Arms Akimbo releases new single "Seven Mirrors"

Arms Akimbo releases new single "Seven Mirrors"

Emerging indie rock band Arms Akimbo released their new single “Seven Mirrors” on February 16th. 

The 5 minute record highlights a remarkable production accompanied by brilliant guitar melodies and soaring vocals. 

“Despite the new recording, “Seven Mirrors” is actually the oldest Arms Akimbo track in our set. The origins of the song go back 3 years when I was doing a live solo performance with my loop pedal at a local open mic in Los Angeles, CA. I came up with the ping pong, rhythmic guitar part by changing my usual picking pattern and built the rest of the song around that new energy. I sung some gibberish and no one in the crowd complained, but somehow landed on the chorus melody “Oh you gotta let me know.” It’s bizarre to think how little effort went into the genesis of this song because it ended up permuting a ton between then and now, both sonically and lyrically”, reveals Schrupp.

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As the Californian band is getting ready to release their new EP entitled The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party, “Seven Mirrors” is the perfect introduction to their upcoming project. Fun and dynamic, the new indie rock single is bringing a colourful and catchy sound to the band’s music catalogue. 

“When we were tracking the new EP we knew we wanted to pull a song out of our so-called “back catalog” and this was a no-brainer. Despite its long lifespan, “Seven Mirrors” is still one of our favorite songs to play live. We go wild, pass around gang vocals, pack on layers of harmonies, and one of us typically falls on the ground while shredding the guitar solo”, expresses Schrupp. 

Listen to “Seven Mirrors” here. 

Formed by Peter Schrupp, Chris Kalil, Colin Boppell and Matthew Sutton, the Californian band released their first self produced EP Vignettes in 2015, which lead them to open for various bands like WALK THE MOON, The Muffs, and Colleen Green. 

The Los Angeles band will be releasing their new EP The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party on February 23rd. 

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