German producer Sousa has been working in the music industry for several years. He got the opportunity to collaborate with various artists along the way: Raf Camora, Sandzo, Mest and many more. While working on his craft, Sousa started to focus on his solo projects. Influenced by many genres, Sousa is creating his own style as a producer and artist. 

Sousa recently released a few remixes now available online. 

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When did you start making music?

I think I made my first beat in 2008, so I started around 2005 as a beatmaker.

Do you remember the first time you made a beat? How was it like? How did you learn the whole music production process?

I can remember quite well. I sat in front of this empty FL Studio project and looked one tutorial after another. I still have the beat in my head. Terrible haha. Learning by doing is the key. It took some time, but now I have a better understanding of what I do.

What equipments do you use?

I have only a pc, a macbook, a keyboard, a good interface, good monitors and many plugins. That’s all you need to make music.

You have worked with several German artists over the years. What did you learn from all these experiences?

I learned that everything is unpredictable. You never know about tomorrow. Maybe your placement is a #1 song. Maybe in 10 years. You must work every single day to reach your dreams.

Listen to Xavas - ‘Schau nicht mehr zurück’ ‘(Sousa Remix).

What kind of feeling do you get when hearing your production on one record?

Great! It’s like a new toy, you are proud of it and would like to show it to everyone.

As a producer, is it easy to work with artists?

It’s not always easy. Some people are always too late, others cancel one second before the recording or are withdrawn. But it’s not always like this. Mostly you make a beat together or meet the artist in the studio and try to make a smooth song. 

In your opinion, what makes a good music team?

In my opinion, a good team is based on 100% of confidence and also ability. The rest just comes by itself.

You did a few remixes for different artists such as Xatar, and Kool Savas… In your opinion, what are the main ingredients for a great remix?

Uh this is a difficult question. I think there is no “secret formula”. I always try to interpret the song new and to do something new. I don’t want to guide to the original song.

Even though hip-hop is your main genre. Do you listen to other music genres for inspiration?

Definitely! I listen to everything except metal and folk music. Deep House and Electro are still very good.

Do you follow the music charts? Any artist you like to listen to these days?

I don’t follow the charts or any particular artist. Every song sounds the same on the radio. There are maybe 2-3 songs I like. I always pick 1-2 songs out of the artist I like and that’s it. But if so, then it would be Caskey at the moment. The boy has good lyrics and is feeling the vibe. Just like Chima Ede in Germany. Artists of great talent. 

What do you like the most about hip-hop?

There’s no right or wrong in hip-hop. You can put your opinion on paper and show them your stuff. In another genre it doesn’t work. You can’t show your anger or other things anywhere better than in hip-hop. A pop song about politics, or the circumstances in some areas? Inconceivably. I love hip-hop and always will.

Who is your biggest influence in music?

Hard question again. But I think Ryan Leslie, and Tua in Germany. These both are geniuses in their field. Incredible. Back then, when I was younger, it was Aggro Berlin. From this moment, I really started to listen to hip-hop.

Listen to Fler - ‘Moderne Sklaverei’ (Sousa Remix).

Any upcoming projects?

I am currently working on several electro solo projects and for sure, some fresh hip-hop songs. It comes out this year.

What is your main focus right now?

Currently, I am concentrating on my studies, so more in the recording, mixing and mastering area. Parallel, I try to play better keyboard. That annoys you when you have a melody in your head, but you need 10 minutes to play this shit. That makes me crazy haha.

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