Lost Stars

Lost Stars

American band Lost Stars released their new single “Whip Me” on June 22nd. 

Formed by Trey Warner (guitar), Charley Holden (guitar), Damian Malnar (vocals/key), the Nashville band is an alternative pop band influenced by the likes of the 1975 and Imagine Dragons. 

The band released their debut EP “Dreaming In The Park” in 2016, introducing their unique pop sound. 

Produced by the band and James Ennis, “Whip Me” introduces a catchy record combining today’s pop sound with the sound of the 80s. 
“Whip Me” is an opportunity for us to connect with new people around the world and explore new musical inspirations. Every single song we release has different meanings and intentions. With “Whip Me” in particular, we just want to make you smile, get out of your comfort zone, let loose a little, get up and dance, and feel confident.  This new song is also an opportunity for people to see a new, fun, goofy side of us,” says the band. 

“Whip Me” is now available worldwide. 

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Introduce yourselves.

Trey Warner – guitar 

Charley Holden – guitar

Damian Malnar – vocals/ key

What’s the band’s story? How did you guys meet? 

I (Damian) met Charley back when I was going to high school in Kansas City.  We played together in an alt rock band, but eventually I would move to Nashville to go to college. A couple years later, Charley also decided to move to Nashville, and his college roommate was Trey.  We started hanging out all the time, playing together around town, helping each other record and produce other artist projects, and that would eventually lead to us forming Lost Stars.

What’s the first song you’ve ever recorded together? 

The first song we ever recorded together was “American Dream”, the third track on our debut EP.  We actually weren’t even a band at that point. I was initially going to try pursuing a solo career. But, it was that recording session that changed everything. We enjoyed everything that we were doing together so much that we decided to form Lost Stars from it.

How do you work together? Could you describe us your songwriting process? 

We’re still figuring out our process. Each song is an entirely different animal.  Sometimes it starts with a lyrical idea, sometimes a melody, sometimes a guitar part. It’s always changing. I think we’re still learning how to write together too.  It’s a relatively new thing for us as a band, and we don’t have a particular strategy. 

As a band, how do you complete each other? 

I think I’m a pretty quiet/introverted guy, and I take things pretty seriously.  Charley and Trey bring me out of my shell quite a bit. I think it helps me step out of my comfort zone, and it has really helped improve my live show performances.

How would you define Lost Stars? 

In Trey’s words: Lost Stars are stars that are not gravitationally bound to any galaxy. That’s how we feel about what genre we are!  Don’t try and label us man : ) 

In Charley’s words: I’m not too good with astronomy, but I’d probably say “missing gas giants”.

In Damian’s words: The goal for Lost Stars is to be a raw, honest immersion into the human experience (joy, fear, anger, excitement, sorrow, love, regret, loss, hope, depression, sexuality)  We take all forms of pop music, whether it’s rock, alternative, dance, indie, or r&b, and combine with lyrics that are about true experiences and sincere emotions.  

What made you want to name your band Lost Stars? 

The name was inspired by the characters Kiera Knightly and Mark Ruffalo played in the movie “Begin Again”, and it’s the name of the song Kiera Knightly’s character writes in the movie. I personally have strong emotional connection with those characters and their journey throughout the film.  You should check it out if you haven’t!  

Or according to Trey: Space is dope. 

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You recently released your new single “Whip Me”. What’s the story behind this record? Who did you work with? 

We wanted to write a sexy song so we did : ) I think every song we record has its own special purpose.  For “Whip Me”, it was a chance for us to write something fun and adventurous compared to our previous recordings.  Something more tongue in cheek. We recorded and produced “Whip Me” with our very talented friend, James Ennis. I think he really helped us develop a record with a nice clean modern pop sound that’s paired with some good 80s nostalgia. The glam pop grandeur and infectious dance grooves of the 80s were a big influence on this release.  The music of the 80s has a profound influence on us as musicians, and we wanted to blend sounds from that decade with modern influences from our generation.

Listen to “Whip Me” here. 

How would you define Pop music? 

I think pop music is more elusive than it’s ever been. We’re living in a time where pop music is the intersection of rock, hip hop, singer songwriter, EDM, R&B, country, and alternative. Anything can be pop music. All you need to do is take these elements, combine them in a unique way, share a compelling experience or story, and have a great hook. It’s so simple and so complex all at the same time, and that’s what makes it exciting.  

How’s it like to live in Nashville? What do you think of the music scene out there? Any local artist(s) you’d like to recommend? 

Nashville is a very fun city to live in. There’s always something cool going on around town, but it still has the charm of a town or suburb. I think there are very exciting times ahead for the music scene in Nashville. Especially with pop and rock music.  We’ve got a lot of talented people moving in from New York, Chicago, LA, Atlanta, Austin, etc. Some local artists I’d definitely check out are Quinn Lewis, Forest Fire Gospel Choir, Stephen Day, and Tia Scola. Garrett Moshier is a great up and coming jazz-pop singer who also shreds, check him out for sure. Also there’s a really new alternative band called Kios that has released some awesome stuff.

What do you like the most about going on tour?

Meeting new people. Nothing is more exciting than connecting with someone in another part of the world through music. I love hearing people’s stories and getting to know new fans. It helps us build a community, and we love our fans.  

In your opinion, what makes a good show? 

Damian: Emotional connection. You can have amazing songs. You can be amazing musicians. You can even do crazy shit on stage. But my most memorable concert experiences were the ones where the artists created an intimate connection with everyone in the crowd through engaging the audience, sharing their story and personality, and being honest and genuine.  

Trey: For us? I always feel satisfied if I can look out at the audience and tell we are connecting with at least a few people. I want to leave people feeling inspired in some way. Same for shows I go to, I want to leave feeling inspired.

Charley: David Blaine : )

What do you want to accomplish as a band? 

We’d love to tour around the world, maybe get some of our music in a film or two some day, maybe win some awards, who knows?!  But what’s really important is having a positive impact on people.  And writing at least one song as good as Seven Nation Army. 

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How do you want to be remembered for? 

Damian: I just want to be remembered for being good to others. It’s something I want to continue to get better at. Life is so short. The best use of your time is to fill it with love.

Charley: My photogenic memory. I smile a lot. 

Any upcoming projects?

We may have more new music in the works. ;) Stay tuned!

What’s your purpose?

I think my purpose is to use music as a platform to remind people that they belong. No matter where you are in life, there’s a place for you. You matter.  You’re important. And we can be friends! :)

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