The Theorist

The Theorist

The Theorist is definitely part of these true artists who make a difference. This Canadian artist completely defines my vision of art and music. Unique, he has his own style and makes his own rules. He is more than just a guy covering songs on Youtube, he’s a truly talented pianist, producer and artist.

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How and when did you start making music? At what point in your life did you realize you were good at what you do?

Pretty much coming out of university, I was still unsure what I wanted to do in life. Since I was 17, a close friend of mine kept pushing me towards the media arts, but that wasn’t my main focus at the time. It wasn’t until I finished university that he brought me into a real live music studio and I fell in love with the whole environment. From then on, I wanted to learn everything from engineering, recording and just creating art. I went to school for recording 4 months later and it has been roughly 2 and a half years since I began pursuing music production. It wasn’t until a year later when I came across an artist named TALWST that made me realize I was actually good. This was truly the first time I realized that this was the sound that I wanted to develop and to be known for. Working with him has allowed me to actually understand myself more as a musician and producer. 

Your videos and artworks really show you have your own vision for your art. Where do you find your inspiration ?

Thanks, well one of my biggest inspirations is the great romantic composer/pianist, Chopin.

His melodies have always been the influence in most of my music. But It wasn’t until I listened to The Weeknd come out with his dark, somber melodies that made me want to continue developing this sound. I felt as if Chopin just came back but evolved into a lyrical/production sound. From then, this was all I was doing. I don’t really care much about making hits. I just want to create something I’m personally more allured to.


What message do you want to deliver through your art?

I just want to show people that my music is who I am emotionally. I don’t really convey my emotions that well. Haha sometimes I even get called a robot. But through my music, I think that’s where people will understand me best. They always ask me why is it so dark and mellow? But they don’t understand it’s how I feel and I want to portray it through my music. 

What appeals you most about producing your own music?

The melodies.. I’m all about melodies. For most of my production, I usually start off at the piano with a melody and then I spend endless amounts of hours choosing the right sounds. I think I spend at least a days worth just going through sounds haha. It’s quite tedious to be honest but worthwhile in the end. 

What is your biggest dream?

Hm, not too sure about this one. To be honest, I just want to leave something behind as a musician and to be in the music history books people will read about. Not sure what it is yet, but I’m sure I’ll discover it sooner or later.

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