Disco Shrine

Disco Shrine

Los Angeles artist Disco Shrine unveiled her new single “Up In The Air” on January 26th. 

Produced by Samuel Jacob Lopez Jr, “Up In The Air” tells the story of her family’s journey to America. 

“This song is about my parents immigrating to America from Iran after escaping the Iranian revolution in the 70’s. "Up In The Air” paints a picture of them literally up in the air on their plane ride over to America, leaving the past behind and looking towards their new future.”, reveals Jessica Delijani (Disco Shrine).

The 23 year old artist conveys a dynamic, catchy and inspiring electro-pop single showcasing her ability to write timeless melodies. 

As the singer/songwriter is getting ready to go on tour across the US, her new single has been picked to be part of the fifth Kitsune America compilation.

“Up In The Air” is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

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Introduce yourself. What’s your story?

Hi! I’m Disco Shrine, a twenty three year old, first generation Persian American electronic pop singer living life in LA. 

Tell us a little about your childhood. Did you grow up in a musical family?

Family was always an important part of my childhood and I was lucky to grow up in a very musical and creative family. My uncle plays Sitar and is a famous TV actor in Iran, my grandma is a beautiful singer, my dad got his doctorate in writing and journalism, my mom is probably the most free spirited artistic person I know. She made her own wedding dress in the 70’s and it was a silk/lace jumpsuit. So yes, there’s definitely some artistic and music juices flowing in my blood.

Was there anyone in your entourage who influenced you to pursue a musical career?

Nobody in particular. I actually decided I wanted to pursue it on my own and my family was and is so supportive of me, although I think my mom secretly wanted me to be a lawyer. 

What did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock. My mom was obsessed with artists like Bruce Springsteen, Jonny Cash, Tom Petty, u2. (Fun Fact: my mom took me backstage at a u2 concert when I was a baby and Bono kissed my forehead.) So classic rock is weirdly enough where my roots are at. At the same time though, I had my older sister feeding me Madonna and Kurt Cobain in the 90’s so my music taste is all over the board.

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

I think I’ve always been drawn to the arts. I basically tried everything you can in the arts - theater, painting, sculpting, film graphic design, dancing, photography, fashion design - just to see what I liked/disliked and what I was good or not good at. Music was definitely the medium of expression that stuck with me the most <3 It’s something I always went back to and the only form of expression that kept me sane through tough times.

How would you define Disco Shrine, the artist?

Fabulous (hair flip).

When and how did you start making music? 

When I was in high school I picked up guitar and banjo and started writing sad folk music! I used to be a little hippie flower child when I was younger. I was always a huge music lover. I used to write songs and lyrics in my journals in elementary and middle school. I was also in church choir etc… But it wasn’t until I was in high school that I decided to finally learn how to play an instrument. 

Could you tell us about your first experiences in the music industry?

My first experiences in the music industry were actually behind the scenes. I used to help throw music festivals in Los Angeles so I had to deal with a lot of agents and music politics and got to see how cut throat it is first hand. But that never scared me. It actually did the opposite and made me more intrigued. I guess I like a good challenge. 

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You recently released your new single "Up In The Air”? Tell us about the writing/recording/production process of this record. When did you work on it? What made you want to write about this topic?

There wasn’t really a recording process for this song. It all sort of happened by accident. I went over Sam’s house to hangout. Samuel Jacob Lopez Jr is the producer of the song. We started talking about music and decided to jam. One hour later we ended up with “Up In The Air”. It was perfect timing because I just learned about my families past so I had all of these feelings bottled in and I was able to just let it all out.

Listen to “Up In The Air” here.

What do you want people to feel when listening to this new single?

As cheesy as it may sound, I want people to feel hopeful and inspired to follow their dreams. It’s scary to have your life’s fate be up in the air but there’s also something so beautiful about it because in some ways, the sky is the limit!

What’s your favorite thing about being an artist? And what’s the hardest thing?

I love being able to express myself and my emotions through something as crazy as sound! If you really think about it, it’s pretty crazy. I also love performing live. It gives me life. The hardest thing is that sometimes you have to be really connected to yourself and your emotions and it can be pretty exhausting. You also are so vulnerable because you’re putting so much of yourself into something and every single person out there has their own opinion on it. So you really have to have tough skin and confidence in yourself if you want to survive. 

Why do you make music? What motivates you everyday?

I make music because nothing makes me happier. That feeling of finishing a song or coming up with a new melody that you love. There’s nothing like it. 

What message do you want to deliver through your work?

Strength, Bravery, Acceptance, Love, Life <3 

You live in Los Angeles. What inspires you about this city?

Everything. There’s something for everyone in this city, if you know where to look. I’m very biased because I was raised here and this city was my playground growing up. But LA is definitely an inspiring city. So many creative, interesting people from all over the world flock to this (or not so little) city in the hopes of achieving their dreams. It’s a city of dreamers. 

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

More emphasis on happiness and self care. 

What are the things you are the most proud of, as an artist and as a person?

I just had my single release show at School Night in Hollywood this past Monday and it was a packed room of people that were there for me and apparently there was also a line out the door. That feels like a huge accomplishment and a super special moment in my musical career. <3 

What advices would you give to the ones who want to pursue their dreams?

You can do it! Life is so short and you’re worth taking a chance on because if you don’t take a chance on yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

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