Franko Fraize

Franko Fraize

British rapper Franko Fraize released his new single “Let It Go” (Ft. Tone) on July 20th. 

Hailing from Thetford, the English artist released his first project in 2013. He since then got the opportunities to tour with artists like Mike Skinner and Rudimental and played at some of the biggest festivals including BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Reading & Leeds, The Great Escape and Tramlines.

The Norfolk native is now revealing the summer record “Let It Go”. Produced by Tone, the new single is influenced by the 90s rave. 

Franko Fraize will be performing at the Outlook festival in Croatia this September and will be releasing his debut EP “Lights and Colour” in October. 

“Let It Go” is now available worldwide. 

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Introduce yourself. Where are you from?

My name is Franko Fraize. I come from Thetford Town.

What’s your story? 

Basically I grew up listening to rap and grime music. This inspired me to write some songs about my hometown of Thetford. I wrote about the life I saw outside my house. I made a couple of songs and they caught people’s attention. I took these songs live and started to get a bit of a following. Radio started paying attention to what I was doing and BBC Introducing in Norfolk started to play my music. After this one thing led to another and it’s given me the most beautiful of lives. I’ve had so many good times with music and I’m fortunate to have a fanbase behind me.

At what point did you realize you wanted to become an artist? 

I think when radio started playing my music it made me realise this was bigger than just a DIY bedroom type thing. Also playing my songs live and realising that I could actually hold down a half hour set and keep people entertained. That’s when I realised there was something more than just a few tracks about Thetford.

Do you remember the first record you ever wrote? What did you write about? 

It was called ‘In My Manor’ and was basically about what was going on in my hometown at the time.

Tell us about your first experiences in the music industry. What did you learn from these early experiences?

The first real bit of industry hype and interest I got was being featured on BBC Radio Norfolk and from that I also got involved in a competition on 1xtra with Rodney P and Skitz. It was mad to get so much BBC hype at once and something I’ll forever be grateful for. I still work closely with the BBC Norfolk team as well so it shows they really do back what they think is good.

You released your first project in 2013. How did your sound evolve throughout the years? 

Back then it was straight Grime and a bit more aggy than what I’m about nowdays. I think as I’ve grown and my music has, I’ve learned to write songs that cater to more of a wider listener base. Not that I try not to write aggressive 140bpm tracks any more. More that I feel lyrically, it has more about it.

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You recently released your new single “Let It Go”. What’s the message behind this record? Who produced the record? 

It’s produced by Tone who also features on the track. We basically wanted to write an energetic upbeat track we could play live and get everyone raving to. I think we achieved what we set out to do as well. The beat is influenced by 90s rave which is something that’s influenced me since a kid. The DIY aspect of it, the clothing and culture and the music also. It seemed like a good time to be alive and having a party.

Watch the “Let It Go” video here. 

You worked with Tone on this record. How was it like to work with him? How did you guys meet?

Tone is one of my best mates from school so it was all a natural process.

As an artist, what are the things you are looking for when working with other people? 

Someone who believes in what I’m doing and has a shared goal with the end product. I like working with people who believe that everything we make has potential. Also people that are laid back and enjoy a cup of tea. You can always tell a man by whether he drinks tea or not.

How would you define your sound? 

British Rap. Rap is the only consistent thing as the vibe of the music changes often. The tracks are very eclectic. There’s influence from Ska, Dub, Garage, Drum and Bass, Rap, Grime and even punk. But yeah British Rap is the best definition as a whole.

Where do you feel the most yourself? 

When I wake up right through to when I go to sleep again.

What advices would you give to young artists? 

Believe in yourself at all times. Love everything you do, if not don’t do anything with the song. Never forget that while no one has heard of you, it doesn’t take long for them to all come running to listen so make sure your house is always in order and you’re consistent with quality. Also, you can never play too many live shows so go out and show the world what you’re about.

What are the things you are the most proud of?

To have come from a small town out of the way of anywhere and got my name known. I’m very proud of myself for that.

What keeps you going? 

Finding love and enjoyment in life.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve got an EP coming out in October called 'Lights And Colour’ which I’m well excited to have out in the world. It’s the first body of work I’ve put out in ages. I’m real proud of it and think its a proper strong release.
I’m already plotting 2019 though. Getting some big songs under my belt. Working with producers and putting shows together. As an artist you have to keep one step ahead and I’m making sure I’m ready for next year already.

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place? 

More love, less watching the jones’.

What’s your purpose? 

Basically to enjoy my life as best I can and hopefully give people enjoyment in theirs along the way.

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