Jules Rendell

Jules Rendell

English singer/songwriter Jules Rendell released her new album “Imagine” on April 17th. 

Produced by Feranmi Oguns (Jake Isaac, Josh Record) and Bastian Testori from OL Music, Rendell offers an electro-classic-soul new album. After the releases of her previous singles “Old Friend” and “Let Go”, Rendells unveiled a third single entitled “The Return” on May 4th. The 10 track record came out of her own mental health battles, offering inspiring and heartfelt records with important messages. 

“Through my own mental health struggles, I’ve learned a lot about using my own imagination as a positive force for my life. I’ve had to change the way I think to push through the barriers of low self worth to even make this album. Each song is a reminder to myself for how to keep healthy in my mind; whether it be my self-talk, rest, letting go of fear or staying connected to friends.”

“Imagine” is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

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Introduce yourself.

Hey! My name is Jules Rendell. I’m a singer songwriter, living in London. I’ve just released an album called Imagine. I like peanut butter and apple on hot cross buns. I love English Breakfast tea (with rice milk - I’m 95% vegan, lol), my husband Oly, swimming in the sea and being warm enough to wear flip flops.

What’s your story?

These things give me life: singing, performing, creating, laughing, friendship. I’m blessed to do the first three things for a living and the last two things as a result of the first three :-)

When did you start feeling connected to music?

My first vivid memory of being connected to music is sitting in a cold church looking up at the choir loft and wishing I could be up there singing. I was always drawn to the piano in my Nan’s house too which she always let me bash about on, despite my sisters’ complaints!

What did you grow up listening to? 

My Dad’s vinyl collection of Motown and soul. I was in love with Anita Baker’s Rapture album and Luther Vandross. Plus the inevitable boy bands every girl gravitates towards.

At what point did you realise that music was more than just a hobby?

When I told my Dad on the way to a cello lesson that I wanted to be a full time musician. I was 15 or 16. He told me Mozart died in poverty! Haha. But thankfully all my family are really supportive of my career.

Watch the “Old Friend” video here. 

When did you decide to pursue music as a career?

Once I went to music college, there would have never been a different option for me. The story would play out one way or another. I studied opera when I was there but quickly realised the classical scene wasn’t for me. Then it was just a matter of deciding which area of music would provide the rent money!

What was the biggest challenge when you first started?

Getting over my fear. In fact, that is still a constant challenge. Fear of failure and embarrassment. I’ve always hated auditions and on-the-spot things. but every fear leaves when you just get on with it.

What gave you the confidence to make the music you are making today?

My friends telling me they were excited about the music I was going to make. I was in such a hole at the beginning of the writing process for the album. Without my friends (and my Kickstarter supporters), I may well have given up! To hear that people were actually excited about my music before it was made was incredible.

How would you define your music?

Electro-classic-soul - basically soulful pop songs with an electronic twist. And an extra twist of singer songwriter. I hope that my songs encourage people and help people engage with their emotions as well as bring some joy. They certainly aren’t depressing songs.

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You recently released your new album “Imagine”. What’s the inspiration behind this record?

The album came out of my own mental health battles. Each song is a key to maintaining good mental health… whether it be leaning on your friends or letting go of fear and perfectionism, taking time to rest or using your positive words to change realities.

Why did you name your album “Imagine”?

The spoken word interlude is called “Imagine”. Health starts in the mind and our imagination is a massive force for good - or bad. A lot of people talk about the power of your words to bring good things into being, but you have to also change your beliefs. You can use your imagination to change your default actions - you can imagine yourself being calm in difficult situations, you can imagine yourself smashing your new job interview or scoring that goal. You can also imagine how you’re gonna get back at your boss or win the next argument with your partner. One will make you feel good, the other one won’t! 

You worked with OL music for this record. How was it like to work with them? How did you guys meet?

Wow, OL Music are amazing. Féz played drums on my last EP, The Lotusbloom and we stayed friends from then. He is so so creative and great to work with. Bastian came in on post production and totally brought the music to a whole new level. They blew me away with the epic-ness of the sound.

In your opinion, what makes a good producer?

Good question! Communication, empathy, faith and talent. Féz and Bastian listen to a lot of music so they know what is current but they can also really play. All the talent in the world means nothing if you can’t communicate with the artist though, and you need empathy - artists can be really sensitive about their music. What I loved about working with Féz is that no stone we hit in the road bothered him. He had faith that everything would work out, and it always did. So making the music was a really positive experience.
Being honest though, it isn’t always about the producer. The artist has a responsibility to bring that same vibe to the table. A producer is also an artist and may have all the same insecurities! The producer - artist relationship is a sensitive and vulnerable one, you’ve gotta look after it :-)

Watch “The Return” video here. 

How did your sound evolve since your first release?

I love my last EP, The Lotusbloom. It is a much more instrumental vibe - five musicians in a room type-thing (which is was - that’s how it was recorded). Working with OL Music was a different experience and I love how current it sounds - it reflects the city I live in. Right now, I’m sitting in my garden - I can hear the planes overhead, the cars on the road beeping, the sound of my laptop keys, next doors’ radio playing and a few birds. I wanted those sounds to be the pinpoint of the album, that I would sing the song of the land I live on.

How is it like to live in London? What inspires you the most about this city?

I love London! I love the diversity, the art, the fast pace, the thought that anything can happen here. There’s so much talent and opportunity. Plus it’s the warmest and sunniest place in Britain. There are many downsides living here too but the good stuff helps you ignore them ;-)

What message do you want to deliver to the world?

Kindness is everything. Did you know that when you are kind to someone else, it’s scientifically proven that you will feel better? That’s amazing! But most importantly, you have to be kind to yourself. That can be quite hard!

What’s your purpose?

My purpose in life is to bring joy to people wherever I go. I love helping people to see things from a different perspective, bring solutions to problems and raise up people’s faith levels. I’m hoping my music does that, and that people leave my gigs feeling a lot happier!

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