Monti releases new single "Cowards Castle"

Monti releases new single "Cowards Castle"

American singer/songwriter Monti introduces the official visual of her new single, “Cowards Castle”. 

Produced by Josh Stephens (LMFAO, Warren G, Jennifer Lopez), the new single combines elements of pop, rock and electronic that reveals a distinctive songwriting about Monti’s personal experience with a co-dependent relationship and the effects it had on her. 

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“As the relationship kept getting more and more unbalanced, I realized my partner had started to build a castle around his emotions, and wore his cowardly crown proudly as he allowed his fears to push me and love further and further away, metaphorically speaking”, reveals Monti. 

Directed by Sydney Irene, the music video perfectly illustrates the poignant message described in the record. 

Written by Monti and Josh Stevens, “Cowards Castle” highlights Monti’s emotional and haunting vocals. With a cinematic production and an authentic songwriting, the new single offers an uncommon musicality in the pop music landscape. 

Watch the official “Cowards Castle” video here.

Signed to Stadium Music EnterpriseMonti released her first single “Echo” in November 2017. 

Coming from a dark past with traumatic experiences, the Los Angeles singer/songwriter overcome her own struggles and created a strong identity as an artist by using her voice to support the next generation and anyone who feels they have been forgotten. 

“Cowards Castle” will be available in winter 2018. 

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