Beachwood Coyotes

Beachwood Coyotes

American alternative-rock band Beachwood Coyotes released their new single “Discipline” on April 4th. 

Formed by Jason Nott (vocals, guitar), Drew Smith (bass), Bryan King (drums), and Yan Clermont(guitar), the band released their first EP “Scrubby” in 2017. 

Beachwood Coyotes is back with a brand new sound with a promising new single “Discipline”, produced by Austen Moret

Merging hip-hop, hard rock and jazz/funk, the Los Angeles band will be revealing three more singles in the upcoming months. 

“Discipline” is now available worldwide. 

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Introduce the band. 

I’m J(sun emoji) and I sing & play guitar/keyboard - we also have Yanada on the guitar/keys, Drewber on the bass machine and Bryan (the king) King on the bops.

How did you guys meet? How long have you been working together?

We met through craigslist. I wish it was a joke. But I wouldn’t trade it for the beautiful babies we’ve made together over the last few years.

At what point did you realise you had to form a band? 

Billy Joel came to me in a dream and said he felt the musical universe had been lacking 4 piece musical acts, he also said the earth was flat which was weird. I disagree but he’s the piano man so I just let him speak.

How would you define Beachwood Coyotes? 

Whenever I need to define something I just google it. I did. I found some old cringeworthy music videos and a huffington post article. So I guess we’re defined by that. and instagram numbers. Instagram numbers are importan

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Could you tell us about your new single “Discipline?” What’s the message behind this record? 

It’s a nod to the 27 club, how I’ve romanticized it my whole life. But it’s mostly a song about growth and coming to terms with the fact that I can’t drink a bottle of tequila by myself anymore, now I split it with a friend.

You worked with Austen Moret on this record. How did you get to work with him? How do you like working with him?

We’ve been running in the same circles for the past few years, sometimes playing with his band Midnight Divide. We’re really comfortable with him and he makes us sound half decent.

Listen to “Discipline” here. 

In your opinion, what makes a good producer? 

Patience, understanding, a good Chris Farley impression.

How did your sound evolve through the years? 

We’re a little less “reckless” as a band but still angsty as ever. I’d say we have focused a bit more. I’ll stop being vague.

Could you tell us about your visuals, including the visual for “Discipline”? Where do you get your inspiration from? 

The red and blue lights from the stills we’ve released (from the not yet released video) are supposed to represent police lights. The song is about losing control and not learning your lessons until you’ve fallen into real trouble. Also those colors are like so aesthetically pleasing and I think using them was in our best interest. 

As a band, what are the biggest challenges? 

Finding a 2 hour window of time for rehearsal and shows and everything that all 4 members can agree on. Life, man (or woman).

What is the best thing about being in a band? 

Playing some gnar tunes with your buds and traveling the (western part) of our country.

As artists, is it easier to live in a place like Los Angeles? Why? 

Sort of. It’s great to be surrounded by so many artists in music or in other forms. I love that so many different worlds have collided. But it’s also nearly impossible to get your friend to come see you play the 11pm slot on a Wednesday night.

What do you think of the music scene in Los Angeles? Any Los Angeles band you’d like to recommend?

It’s great. Definitely our friend and producers band Midnight Divide. My good friend Jack Bruno is making super interesting music…. Also our buddy Trevor (known as in.drip) is one of my favorites.

What’s (are) your favorite venue(s) to perform in?
The satellite and the hi hat have both treated us very well. I heart them.

Who’s helping you build your career?

We’re self managed, self funded, self promoted. etc.. We do Have Kershona at Mora/May Agency helping us talk to fine people like yourselves. She’s super.

Why do you make music? What motivates you? 

Weed and my natural instinct to create.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to talk about? 

We’re putting out 3 more singles after “Discipline”. One per month. Also touring, releasing videos. Touring.

What’s your purpose?

This question really fucked me up. But in a good way.

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