English band Hydrocele released their latest single on May 18th. 

After the releases of widely acclaimed previous singles “The Shapeshifter”, “Content With Concise” and “What You Looking At”, the band is back with a brand new single entitled “Broken Truth and Honesty” produced by Pete Dowsett

“Lyrically “Broken Truth and Honesty” started with us being fed up of writing about true events about a standard breakup. We wrote a story around a relationship that ends in a more extreme manner. Musically it hints the 90s brit-pop scene, with the more hard hitting rock edge in the midsection and touches upon soul with the gospel choir featuring on the track too”.

Formed by Freddie Wortley (lead vocals and guitar), Neemah Wright (guitar), Jonny Faires (bass) and Ian Wilson (drums), the English band gets their inspiration from artists like The Smiths, Nothing But Thieves, Gregory Porter and Eric Clapton. 

The band will be performing at the Sussex Music Festival on July 28th. 

“Broken Truth and Honesty” is now available worldwide. 

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Introduce the band.

We are Hydrocele. Jonny Faires and his backing band. Freddie, Neemah, and Ian.

What’s the band’s story?

We all met at a music college. We all hit it off and we’re friends but we’re never really musically involved with each other till a year ago.

When did you start making music together? 

“Shapeshifter” was the first song we wrote together. It started off as someone’s musical idea. We then all wrote the lyrics together about a certain aspect of one of the band members life. It was finished in one morning!

At what point did you know you had to form a band?

I don’t think you ever know these things. We have all been in different bands but this one felt different. We can’t believe it’s been just over a year. We have achieved so much and we are all looking forward to what’s to come.

What’s the first song you’ve ever recorded together?

Well “Shapeshifter” was the first song we technically recorded together. It was an amazing experience and we found out that we work quite efficiently as a band in the studio.

How would you define Hydrocele? 

You’re going to have to google that one I’m afraid.

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You recently released your new single “Broken Truth and Honesty”. What’s the story behind this record? Who did you work with?

It’s about our guitar tech, Jacob Vallance. He would always make excuses and lies so he could miss rehearsals so we decided to write about him to try and get him to change his ways. We recorded this track with Pete Dowsett and George at RYP Recordings. Pete was constantly on point, however, George kept getting our lunch orders wrong which was rather annoying.

Listen to “Broken Truth and Honesty” here. 

You’ve already performed various shows in the UK. What do you like the most about it?

Gigging in general is great but recently we have been gigging in some bigger venues. Nothing beats the huge rooms and the large crowds. It really helps the vibe and makes playing and performing 10 times more enjoyable.

In your opinion, what makes a good show? 

Audience engagement. There are loads of good musicians out there but you have to bring more to the table. People pay hard earned money to come and see you so you have to make the experience as much about them as possible. Occasional pyrotechnics and fancy lighting helps too.

What’s the best thing about being in a band? 

It’s definitely got to be the backstage passes. Quality Instagram content right there.

Any advice to anyone who’d like to form a band? 

Start a Hydrocele tribute band. There is a big gap in the market for one of them at the moment.

What do you think of today’s music industry? If you had to change one thing, what would it be?

I suppose the thing that most musicians would agree on is that it would be nice to reform the remuneration procedures for many of the streaming sites and outlets for our content. It’s a tricky area to tackle but maybe one day a happy medium can be achieved.

As a band, what do you want to accomplish? 

We would love to have a green room with a shower and a PS4.

Any upcoming project?

You would have to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out if anything is on its way!

What’s your purpose?

Perhaps you’ve also asked yourself at one point or another what the point of it all is. Why are we here? What’s life really about? To get paychecks and pay bills? Why study 15 years of our lives, work 80,000 hours, and then reproduce so the next generation can do it all over again if we don’t even know why we’re doing it? There’s got to be a greater purpose, right? One of life’s mysteries I suppose.

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