Seán Mac

Seán Mac

There are some people you truly believe in, and Seán Mac is part of them. I’ve been following this UK singer/songwriter for a while and I know that the potential behind this artist is undeniable. He’s not just some guy covering songs, he’s also a solid songwriter and a great singer, with an amazing tone. Seán Mac is a true artist. 

Get to know him through this inspiring and interesting interview. 

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How would you describe your style as an artist?

I would say a very British take on pop, especially lyrically with a hint of soulfulness thrown in for good measure!

What inspires you to write songs and make music?

I think you have that drive in built in you or you don’t. I definitely feel strongly that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, I can’t remember any stage growing up where this wasn’t the life I imagined for myself. Life in general, everything you then experience along the way continues to feed that drive and comes out in your songs. 

Every song I’ve ever written has been pulled from something I’ve personally experienced.

What have you learned in your career so far?

Persistence is EVERYTHING. You have to be brave enough to keep your focus but also strong enough to know exactly what you want and like. I’ve been with a major label, worked with independent publishers, both big and small management companies and the only way you can be consistent with who you are and what you want to represent is to have a really solid understanding of that.

The music industry is a very nervous place at the minute, a lot of people are scared to have an opinion or take a risk. So if you don’t know what you’re all about, then no one will.

Listen to ‘Give A Little Love’ by Andrea Faustini, song co written by Seán Mac. 

Do you want to make hit songs, make the music you believe in, or both? What is your ultimate goal as an artist?


I think, for people to buy any music it must come from a genuine place, people can tell in an instance when it’s not. So it definitely  has to be something I believe in. Ultimately though that is then filtered through a process of making that the most accessible song you can. I want to write songs I believe in, but I also want people to hear them. There is no point telling a story or sending a message through a song if it’s not commercial enough to reach people. So I suppose my answer is both. Every hit song has a message, comes from an experience, comes with a story. My ultimate goal is to be able to do just that, make commercial pop music that I love and believe in and get to present that to the widest possible audience.

 Listen to ‘Nothing Like You’ by Blue, co-written by Seán Mac.

Do you think music can change the world and people’s lives? How?

I think music can change an individuals outlook on the world for sure, and if you reach enough of those individuals, then you see change. Music accompanies every moment in our lives, good and bad. I’ve definitely found that in those highs and lows in my life, music has helped me look at things differently. We too often forgot how powerful that background music to our lives can be.

What does the rest of 2013 have in store for you?

After a long old writing process, I’m finally at the point where new music shall be put out this summer coupled with new live shows. A lot more online content is on it’s way and I’ll continue to write for other artists too! 2013 has been good to me so far so onwards and upwards I guess!

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