After a musical childhood, German producer/engineer Sansimo quickly started to put his focus on the production. He has been working closely with German rapper Karmo Kaputto since 2015 which whom he created Los Kaputtos, along with two other rappers Provo, Crazy Alpha and another producer called Kotico. 

Now living in Vienna, Austria where he created his own company SansimoLab, the German producer/engineer is continuing to develop his sound through different projects such as his solo album “Träumer”, released in July 2017. 

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When did you start making beats?

I started making beats when I was 13 years old on an old synthesizer from my father. But the real beginning of my love for making beats was when I was about 17 years old. It was more about experimenting before.

You started making hip-hop beats when you were 17. Which hip-hop artists were you listening to back then?
How did you learn all the production/engineering/mastering techniques? 

My first hip-hop albums were from Dmx - It‘s Dark and Hell is Hot and Samy Deluxe - Samy Deluxe.  But I listened to everything I got. Eminem, Cypress Hill, WuTang and much more. 
I think the best description for me is learning by doing. I started in 2006 and there wasn‘t YouTube with good tutorials and a lot of websites with informations.

At the beginning, my sound was not really good. I read a lot of specialist books and talked to other producers and visited some workshops.

Do you play any instrument? Is it important to know how to play instruments when you are a producer?

Not really. I took some guitar lessons for 3 Y-years, from 10-13. But at this time, I didn’t want to learn the guitar. My interest was more about becoming a drummer back then. 
No, I think today it’s not important to play an instrument, it’s a benefit.
A producer is more a director. He must know how it sounds.

Listen to ‘Großstadt’ by Sansimo here. 

You built your own company and music studio in Vienna, Austria. Could you tell us a little about it? What’s the main purpose of this company? Who did you create this with? Why did you decide to work in Vienna? 
What was the most challenging thing about creating your own company?

Yeah, I built my company called SansimoLab in March 2017. My main intentions was to work independently. To be my own boss. And the second was to make my hobby/passion, my job.

I moved to Vienna 5 years ago. At this time, I had another job. A lot of people ask my why I moved to Vienna, but this decision doesn’t have a reason. :D 
But yet, Vienna doesn’t really have many good music studios with the focus of hip-hop. 

There was not a really big challenge. I had my studio since 2016 and had the most of my gear. I just had to register my company. I think the biggest challenge is to get new customers and to establish itself as a company. 

In your opinion, what are the most important things to do when making a beat?

This is difficult. I think to feel the right vibe for the beat. Sometimes you find a nice sample or you get a nice idea but you can’t implement it. 

Could you tell us about your recent projects?

I released my instrumental album in July Träumer and another collabo album with Kotico called Gusanoin August. A LatinSample based instrumental album.

Karmo Kaputto’s new album named Tarakan will be coming out in November with some productions of mine. And there are also many planned and partly finished records. I’m in the studio almost every day.

Listen to ‘Im Nevel’ by Sansimo here. 

Why did you choose music as a career?

I don’t know If I chose it or it chose me haha. One led to the other. 

Now that you’re living in Austria. Could you tell us a little bit about the Austrian music market? What do you know about it?
How do you like it?

There isn‘t really a music market in Austria, especially for hip-hop. Austria is mostly targeting the German market. Austria is a small country but with some big talents.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
There are many artists with whom I would like to work with. But first and foremost, I work with my crew and Karmo Kaputto.

I’m making a difference with my work as a producer and as an engineer. As an engineer, I would like to work with everyone. 
But as a producer, I concentrate more on my people and the perimeter.

Listen to ‘Lambada’ by Karmo Kaputto. Produced by Sansimo. 

What do you want to accomplish in the music industry?

I want to reach people with my music and hopefully earn up to my retirement money with it. I do not have to become rich. Being able to do what you like everyday is the best job in the world.

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Joel Mason

Joel Mason