Jodie Mellor releases debut EP "Know Me Well"

Jodie Mellor releases debut EP "Know Me Well"

English singer/songwriter Jodie Mellor released her debut EP ‘Know Me Well’ on October 27th 2017. 

Produced by Ed Stokes, the 4 track EP is a collection of stories and pop melodies that perfectly portrays Mellor’s music.  

Mellor reveals, “The EP was produced by my friend Ed Stokes. I contacted him a few months ago and we recorded the EP in 2 days in August! He’s amazing at what he does. He made the experience so enjoyable for me and turned my songs into everything I imagined them to be and more”. 

The 18 year old singer/songwriter delivers an honest and personal EP. The opening track ‘Know Me Well’gives a perfect segue to the rest of the EP; well written and produced, the pop record clearly unveils Mellor’s songwriting skills. Followed by the moving and powerful record ‘Temporary’ and the folk record ‘Never Lovers’, the singer/songwriter shares life-experience stories through soothing and heartfelt vocals. Finally, Mellor delivers an emotional last record entitled ‘Big Bad Wolf’, which brilliantly ends an EP made of timeless and sincere records. 

“I wrote every song on the EP by myself. I started writing ‘Big Bad Wolf’ when I was 13, but the others were written more recently. I like to think people can relate to them in their own way, and that they have a different, personal meaning to everyone. However, I will say that they all tell a story of something I’ve experienced in the past few years”, says Mellor. 

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Discovered on Youtube in 2015, Mellor has been posting covers on a daily basis. Growing up in a musical family, she started learning guitar and piano at an early age. Along with her great vocals and mature songwriting, Mellor has become a true storyteller to every listener. 

The Bristol-based singer/songwriter has quickly built a strong fan base. With over 4 million views on her Youtube channel and over 54 000 subscribers, Mellor is now maintaining a solid relationship with her audience by doing live streams every week through the Gig Fm app. 

Jodie Mellor’s debut EP ‘Know Me Well’ is now available on all digital streaming platforms. 

Watch the ‘Know Me Well - Making My EP’ video here. Filmed by Jodie Mellor and Oliver Carey. Edited by Jodie Mellor. 

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