South London rapper EazyMan released his new music video “Hurdy Gurdy” on April 22nd. 

Inspired by the likes of 50 Cent, Biggie Smalls and Busta Rhymes, EazyMan released his debut mixtape “Eazy Street” in 2017, including the single “They Donʼt Know” which premiered on Link Up TV. 

The London-based rapper recently appeared on Komoʼs “Pull Up (Remix)” featuring Double S, Six4 and Klayz. 

Premiered by DJ Target on BBC Radio 1Xtra and announced as Jay Knox’s “Record of the Week” at The Beat, “Hurdy Gurdy” is a promising record that will take you back to the 90s. 

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Introduce yourself. 

Wa gwarn it’s big EazyMan.

What’s your story? Where are you from?

I’m from South Norwood, London. Didn’t have the most easiest start in life as both my parents passed away when I was very young leaving me an orphan. I was lucky to have my aunt who took me and my sister in and do the best job she possibly could have. As a teenager, I got involved in all the wrong things and by 20 years old I went to prison. Despite all of this, I have come out the other end and now run a successful business and have managed to pursue my life’s dream “MUSIC”.

What defines you?

I would say that my family defines me. I am a proud father and a loyal husband to a beautiful wife. They are my world and I would do anything for them. 

When did you start feeling connected to music? 

I’ve felt a connection to music my whole life, literally. I come from a family that loves music! I feel that I was spoilt as a child because I came up in the 90s when hip hop and R’n’B was at it’s pinnacle. I started writing my own music when I was about twelve years old inspired by the likes of Biggie Smalls and Busta Rhymes.

What did you grow up listening to?

Growing up I listened mainly to hip hop and grime music. I remember the days when grime began I used to listen to sidewinder mixtapes and clash my mates at school. Although I love my UK music, 50 cent will always be my favourite artist of all time.

When did you realise music was a career you had to pursue? 

Well I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in music but life’s obstacles can sometimes get in the way. It was about 18 months ago I was messing around in the studio and started freestyling to Rae Sremmurd’s track ‘Black Beatles’. Cut a long story short I ended up recording a remix. I put it out on GRM Daily and got some real good feedback on the track. After that I really got the buzz back and instantly started recording more tracks.

What do you like the most about music?

I think music is something really special. It is something that can’t be explained. I think the greatest thing about music for me is the way it brings people together. It’s like a global language that connects people in a way that I haven’t seen in any other walk of life. Music is so versatile, it can be used to stop wars on one hand and used to put babies to sleep on the other. Music is the most powerful thing on the planet.

What can you tell us about your album Eazy Street? What was the inspiration behind this record? Who did you work with? 

Eazy Street was an amazing project to work on because it was a statement to the music industry saying ‘I’m Back’. So after recording the Black Beatles remix I just started recording like crazy. Working with my engineer N-Type we put together this mixtape in 6 months. We were working non stop and I loved it hence the reason why the 1st track on the tape was called ‘Work Rate’. I had a couple of features on there one being an old school friend Yo Menza. The track we collaborated on was named Tripple OGs which was one of my favourite on the mixtape. I just really enjoyed recording it and shooting the video, it brought back so many memories good memories.

You recently released your new video for "Hurdy Gurdy”. How did you come up with the video concept?What’s the story behind this record?

Well when I was a teenager Nokia was running the mobile phone game and when I first heard the ring tone ‘Hurdy Gurdy’, I fell in love with it straight away. When I was running around the streets I would write lyrics to the ringtone and always wanted to make a track with the sample in it. I asked my good friend and producer wisper if he could make this track for me. I told him ‘trap it out bro I need a banger’ and he done exactly that. When I heard what he had done with the sample I was in shock and started writing to it immediately. As for the video it was intended to make you feel as if you were in 2001 and 2018 all at the same time and I feel we achieved this. I’m sure for those that grew up in my era it jogged a few good memories lol.

Watch the “Hurdy gurdy” music video here.

As an artist, what is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal would be to reach the top. I believe in my music and want to be up there alongside the best artists in the world.

What’s the hardest thing about being an artist, and what is the best thing?

I would say the hardest thing is getting the recognition at the moment. I can’t wait for the day that I am standing in front of thousands performing my music. The best thing for me would have to be the love that I receive from people that I have never even met before. I get messages on social media from people saying I’m their favourite artist and to keep going. The feeling is priceless.

What inspires you?

Many things inspire me. I get inspiration from hard times, good times, other artists, my surroundings and many other things. I love writing music so it doesn’t take much to get me going.

Watch the “Pull Up (remix)” video by Komo (Ft.  EazyMan, Double S, Six4 and Klayz). 

Why do you make music? What motivates you?

I make music because I always have done I suppose. As I said before I started writing music at a very early age and haven’t ever stopped so it’s second nature to me really. I love it!

What are the things you are the most proud of?

My family. My sons are my world and they are growing up perfectly and I’m glad there lives are so far from the life I had when I was a child. 

Any upcoming project?
There may be a mixtape coming soon so watch this space.

What’s your purpose?

My purpose is to be a good role model in society and continue to bless the world with my music. As long as I’m alive, I will keep pushing for success.

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