Chloé Caroline releases new single "Gypsy Daughter"

Chloé Caroline releases new single "Gypsy Daughter"

American artist Chloé Caroline unveiled her new single “Gypsy Daughter” on May 11th. 
Produced by Joseph Magee, the new single combines elements of country, folk and pop music.
From Los Angeles to Nashville, Caroline is telling her story through this “New Southern California” sound.

“This entire writing and record-making process has been extremely introspective because I really wanted the truest Chloé to come out through this music and this night was a revelation of sorts”, says Caroline. 
Written by Chris RobertsSam Ashworth and Caroline, “Gypsy Daughter” paints an honest record where Caroline freely expresses who she really is as an artist and as a human being. The new single allows the singer/songwriter to showcase her smooth vocals along with sincere lyrics and memorable melodies. 

Getting her inspiration from personal experiences and people’s stories, the Nashville-based artist is currently working on her debut album entitled “Gypsy Daughter”, to be released later this year. 

"Gypsy Daughter” is now available everywhere. 

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Tell us about your new single "Gypsy Daughter”. What’s the story behind it? Who did you collaborate with?

“Gypsy Daughter” started out one night in Nashville when I was super homesick and nostalgic for California. I had been approaching five years of having Nashville as my home base, though I go back and forth often between there and LA, and kept asking myself how I had gotten to where I am and why I am the way I am. California seemed like the perfect metaphorical mother-like figure and I began to write lyrics and melody by myself about what I had learned from growing up there and how it had affected me. I’ve always been this free spirited girl who hated naps because I didn’t want to miss out on life. I was a floater with friends because I loved living in a place with a melting pot of different people. I never really just fit perfectly but I liked it. I felt an overwhelming urge to finish the song but I couldn’t wrap my brain over what it was missing—I kept overthinking it and I couldn’t finish it with the other ten writers I brought it to too, until I sat down with Chris Roberts and Sam Ashworth. Both had experienced LA which helped them get that sort of 70s beach vibe but for whatever reason were able to guide this universal message out of me that I had been wanting to share. It doesn’t just make the listener feel like they’re in California but that they are free to be them. The metaphor behind what I defined “Gypsy Daughter” as lies in the concept that our environment shapes us, but it doesn’t define us wholly. In fact, we are supposed to grow beyond this environment because we aren’t limited to fitting in a box. We are all innately unique, curious individuals always moving and growing and the one constant factor is the journey to finding our authentic self and not knowing how much time we have left on this earth to do that. Being unashamed of this progression, being real. 

You are currently working on your debut album. How would you describe the sound of this album? What are you writing about?

This sound is a little bit of every part of me. It’s why I named the album Gypsy Daughter because each song has it’s own identity and together they mold into this record that hints at all these influences I grew up with, but in my way, making it it’s own thing. It walks to the beat of its own drum. I call it a New So-Cal sound that is fresh yet has this organic nostalgic feel with catchy melodies and honest lyrics—sometimes vulnerable other times blunt. I really tried to choose the songs that spoke just as loudly when they were simply a guitar vocal and then built them from there production wise but most importantly I chose songs that made me feel something and made others feel related to. From start to finish, there are various messages of love and life as you develop. The rise and fall then rise again. From how I view love, to how its burned, to the confusion of not knowing what it really is, and then the quest towards self-love/contentment that comes with life’s messiness and societal pressures. Every song is intentionally there to serve a purpose in the human experience.

Listen to “Gypsy Daughter” here. 

How did your sound evolve since your first records?

My sound has grown from something that had an idea of what it wanted to be, to throwing out the fear of caring if people would like it or not or that it was different. I got really sick of being unsure if my music was the best representation of me and I got sick of feeling like I HAD to stay in a lane when all along I could create my own. I didn’t want to chase what everyone else was doing or what was working. My biggest pet peeve is when someone is a follower and changes around various people instead of owning their individuality. Like I said, everything was intentional with this. I got to take ownership of this process by being involved in everything from finding the references I wanted to shine through, to being present when my vocals were edited and the tracks were comped, etc. I had a say in everything which made it truly something that represented me. It’s a sound that I’m letting my listeners define. My vocals are out there in the open more than ever, there’s no hiding. The instruments aren’t just floating along but saying something each. The whole sound is a lot more organic which means a lot more raw and personal to deliver the message the way I wanted to. P.S. the groove was KEY in this record. 

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What message do you want to deliver through this new music?

The ultimate message I want to deliver through these tunes is this: We’re all human and we’re all walking on the same timeline trying to find our purpose. We can’t stop time, so we are forced to move forward. But we can’t find our individual purpose unless we move forward and experience what it’s like to step to the left or right of that line—to win or to lose, to fall in love or break. It’s the only way we’ll learn and the entire reason we’re all different. Step outside the line.

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