Hamish Anderson releases new single "U"

Hamish Anderson releases new single "U"

After his well acclaimed previous singles, Australian artist Hamish Anderson offers a rock ballad entitled “U”, released on October 6th.

“The song is basically about carrying around a feeling and memories that you’re not able to shake”, reveals Anderson. 


Produced by Jim Scott, “U” features the renowned musicians Chris Bruce (Doyle Bramhall II) on bass, Aaron Sterling (John Mayer) on drums and Jerry Borge (Jonathan Wilson) on keys. As the organ plays a major part in the record, Anderson’s efficient guitar melodies and warm vocals bring a 70s vibe to the single.

Directed by Nicolas Wendl, the music video captures simple and emotional moments that perfectly reflect the topic of the song. 

Watch the “U” video here. 

“U” is off Anderson’s debut album Trouble released on October 21st 2016. The 12 track album is a remarkable collection of blues and rock n roll records. Anderson delivers a very authentic sound through a live recording process. 

“We wanted to do the majority of it live, with very few overdubs—get a really great band together and have it be about the songs, not about spending so much time on how the bass drum sounds. It was capturing, warts and all, the live thing. Rock music and blues music shouldn’t be perfect, and I’m really proud that there’s no Auto-Tune on it, that nothing was done to a click track.”, says Anderson. 

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Hailing from Melbourne, Anderson recently completed a massive tour in the US and received praise from major outlets like Billboard, NPR, Yahoo!Music. 

Inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty and Jeff Buckley, Hamish Anderson is becoming one of the most promising acts in the music industry. The Australian musician has conquered a large audience with his stunning records and outstanding performances. 

The Australian artist will be performing in Europe for the first time in 2018. 

“U” and his debut album Trouble are available on all major streaming platforms. For more details about the artist, visit his official website

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Allan Silva

Allan Silva

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