft. Rich Love) on April 13th. 

The 22 year old artist started his career as a producer and worked with various artists such as T Mulla, Baseman, Afro B. and Not3s (“Addison Lee”). 

Signed to J.O.A.T Music Group, Malv is now introducing the promising debut single “Too Much Sauce” which premiered on Link Up TV. 

The single is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

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Introduce yourself. 

My name is MalvOnTheTrack, I’m a 22 year old artist/producer from Hackney, East London.

What’s your story? 

I grew up in the Homerton district of Hackney, raised by my mother and older sister. I was around a lot of violence, drugs, gangs but as I got older I began to focus more on my talents which were art, design, music, photography and story writing. When I was 12 I came across some music software called Fruity Loops Studio and that was how I started learning how to make beats. Over time I improved and by my first year at University I met and artist called T Mulla and I became his producer and he then introduced me to JOAT Music Group. It was at the JOAT Studio where I met Not3s on numerous occasions and it was also there where the idea of his breakthrough single “Addison Lee” was birthed.

What defines you?

I feel my music and being from Hackney defines me. Only being from Hackney has shaped a lot of my character and my music shows all elements of my character.

What/who introduced you to the musical path?

I introduced myself to the music path because I’ve always liked music and I was always intrigued by vocals and sounds and instruments, so I just knew at some point I was going to be in the world of music.

At what point did you know you had to pursue music as a career?

It was when I began to work with a lot of artists and my name was getting around as a producer, that’s when I knew it made sense to actually be a musician.

What gave you the confidence to make the music you are making today?

The confidence comes from knowing that my personality is what’s in my music, considering I’m actually a shy person.

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Tell us about your single "Too Much Sauce”. What’s the story behind it? 

The vibe of the track just comes from having fun and just from personal experience of having Too Much Sauce. Me and Rich Love were in the studio one night vibing to some beats I made, then we came across one that had a bounce we all felt and we began freestyling random lines. After 10 minutes I came up with the chorus then recorded it, then we just freestyled the verses and within an hour the track was done.

How was it like to work with Rich Love on this record?

It was nothing new because they’re usually with me at the studio and we all grew up together as well so it was just a natural vibe.

Watch the “Too Much Sauce” video here. 

What message do you want to deliver through your music?

I just want people to enjoy my music and connect with it.

Do you remember the first song you’ve ever written? What was it about? 

I think the first song I ever wrote was about my life in Hackney.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I get my inspiration from music I like listening to and what ever feeling I get when I listen to a beat.

As an artist, what’s the biggest challenge?

I think the biggest challenge is having your own identity and not having people say you sound like another artist or copying another artist.

What keeps you going? 

My love for music is what keeps me going.

You live in London. How does this city impact your creativity?

It impacts it heavily because of how multicultural London is. It allows me to be able to connect with people of different backgrounds and learn things and include it in my music.

Any upcoming project?

I have another single coming soon called ‘007’ and E.P called 'Pardon The Sauce’.

What’s your purpose?

My purpose is to make people feel good through my music.

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