Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Monti released her new single ‘Echo’ (Ft. Josh Stevens) on November 2nd. 

Produced by Josh Stevens (LMFAO, The Game, Young Jeezy & Ne-Yo), ‘Echo’ is a poignant pop record that showcases Monti’s soaring and powerful vocals.  Written by Monti and Josh Stevens, the single delivers an important and powerful message for the next generation. The video captures a day in Reggie Snowden’s life, a young aspiring designer and fashion student from Los Angeles. 

Monti uses her past struggles to be a voice in this world. With the help from the Hope Generations Youth Choir and Josh Stevens, 'Echo’ is an empowering anthem for those who feel they have been forgotten.  

Signed to Stadium Music Enterprise, Monti will be releasing her new EP early 2018. 

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What’s your story? How did you become Monti, the artist? 

I suffered through many struggles and traumatic experiences in my life with a dark past. However as much as I’ve struggled, I have also overcome and experienced transformation. Monti represents that transformation and to empower others, especially the next generation, with the message that you do not have to be a victim to your circumstances.

Did you ever want to be an artist? 

Yes. I love creating, especially from nothing and inspiring others.

When did you start making music?

The earliest I can remember was at 7 years old when I would use pots, pans, plastic Tupperware, kitchen utensils and my voice to create the theme song for a radio show my best friend and I created using a stereo with a microphone plug in and recording to cassette tapes. 

When did you write your first song? What was it about?

That radio theme song was technically the first I can remember but the first song I wrote and recorded professionally was when I was 19 and was about the first time I discovered that I was not alone and not forgotten and God became so real and apparent in my life and I filly got, not only what my purpose was, but that I had purpose to begin with. 

How would you describe your music style? 

Moody, synth, electro pop, anthem like yet intimate with authentic lyrics sharing my personal experiences.

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Your single 'Echo’ is an anthem that delivers a powerful message. What’s the story behind this record? How did it come about? How did you get to work with Josh Stevens? 

Thank you! I wanted to create something deeper with my music. I really wanted to tell my own story and the stories of the youth that I am around almost daily and mentor of the struggles I had, they had, growing up and I wanted to speak out to them and to next generation in general to let them know that I’ve been there and I made it out and so can they. 

I met Josh Stevens through another project I was brought in the studio to work with him on and approached him on my vision for my next project. He believed in it and this lead to me working with him and his company Stadium Music Enterprise where we worked on bringing this vision to life.

“Echo” refers to our voices and the next generation’s voices to be heard. I found that I not only wanted the voices and message to be “heard” but to “echo” so it may continue on to be heard by the next person so they can hopefully be inspired and so on… 

Tell us a about the 'Echo’ video and Reggie Snowden, the fashion designer in the video. Where did you get the inspiration?

I met Reggie at an event with Josh Stevens and after hanging out with him, and exchanging stories, I felt an immediate connection with him as his story and background related to mine and also to some of my other youth I mentor. Later when the team and I were coming up with concept for the “Echo” video, I really wanted it to tell a raw story of my past so that the viewers would be able to somehow without really being in the video, and that’s when Reggie’s name came up and the idea of having a camera to capture a day in his life which would indirectly tell my story vicariously through his.

Watch the ‘Echo’ video here. 

Could you tell us about the team behind you? Who’s helping you shape your career?

I am blessed to have several mentors and coaches in my life that contribute to me personally and professionally almost daily with my music team being some of those main people. I touched on this a little earlier, so I’ve been working with Josh Stevens and Stadium Music Enterprise for over the past 2 years now in creating Monti. They really got my vision and helped me in creating what this music and message would sound and look like and have truly been a blessing to me and I look forward to continuing this journey with them as we’ve only just begun. 

How is it like to live in Los Angeles? How does it help build your creativity?What do you like the most about Los Angeles?

I love living in LA! Being around the variety of different cultures, food, and art really builds my creativity and gives me new ideas daily. The fast lifestyle also keeps me inspired to keep moving and creating. I definitely need the quiet and slower times as well which I’ve also found there through other activities that LA also provides with the beach and hikes and beautiful scenery so I mostly love how LA can provide me with that balance.

What defines you? 

Wow what a question… I think it’s my word, my character and my commitments and my legacy.

What are the life lessons you have learned along the way?

There are so many… Some of my most impacting ones are that I don’t have to be a victim to my circumstances, that I do have the power of choice and that fear is just a feeling and emotion and like so many other things, it has no impact on my reality unless I allow it to.

What advice would you give your younger self?

To not be afraid to fail because only then will I learn what works and what doesn’t. To know that I can be in whatever world I choose to be and am loved and more then capable.

What’s harder: life or music?

I find they both can be as equally hard at times but I think the hardest for me is maintaining the balance with both.

What would you say to those who want to pursue an artistic career?

To find and focus on what it is you really want to say or be known as and stay committed to that as you can only do what you do. And also to think “legacy” as we’re only here for a short time and have been given a gift that has the power to impact people and the world immensely so make sure you’re really doing what you want to be doing as you’re the only one who can do what you do.

How does music affect your life?

It’s a gift that gives me an outlet to contribute to accomplishing and living out my commitments in life. It’s a way I can express myself whether it’s to one individual or to the world.

Are you working on an EP/Album? Who are you working with?

Yes. I am continuing to work with Josh Stevens and Stadium Music Enterprise on an EP which we are planning to release by early 2018.

What’s your purpose?

To continue to use all that I have to contribute to humanity in hope of making an impact leaving this world better in some way with one individual at a time. I hope to be a voice for those who feel they have been forgotten.

Connect with Monti:

Monti’s official website



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Chris Pavey

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