Emerging artist DWY released his debut single “Over You” on April 11th.

DWY is a singer/songwriter/producer from south east London. 

Blending elements of pop, soul, and electronic music, DWY is introducing a fresh new sound to the UK music landscape with his debut single “Over You”, designing his unique “digital soul” sound. Produced by DWY and Nikokai, “Over You” paints a timeless record unveiling DWY’s vulnerability and honest songwriting. 

Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Frank Ocean and James Blake, the English artist is ready to share his music with the world, revealing an authentic musicality with well-crafted melodies. 

“Over You” is now available everywhere.

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Introduce yourself. Where are you from? 

I’m from south east London. I was born in Miami but moved over when I was three.

Tell us a little about your childhood. When did you start feeling connected to music?

My parents always played music in the house and in the car on the way to school, so I was always surrounded by it. I didn’t think about writing songs until maybe 15/16 when I went to university, but I always knew I was in love with music. I remember spending hours at home making the prefect playlist for the car journey… I made pretty sick mixes! 

At what point did you realise that music was more than just a hobby? 

When I stopped going to class to write songs. In my final year, I moved into a flat that had no furniture or internet. All I had was an iMac, speakers and a microphone and I would write and record everyday because I had nothing else to do, and looking back on it that gave me the base for the artist I became. I didn’t wanna do anything but write songs. 

You are an artist and a producer. When did you start making music? 

I kind of knew I wanted to make music at around 15. I went to university at 16 and everyone around me was making music so it got me more into it and it was the first thing I truly loved doing and at 16,  I knew there was nothing else I could see myself doing. 

When did you start getting involved in the music industry? Tell me about your first experiences. 

Right after I graduated I kind of dived right in. I interned at studios and tried to write with everyone I could. Then I kind of fell into song writing but found there was a few demos I wrote that I didn’t want to give away so I knew in my gut it was time to write my own record. 

At what point did you realise you had to release your own music? What gave you the confidence to finally do it?

I had a meeting with a label and I was playing songs I’d written, and the A&R asked me if she could have one of the songs I’d written for another artist and that was the first time I felt inside myself “NO IT’S MINE”. After that day, I was like ok, I guess it’s time to write for yourself. I started off as a rapper and didn’t enjoy it, and it took me a long time to be confident to try and be more melodic. Then I found I kept revisiting 808s by Kanye, and it clicked. 

Why did you pick DWY as your artist name? 

It was a nickname I got when studying at university and I used to hate it! But when I started my artist career nothing felt more natural, it’s super weird.

Tell us about your debut single “Over You”. What’s the story behind this song? Who did you work? Could you tell me about the recording process? 

I wrote “Over You” about every relationship I’ve been in whilst I was a struggling artist and the person didn’t get it and couldn’t see where I was going. The line “drove down the street in your yellow Bugatti, splashed me with a puddle as you left in a hurry” is about you know the person chasing what they felt success looked like and leaving me behind in the process. It’s also about not being mad about it, and just being over it, but they didn’t expect you to move on. I wouldn’t be where I am, who I am or who I’m with now if they’d stuck around. It all happens for a reason.

 The song came really naturally like the good ones do. I was sat in a room with my cousin and he started playing guitar and I just started singing “standing on the edge of something new, breaks your heart I’m finally over you”. Then on a trip to Berlin I finished up the sonics of the song with my good friend and collaborator Nikokai.

Listen to “Over You” here. 

Are you writing/producing by yourself or do you work with other people? If yes, who are you working with? 

I tend to write by myself in my flat, I’m a pretty solitary person.

How would you define your sound? 

I call it digital soul. It’s a mixture of that I grew up being into and what my parents would play. My dad would play The Fugees, my mum would play Prince and I was into Kanye West and Frank Ocean, so I guess it’s a mix of hip-hop, soul, pop and electronic music. 

Your biggest inspirations?

 Kanye West. Frank Ocean. The XX. Portishead. James Blake. Bon Iver.

Why do you make music? What motivates you?

It’s the way I know how to express myself. I’m not much of a talker so I put all of what I feel into the songs I write… it’s therapy for me.

What appeals you the most about music? 

Just the way music can make you feel and how it can help you navigate your emotions help you find the words you didn’t know how to articulate.

How does music impact your life? 

I can’t imagine not listening to music all the time. If my battery is low I wont leave the house until its charged enough to play music all day through my journeys. Music helped me find my voice. It was the first thing I ever stuck with, I’d always jump from thing to thing, but music was the place I felt at home and I couldn’t explain why. I remember going through a tough break-up at uni and playing Usher everyday got me through it lol.

What do you want people to feel when listening to your music?

When people listen to my music I want them to feel connected to what I’m saying, hopefully the songs speak to their lives in someway. I remember how my favourite artists helped me get through a period and I have songs that are literally a window into a time in my life and I’d love for my songs to help people through the tough times. And just soundtrack moments. 

I want my music to say something and mean something.

As an artist I’m just an honest guy who writes honest songs. I want the music to do the talking. I tell my life through my songs, I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and say what I feel. 

How do you want to be remembered for? 

Being honest and true in my songs. I want to write songs people want to listen to 10 or 20 years later and it still makes them feel something. I think the job of music is to make you feel something whether it makes you wanna cry or turn up in the club, and I want to be remembered as an artist that made you feel something. 

What defines you?

I think honesty. I try and paint very true pictures with my songs. There’s nowhere really to hide in my songs. But outside of my songs, I always want to be a good person and do the right thing. My songs mean nothing if I’m not firstly a good human being. 

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