Chloé Bodur

Chloé Bodur

English singer/songwriter Chloé Bodur released her debut single ‘Glory’ on November 26th. Produced by JD. Reid (Sinead Harnett, Mabel…) and written by Bodur, ‘Glory’ is a neo soul/jazz record. 

Originally from London, the 19 year old artist unveils a great maturity and talent through her soulful vocals and brilliant songwriting. 

With the help of her band and QM Records, Chloé Bodur, now relocated in Brighton, is introducing her sound through this smooth debut single ‘Glory’, now available on all digital platforms. 

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Introduce yourself. Where are you from? 

I’m Chloe, I’m 19 and from Cricklewood in North West London. 

What got you into music? When did you know you wanted to make it your job?

I starting writing songs and messing about on Logic about two years ago but I’ve been a performer/attention seeker since I could speak. I’ve always been into performing arts; film, dance, acting etc but music was the only thing I knew I’d be happy doing everyday for the rest of my life. Musicians are my favorite people to be around. 

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Could you tell us about the story behind ‘Glory’? Could you tell us about the songwriting/recording process? 

‘Glory’ was originally just a poem I’d written about young people trying to find love in themselves and others and the correlation between those two things. I had no intention of sharing it with the band but I ended up recording us jamming at my drummers house one day for about 10 minutes and in the recording you can hear me sing the word ‘Glory’ here and there. I just went home and trimmed that voice memo from my phone down to the best 4 minutes and recorded my poem as lyrics over the top. I then sent what I’d done to the boys- who loved it- and it just fell together naturally from there really. We recorded it at the cheapest, half-decent studio we could find in Brighton and JD.Reid recorded my vocals at his home studio in London and produced the tune for us; which I was obviously gassed about. 

What do you like the most about songwriting? 

I use writing as a way to express myself when I’m feeling an intense emotion that I’m struggling to process. It’s almost like keeping a diary for me. I don’t have a diary but I can flick through my lyrics over the last few years and remember how I was feeling and what I was doing at the time, because it’s all documented in the songs. The romanticized photos on my Instagram paint a completely different picture of my life compared to my lyrics. The songs are honest- I guess that’s what I like the most about songwriting. 

How did you meet your band? At what point did you know you had to work together? 

I met the boys in Brighton. I went to a jazz-jam at a pub on my own when I first moved down and hadn’t made any friends yet and when I walked in, I thought I was the only person there under the age of 65. After one of the songs ended, I saw a young lad in a hoodie bounce off the stage from where the drum kit was hidden behind a pillar. I couldn’t believe that such an insane standard of playing had come from someone who looked so young so I went and spoke to him. He was on his own as well. That’s how I met Jono (20) who has been my drummer ever since. He’s the only one in the band that I’ve never played a gig without. I think my band goes down so well whenever we play live because it’s obvious that we’re all best mates as well as a band. We spend as much time cooking dinner, watching Alan Partridge or going for nights out together as we do playing music. They’re all incredibly talented, kind and creative people and I’m so lucky they play my tunes. I love them all so much. Big up James, Jono, Malte, Matt and Sergio! 

Who are you currently working with ? Who’s helping you shape your career?

Ned and Nicholson from QM Records in Brighton have basically been my mentors ever since my first gig back in March. They believed in me and my tunes from the get-go and have hooked me up with so many sick opportunities this year so big thank you to them! They run an independent label alongside their own musical project ‘Normanton Street’ which is mad inspiring. They’re so hard-working and kind. I’m not signed to a label but we are releasing ‘Glory’ through QM Records. 

Is there any challenge?

Trying to organize a band rehearsal with my boys is like herding sheep…if the sheepdog was blind and had one leg. 

What are the differences between London and Brighton - music wise?

London is a much tougher crowd. People in Brighton are generally just nicer and less posey which means they’re more likely to get involved and have fun with you during a set. Brighton is a bubble though and I don’t want to get caught up in how fluffy it can be at times, even though I love it. I’m doing my first headline show in London next year so hopefully I’ll be proven wrong and I’ll fall back in love with my hometown.  

Is there any particular song or album that had a true impact in your life? Why? 

I can’t think of just one off the top of my head but I think all the incredible music I saw at Love Supreme festival this Summer really inspired me. I met BadBadNotGood after their set and they signed my trainers which I wear everyday. It’s nice to have a little reminder written on my toes that jazz has made a come back. Love Supreme was sick because half the people there were 60+, drinking Pimm’s and eating strawberries sat on fold-up picnic chairs and the other half were my age, wearing Adidas and glitter, uploading the whole festival to their Instagram story. These two completely different groups of people were stood next to each other in the big-top festival tents, enjoying the exact same bands and music despite their social differences. It was mad inspiring. Thats what I’d love to see at one of my shows one day.

What would be your definition of music?

The fastest form of transportation in the world. 

What message do you want to deliver to young women around the world?You don’t have to be sexy to be successful. Don’t hide away from being the loudest, smartest or funniest one in the room. “You’re doing amazing sweetie.”

What inspires you?


2017 is slowing coming to an end. What are the main changes in your life today? 

I’ve become a fully functioning adult this year. I don’t even leave pans ‘to soak’ anymore. 

What are the things you are the most proud of?

‘Glory’ and my little brother. 

What do you want to accomplish in this world?

I’d love to eventually have a big enough platform to help end racial and gender inequality etc etc but for now I’d just like ‘Glory’ to hit above the ‘>1000’ mark when it comes out on Spotify. Oh and I’d like to pass my degree. 

Listen to ‘Glory’ here. 

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