American band KARMIC released their new single “Warriors” on March 16th. 

Formed by Laura BaruchKylee Katch and featuring producer/DJ/drummer Samuel Murphy and producer/multi-instrumentalist Peter Kastner, the electronic pop band delivers a female empowerment record through this new single “Warriors”. 

Signed to Bad Owl Records, the Los Angeles band has toured around the U.S and Europe, including recurrent performances at SofarSounds LA which helped them expand their fanbase. 

The band will be revealing new music in the next upcoming months. 

“Warriors” is now available everywhere. 

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Introduce the band. 

Laura, Kylee, Peter and Sam. We are KARMIC. 

How did you meet? 

Kyle, Peter and I met at music school. We all went to the Los Angeles College of Music. Sam and Peter met on a gig. 

When did you know you had to form a band? 

When we all came together for a writing session. We loved the song we wrote and we all just flowed really well together. 

How long have you been working together? 
2 years now.

What gave you the confidence to create KARMIC and make the music you’re making today? 

We all just have this natural drive and passion in us. We want the same thing and that is to be able to create music and make a living off of it.  

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Could you tell us about your new single “Warriors”? What’s the story behind this record? 

We are really inspired by what is happening around us and what is going on in the world today. This female movement is very important to us and we are very grateful to be apart of it. We hope this song will help spread the message world wide. 

How did the recording process go? 

We record and produce everything our selfs and everything came out really smoothly.  

What makes this record different from your previous records? 

This one has a very important message that is close to our hearts. It’s defiantly an anthem for female empowerment. 

Listen to “Warriors” here.

How would you define KARMIC? 

Powerful and conscious music that makes you feel good  

What message do you want to deliver through your music?

A positive one that moves you and makes you think. 

As artists, where do you get your inspiration from? 

Nature, art, what’s happening in the world, the people that are in our lives. Our own issues that we have to deal with. 

In your opinion, what makes music so special? 

Music is healing when you listen, write and play it. You can collaborate with others and everyone adds in their own unique color. When we are playing live the audience can hear and feel that. It’s pretty powerful. 

What vision do you have for your own art?

To keep putting out music and making art and videos that go with it that inspire people. 

How does Los Angeles help you build your career?

There are a lot of cool venues in this city and we have been starting to play a lot more live shows here.  Communities like SoFar Sounds have been really helping us  build our fan base here. We had a residency with them in January, to kick off 2018. 

You’ve performed several times at SoFar Sounds LA. How did these intimate live experiences shape you as performers? 

It really helps improve our live performance because we really have to strip down our sound. We love how intimate the shows are because everyone in the room are listening.  

Watch KARMIC performing “Higher Self” at Sofar Los Angeles. 

What do you like the most about performing? 
Feeling the energy from the audience. 

What advices would you give to those who’d like to pursue their dreams? 

Never give up.

Any upcoming projects? 

Releasing more singles in the next up coming months and planning more tours. 

What’s your purpose? 

To inspire, heal and spread the love through our music.

Connect with KARMIC:

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